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Peter Adler Peter Adler Interview
Mediation leader Peter Adler discusses the history and future of mediation.
Kenneth Cloke Kenneth Cloke Interview
Mediation Pioneer Kenneth Cloke discusses the impact of mediation.
Howard Gadlin Howard Gadlin Interview
Howard Gadlin discusses what he has learned about the field of dispute resolution.
Nina Meierding Nina Meierding Interview
Family Mediator and Trainer Extraodinaire Nina Meierding discusses what she has learned about the mediation field.
Howard Gadlin The Place of Mediation: New Interview with Howard Gadlin
Robert Benjamin interviews Howard Gadlin, long-time leading Ombudsman at UCLA and the National Institute of Health (NIH).
Nina Meierding The Place of Mediation: New Interview with Nina Meierding
New interview with Nina Meierding by Robert Benjamin as part of Mediate's new "The Place of Mediation" video series. ZZZZZ New Interview Series: "The Place of Mediation" is proud to announce our new video Interview Series: “The Place of Mediation In Our Society, Culture, Media and Politics.”
Dan Berstein How to Talk About Mental Health Without Offending Everyone - TEDx
Mediator Dan Berstein shares his journey to being open with his bipolar disorder, and how conflict resolution skills can help us overcome barriers to having conversations about mental health. In this profound story, learn how to get past the assumptions, paternalism, and stigma to make room for the other person's story and connect.
Conflict: The Unexpected Gift - Video
This is an interview of my business partner, Jack Hamilton and me, about mediation, conflict resolution and our book, Conflict - The Unexpected Gift.
Steve Vondran Vondran Tips for Mediation Success - Video
Mediation provides parties (Plaintiff and a Defendant) with an excellent chance to settle their case. But you do not want to blow it and you want to make sure you are properly prepared to handle the case.
Roger Fisher Pioneer Series: Working with People Who Don't Want to Negotiate - Video
Roger Fisher explains that when one party doesn't want to negotiate, talk to others around them to find out their motivations, interests, concerns, and worries.
Nina Meierding Culture & Gender Issues in Negotiation & Mediation (video)
This is a video sample from Nina Meierding's seven-hour online course on Culture & Gender Issues in Negotiation & Mediation.
John Paul Lederach Convincing Violent Groups to be Non-Violent - Video
John Paul Lederach describes discussing alternatives to violent conflict with groups who felt powerless and that violence was their only avenue of action. One method he uses is to ask them what violence has achieved historically.
Richard Peachey Counting the Cost of Conflict - Video
This video produced by CMP Resolutions quickly describes a sample grievance process.
Limits of Conversational Structure - Video
This 4 minute semi-animation by Jeff Conklin illustrates why sequential conversational structure is inadequate for complex issues.
How to Be a Great Facilitator
Have you ever watched a good facilitator? They make it look easy , but its not as easy as you might think. Good facilitators are expert at stimulating discussion, generating ideas and producing outcomes. This video provides a few solid tips starting with preparation. Video by Karen Friedman.
Group Facilitation Workshop Facilitation & Facilitation Training
Meeting Facilitation & Group Facilitation is an effective video with good facilitation skills & facilitation training. Michael Tipper shares tips for facilitating meetings & workshops.
High Conflict Child Custody: Mediation And Settlement
In this video I discuss the dynamics and the psychology of settlement. This is one of the first challenges I faced in my child custody dispute and it really blindsided me.
Conflict Management in the Workplace
Unresolved conflict in the workplace draws significant amount of time and energy away from the task at hand. It can negatively impact employees, customers and friends and family members. This webinar will help you identify and manage conflict as an opportunity to improve and innovate and not stagnate personally and professionally.
Conflict Resolution In The Workplace - Video
Does your team embrace conflict as a way to "iron out" differences and come to a great solution or do they stick their heads in the sand and hope everything will just go away? Video by the Omnia Group.
Stanford School of Business Stanford How to Negotiate - Video
This is an instructional video produced by the Stanford School of Business. It covers the process of negotiation by Joel Peterson.
Robert Benjamin Video Presentation: Game Playing in Negotiation and Mediation - Machiavelli’s Place At the Table
While often dismissed as disingenuous, irrational, or “Machiavellian,” game playing strategies and devices are a natural and necessary part of the negotiation and mediation of difficult issues and controversies.
Joseph Stulberg Pioneer Series: Successful Mediation Techniques in Complex Disputes - Video
Joe Stulberg shares how great mediators he's observed are very analytical and have a sense of pragmatic creativity.
Michael Lang Pioneer Series: Demonstrating Reflective Practice - Video
Michael Lang describes an account where he was teaching reflective practice, a practice that enables mediators to be more aware of their own methods and why they are using them.
Zena Zumeta Pioneer Series: Evaluative Approach - Video
Zena Zumeta explains the difficulties she sees with using an evaluative approach. However, she sees how it can be useful in a dispute where there is a power imbalance.
Teresa Wakeen Pioneer Series: Being Neutral is a Myth - Video
Terry Wakeen explains that she believes being neutral is a myth. She still upholds her ethical duty, however, to not force her opinions and judgments on the parties.
Joseph P. Folger Pioneer Series: Transformative Mediation for all Cases? - Video
Joe Folger believes that the purpose of mediation is to give people voice and choice and moments of recognition are powerful and just as important as getting settlement.
Stacy Roberts 5 Tips to Prepare for Mediation
Utah mediator Stacy Roberts shares her suggestions on how to prepare for the best possible mediation experience. Enjoy this video.
Managing Editor South Africa to Launch Court - Annexed Mediation in Mahikeng
South Africa has officially launched the Court-Annexed Mediation in Montshioa Stadt Village, Mahikeng. The alternative dispute resolution mechanism will allow for a negotiated settlements and alleviate huge litigation costs.
William Ury William Ury “Getting to Yes with Yourself” – 53 min. Video
Renowned negotiation expert William Ury visited Google's Cambridge, MA office to discuss his book, "Getting to Yes with Yourself (and Other Worthy Opponents").
Managing Editor Transformative Mediaton - Video
Video on Transformative Mediation produced by Conflict Masters UK.
Managing Editor DREAM: Dare to Revitalize Education through Arts and Mediation - Video
Peer mediation video produced by ICHS peer mediation group.
Maria Eugenia Sole Violencia Familiar y ODR - Video en Espanol
¿Cómo podemos definir la violencia familiar? En primer lugar, podemos decir que la violencia familiar o violencia doméstica es cualquier forma de abuso entre los miembros de una misma familia, de un miembro a otro miembro. Este abuso generalmente causa un daño físico o psicológico a este miembro de la familia.
Kenneth Feinberg Ken Feinberg on High Profile Dispute Resolution
Well-known dispute resolution professional Ken Feinberg speaks on high profile dispute resolution and its relation to mediation.
Kim Lovegrove Mediation-in-Depth Analysis - Video
Prof. Kim Lovegrove and distinguished lawyers look at Mediation as a dispute resolution process, its advantages, and disadvantages.
Brad Heckman Mediation and Mindfully Getting in the Middle (Redux) - Video
In this insightful talk, Brad Heckman discusses mindfulness in conflict mediation. Using poignant humor and his own hand-drawn illustrations, Heckman effectively communicates the necessary balance of emotions, relief and reflection that mindfulness supports in the mediation process.
Alberto Elisavetsky Online Dispute Resolution Conference Videos
An International Conference on Online Dispute Resolution, ODR2014, brought together the technology and dispute resolution communities, legal practitioners, mediators and other ADR professionals, academic researchers, financial institutions, ecommerce companies and social media companies, members of judiciaries worldwide, and social justice advocates using innovative technologies to leverage change. ODR2014 is the thirteenth ODR Forum and the first to be held in the United States. This article is a recording of one of the speakers, Dr. Alberto Elisavetsky.
L. Randolph Lowry Pioneer Series: Negotiation is Replacing Litigation - Video
Randy Lowry discusses how some have been resistant to mediation education, but how it has been successful in changing legal processes and preventing litigation.
Frank Sander Pioneer Series: Concerns and Optimism for Future - Video
Frank Sander reflects on his concerns within the field, which include the tension of quality vs. quantity of the practice, the lack of studies of cost effectiveness, disappointments with the court system fees, and the difficulty of getting more young people/apprentices into the field. However, he's optimistic about the future of mediation.
Richard Salem Pioneer Series: CRS in Battle of Wounded Knee - Video
Richard Salem describes agency cutbacks as Community Relations Service was preventing violence in the Battle of Wounded Knee.
Carrie J. Menkel-Meadow Pioneer Series: Is Mediation A Field? - Video
Carrie Menkel-Meadow shares her thoughts about how mediation is a field, a sensibility a mindset that is shared and used in very different situations.
Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D. Pioneer Series: Families Closer Post-Divorce - Video
Joan Kelly describes a research finding which concluded that families who mediated during the divorce had father's who were significantly more involved in their children's lives twelve years post-mediation.
Howard Bellman Pioneer Series: Mediators Use Instinct - Video
Howard Bellman talks about how little training and literature there was about mediation and being trained by senior mediators who used their instinct, which led him to mediate by instinct.
Chris Moore Pioneer Series: Essence of Mediation - Video
Chris Moore shares a piece of a Robert Frost poem which he thinks represents the essence of mediation: finding a common good among people with different interests and different needs.
Constance Ahrons Pioneer Series: Old Dissolution Model Was Damaging - Video
Constance Ahrons discusses the pre-joint-cutody model for the relationship between Ex-spouses. The cultural norm was to have no relationship, because that meant that the ex-spouses where hanging on.
Nina Meierding Pioneer Series: Cultural Sensitivity while Training - Video
Nina Meierding discusses her approach to mediation training in other countries. This involves being culturally sensitive, not imposing the Western model as it may not be useful for other cultures and their ways of problem-solving.
Sid Lezak Pioneer Series: Early Views of Field - Video
Sid Lezak talks about how he viewed the field when he first started out. It was like a 'religion' for him and any opposition or criticism made him even more dedicated to the practice and advocacy of mediation.
Nina Meierding Pioneer Series: Gender and Culture in Mediation - Video
Nina Meierding explains putting theory to practice regarding studies of gender and culture in mediation. She describes being sensitive and respectful of diverse thought processes and communication methods.
Sid Lezak Pioneer Series: Humor, Rapport, and Experience - Video
Sid Lezak describes how he uses humor to lighten the mood of parties coming in and help them focus on what is in their best interests. He also talks about his vast experience and how his responses can be somewhat automatic.
Chris Moore Pioneer Series: Problem Solving vs. Transformative Mediation - Video
Chris Moore talks about mediators who are problem solvers and those who attempt to transform the relationships and moral views of the parties; Moore's position is somewhere in the middle.
Kenneth Cloke Pioneer Series: Mediation Skillset is Essential for our Survival - Video
Kenneth Cloke discusses the significance of mediation and how the world needs to learn these skills in order for us to survive as a species.
Jay Folberg Pioneer Series: Field Combined Law and Social Work - Video
Jay Folberg describes early on in the field when he, as a lawyer, collaborated with psychologists and social workers and they learned from each other.
Carrie J. Menkel-Meadow Pioneer Series: Value-Based Mediation - Video
Carrie Menkel-Meadow talks about her early experiences with Gary Friedman and their efforts to bring humanistic psychology to law. The value-based mediation process still informs her practice.
Leonard Riskin Pioneer Series: Narrow v. Broad Problem Definition - Video
Leonard Riskin explains narrow and broad problem definitions by a giving an example of settling a case where there was a breech of a business contract. A narrow problem definition sees a legal process whereas a broad problem definition allows more room for thinking about other causes of the conflict.
Michael Lewis Pioneer Series: Asking Questions Instead of Giving Opinions - Video
Michael Lewis talks about argument prevention by asking questions instead of giving opinions within a discussion.
Nina Meierding Nina Meierding: Culture and Gender Trailer - Video
Internationally prominent trainer Nina Meierding shares with her class how to be culturally sensitive during mediation with non-verbal cues.
Peter Adler Pioneer Series: Mediation and Leadership with Philosophies - Video
Peter Adler discusses mediation as a form of leadership. He also talks about his philosophy of when circumstance meets person: one can be a leader or a follower depending on their capabilities and values within that circumstance.
Juliana Birkhoff Pioneer Series: Mediation is a Field - Video
Juliana Birkhoff explains how her dissertation demonstrates mediation is in fact a field and that what is uniting among experienced mediators is the concept of power.
Frank Sander Pioneer Series: The Three Phases of Alternative Dispute Resolution - Video
Frank Sander speaks of three phases he's noticed in ADR: the Pound Conference followed by ten years of experimentation. The next ten years was the incorporation and practice in law schools and court systems as well as discovering the weaknesses of the practice. The last ten years have been the institutionalization of the field.
John Paul Lederach Pioneer Series: Conflict Management in Other Countries - Video
John Paul Lederach continues to describe in detail how he observed partiality as a resource, not an obstacle in Latin America and the Middle East. Partiality meant being part of the network, being an insider, and someone to be trusted.
Donald T. Saposnek Pioneer Series: Transcending Mediation Models - Video
Don Saposnek describes how different mediation models, while they may have different qualities and values, are often blended together by experienced mediators.
Margaret Shaw Pioneer Series: Teaching to Mediate - Video
Margaret Shaw describes an effective way of teaching mediation. It involves classroom learning as well as shadowing experienced mediators to gain an understanding of the sense of process and flow.
Dane County Bar Association Elder Care and Mediation - Video
The Dane County Bar Association's Case Mediation Program has produced videos to help the public understand and use mediation in the dispute resolution process.
Linda Singer Pioneer Series: Skills of Successful Mediators - Video
Linda Singer talks about how senior mediators achieve success: listening skills, gaining trust, discovering peoples' interests, spending the time with people, building relationships.
Greg Stone Making Peace in Mediation: Authority, Rights, and Interests - Video
This is one of a 40-day video reflection series about conflict resolution. It is produced by the Taming the Wolf Institute and discusses the use of power, rights, and interests in mediation.
Family Mediation UK - Video
This video is produced by the Ministry of Justice in the UK . It highlights the benefits of using mediation for family cases.
ACR Presidential Speech 2013 - Video
2013-2014 President of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) delivers her first address as President at the 2013 ACR Annual Conference on October 11, 2013 in Minneapolis, MN
Kid ADR Conflict Resolution Rap - Video
This video is a rap put together by children. Peer mediators and elementary school children discuss conflict resolution techniques.
TCM TCM TCM Business Mediation - Video
The TCM Group workplace mediation video. TCM is a UK group designed to Train, Consult, and Mediate.
Nadine Hack Nadine Hack TED talk on Allies - Video
Nadine defies the conception that seemingly opposite ideas can't work together by revealing the power of your humanity. A master bridge-builder, who has worked with Nelson Mandela and other leaders from all sectors, Nadine Hack has turned adversaries into allies throughout the world. Her pioneering work on engagement leadership and her unique framework Strategic Relational Engagement (SRE™) is based on decades of real-life success in bringing together diverse stakeholder to find common ground and achieve great goals.
Colin Rule Colin Rule on Online Dispute Resolution - Video
This is Colin Rule's excellent six minute presentation on Online Dispute Resolution from the Reinvent Law Channel. Colin is former director of online dispute resolution at eBay - Pay Pal.
Vintage ADR - Video
This video was produced by Coronet Instructional Films in 1950. It shows schoolyard disputes and illustrated different suggestions for resolving them.
Mediation Demonstration - Video
This full-length role-play mediation video, with explanations, was produced by O'Sullivan Solutions in February, 2013. This mediation role-play was demonstrated live in front of the faculty of law at Griffith College, Cork.
Tammy Lenski Conflict Resolution Video: How To Argue
The Argument Clinic is a Monty Python classic, funny because it magnifies the uncomfortably familiar habits some of us fall into. For more on how to argue effectively, check the list below the video.
Tammy Lenski On Giving Advice - Video
This one, It’s Not About the Nail, is a recent addition to my list, added after more than 15 readers and friends sent it to me over the past week!
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Does Involvement of a Mediator Help Ensure Class Action Settlement?
In Kakani v. Oracle Corp., the appellate court rejected the assertion that the involvement of a mediator helps to prove lack of collusion.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Enforcing Oral Mediation Settlement Agreement
In the case Ledbetter v Ledbetter, the appellate court considered the issue of whether parties to a divorce mediation should be bound to a settlement orally dictated by the mediator and affirmed by parties and their counsel at mediation, which was later repudiated by one of the parties.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: A Simple Mediator Mistake Leads to Big Problems
In the case Catamount Slate Products v Sheldon, the appellate court reversed the trial court and refused to enforce an alleged oral mediated settlement where the intent of the parties to be bound was not established.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Those All-Day Mediations -- Maybe We Should Reassess?
In the case In re Rains, the appellate court concluded that the bankruptcy court did not clearly err in finding a debtor mentally competent to enter into a mediated settlement, notwithstanding that immediately following the conclusion of mediation the debtor drove himself to the hospital where he was admitted and diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm and stroke.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Divorce Agreement Complications
In Guthrie v. Guthrie, the validity of a divorce agreement was called into question due to one party's state of mind at the signing. A complicating issue was husband's death during the proceedings.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Enforceable Mediation Agreement
In Chesney v. Hypertension Diagnostics, the appellate court affirmed the trial court's conclusion that a mediated memorandum agreement is binding and enforceable despite the parties' failure to complete a more comprehensive settlement document.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Enforcing Old Agreements
In Buckley v. Shealy, the appellate court decided to not to enforce a mediated divorce settlement, when the agreement is over a decade old and was never submitted to the court.
Resolve-O-Matic (humor video)
Join Chip Rose and Don Saposnek for their tongue-in-check infomercial for Resolve-O-Matic. Hear about all of the many benefits and how Resolve-O-Matic will change your life for the better.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Including Arbitration Provision
In Fair v. Bakhtiari, , the appellate course reversed the trial court's refusal to enforce a mediated settlement and compel arbitration pursuant to its terms because inclusion of the arbitration provision in the settlement was "consistent solely with an intention on the part of the parties for the settlement terms document to be enforceable or binding," thereby making the settlement admissible based on a statutory exception to inadmissibility where an "agreement provides that it is enforceable or binding or words to that effect."
Mangled Roommate Mediation (humor video)
Brittni and McKay seek help from a roommate mediator, a somewhat directive mediator that, ultimately, has a solution for all.
The EU Museum Mediators Project (video)
Eva-Kaia Vabamäe reflects on her experience as a "Museum Mediators" course participant. Afterwards, the European dimensions and challenges arise in the difficult translation of the term "Museum Mediation" to Estonian.
Mediation Training Academy (humor video)
This tongue in cheek video shows two instructors at "The Mediation Academy" discussing mediation fee arrangements and 12 steps to avoid mediator emotional co-dependency. Be sure to to check out all of our continuing education offerings at University.
Chip Rose The Perfect Mediation (humor video)
The Perfect Mediation is a 4 minute video showing how easy mediation can sometimes be. Be sure to to check out all of our continuing education offerings at University.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Authority to Settle
In Fivecoat v. Publix Super Markets, Inc., the appellate court reversed the trial court's order enforcing mediated workers' compensation settlement, where the claimant's attorney did not have clear and unequivocal authority to settle on claimant's behalf.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Handwritten Agreement
In Heaven & Earth, Inc. v. Wyman Properties Limited Partnership, the appellate court enforced a handwritten mediated settlement of lease extension by night club against challenge that parties' failure to reach full agreement on limitations and notice requirements for sound checks was a missing essential element that precluded enforcement.
Jim Melamed Resolving Pressing Issues in Divorce Mediation (video)
This video on resolving pressing issues at the beginning a divorce mediation is from Jim Melamed's 15-hour "Mediating Divorce Agreement" course available at University.
Mint TV Mediation Gains Popularity in India (video)
This excellent news report from India shows the new Delhi Mediation Center. Unfortunately, it seems that the sign above the door inadvertently says "Meditation Room." Oops!
Gabriel Cheong, Esq. Family Basics and Divorce Mediation - Video
Divorce and Family Mediation Basics Video. This is a question and answer video that tries to answer all of the basic divorce questions.
Workplace Conflict Training - Video
This workplace mediation training video demonstrates the mediation process and conflict resolution steps to resolve disputes in the workplace.
United Nations ZZZZZ UN Guide for Effective Mediation - Video
With armed conflicts trending upward again and proving increasingly complex, the challenges are also mounting for mediators working to resolve them through negotiations. Newly developed guidance from the United Nations can help them to succeed, providing practical advice for navigating mediation processes effectively. This video describes the 8 UN fundamental guidelines.
Leo Hura Mediation in Disability Cases - Video
This video by Leo Hura shows a parent with a disabled child. She finds herself in a dispute with her school, but through the mediation process she reaches agreement with school regarding her disabled child in a culinary program.
Guhan Subramanian PON Setting the Stage - Video
Professor Guhan Subramanian has created a video for Harvard's Program on Negotiation called Setting the Stage.
Mediation in Action - Video
A workplace dispute between two colleagues has created an issue which is affecting their colleagues and the business. This video shows a real example interviewing the owner, both employees, and their mediator. They reflect on the process and how mediating has changed their business.
Michelle LeBaron Exemplary Leadership: How Dispute Resolution Professionals Change Cultures - video and materials
In this address, Professor LeBaron explores how special education dispute resolution professionals can contribute to educational cultures of inclusion and creativity.
Bernard Mayer Staying with Conflict: The Challenge of Engagement in the Face of Enduring Disputes - video and materials
In his keynote address, Professor Mayer explores some of the characteristics and dilemmas of enduring conflict and ways that conflict resolvers can shift the narrative from one of prevention, management, and resolution to one of anticipation, support and engagement.
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