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Mediator Certifications Overview

Mediation participants select mediators that they trust. Certification is available to our Premium and Featured Members and confirms your reputation as a trusted mediator.

Sample Certified Badges 2023 Certification Badges area annually updated

Here is how Certification works:  

  • ensures that a Certified Mediator is trained and experienced;
  • A Certified Mediator must first join as a Premium Member or Featured Member.
  • Mediate then insists upon complete information disclosure and transparency for a Certified Mediator;
  • Mediate further requires the highest mediation ethical standards and that a mediator’s references are made available; and
  • Mediate investigates complaints made against any Certified Mediator.

Our core concept is that fully-informed disputants can protect themselves! 

Our Mediator Certification Program requires that a Premium or Featured Member has at least 100 hours of mediation training and at least 200 hours of mediation case experience. Further, our Certified Mediators must disclose their training and case experience to consumers. also requires that our Certified Mediators:

  • identify professional organizations and affiliations;
  • confirm whether or not they have active liability insurance; and
  • verify at least 12 hours of annual mediation continuing education.

No mediator is asked to disclose any confidential information as part of the Certification Process.


  • 1. Be a current Premium Member or Featured Member
  • 2. Review the Application to confirm that you meet the requirements
  • 3. Purchase the Certification Application (one time $49)
  • 4. Update your profile to meet the requirements of the Certification Application
  • 5. Submit your Certification Application and wait to hear back with any questions or approval – may take up to 30 days for approval
  • 6. Upon approval, purchase the Certification Program or Online Certification Program at $99 annually or $10 monthly
  • 7. The badge will be placed on your directory listing, provided the Gold Trustmark of Certification on search results of professionals and you will be provided a badge of your Certification to place on your website and advertising.

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