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This Week in Mediation #877

April 14, 2021 - OUR 26TH YEAR!
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In This Issue:
The 2020 Tax Conundrum: Questions Facing Couples Whose Divorce is Pending • Shovel 3: The Big One • Using Text Messages and Emails in Mediation, Family, or Divorce Court • Mediation News • Job Postings • Events Calendar • Blogs
The 2020 Tax Conundrum: Questions Facing Couples Whose Divorce is Pending
by Dr. Lynne C. Halem
2020 has been a year of too many upsets, too many uncertainties, and too many confusions.
Shovel 3: The Big One
by Paul Rajkowski
In getting ready to continue digging up the return of Traditional Mediation, I read Rachel Gupta’s article on this site and I am grateful to her for writing it.
Using Text Messages and Emails in Mediation, Family, or Divorce Court
by Carrie Gour
A guide on best practices related to the collection and use mobile evidence and the software options available best suited to assist.
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  • Tips for a successful mediation from a former judge
    Once counsel and client conclude that mediation is an appropriate method of resolving their dispute, there are a number of basic planning and organizational steps that will enhance the possibility the mediation is successful. While many of the fundamentals still hold true, I’d like to offer some additional insights based on what we’ve seen over the years and the last year, in particular.
  • Should I Skip an Opening/Joint Session in a Construction Mediation?
    Mediation is a dispute resolution process that involves people who have feelings, goals, and marching orders. It is not simply an emotionless calculator for determining a monetary settlement.

  • California ‘Breslin’ Probate Decision Allows Trial Courts to Compel Trust Beneficiary Mediation
    The California Breslin v. Breslin decision gives California probate courts newly expanded authority to compel beneficiaries—including charities—to mediate or potentially forfeit their interests in a disputed trust.

  • Supervisors to attempt mediation over drainage issues
    Louisa County supervisors are tiring of receiving calls from local property owners upset over drainage issues in the south end of Wapello, so they agreed during their regular weekly meeting on Tuesday to attempt a mediation of the issue.

  • Akron court piloting new online mediation program
    Akron Municipal Court has been selected to pilot an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) process. The court was among 17 courts statewide chosen by the Ohio Supreme Court to try out the program.

  • Mediation can help landlords, tenants
    Hawaii’s low- and moderate-income residents have historically faced a number of barriers to accessing justice. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted this concern even more as our community prepares to deal with a flood of landlord-tenant disputes over unpaid rent and other expenses, once the statewide moratorium on evictions is lifted.

  • Co-Mediation Of Insurance Issues In Bankruptcy Cases
    With courts currently closed or restricted to virtual hearings in an effort to limit COVID-19 exposures, mediation has taken on special importance in a wide range of cases.  In the bankruptcy context, mediators have been working to help parties achieve economically sensible, value maximizing solutions to the kinds of  issues that often separate debtors and creditors

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May 15-16 Youth ADR Conference
by Clare Fowler is excited to announce a youth voices conferences, focused on 6 sessions spread out over multiple time zones, sharing strategies for advancing dispute resolution around the world.

  • April 15-17 - ONLINE ON - Voice of the Child Reports Training
  • April 19-21 - ONLINE TX - 30 Hour Advanced Civil/Advanced Family Mediation Training
  • April 19-30 - ONLINE CA - Executive Negotiation Seminar: Cultivating Influence in Modern Contexts
  • April 20-30 - ONLINE FL - Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediation Training Program
  • April 21-25 - ONLINE FL - Florida Supreme Court Civil Mediation Certification Training
  • April 21-May 25 - ONLINE NY - Peace Restored Intro to Restorative Practices and Trainers Courses
  • April 22 - ONLINE - The Future of Negotiations
  • April 22 - ONLINE VA - Your Brain (and Body) on Conflict! - Using basic Neuropsychology & Somatic Psychology techniques to deal with emotional upsets.
  • April 22 - ONLINE CA - (Day 2) Working with Separating Parents: Innovative Approaches to Develop a Child-Centered Practice
  • April 23-24 - ONLINE PA - Modern Mediation: Making Choices & Moving Forward
  • April 23-May 21 - ONLINE OR - Basic Mediation Training
  • April 24-25 - ONLINE - Conflict Coaching 101
  • April 26-29 - ONLINE ID - 20 Hour Advanced Mediation Course
  • April 29 - ONLINE CA - (Day 3) Working with Separating Parents: Innovative Approaches to Develop a Child-Centered Practice
  • April 29-30 - ONLINE NY - NYSCDM's Annual Conference Stronger Together: Surviving & Thriving
  • April 29-May 1 - ONLINE TX - Elder and Adult Family Mediation Training - ONLINE
  • May 1-16 - ONLINE TX - 30-hour Family Mediation Training
  • May 11-13 - Dallas TX - Family Mediation Training (30 Hours)
  • May 12 - ONLINE CA - Advanced Mediation Training Certificate Series: Legality and the Neutral’s Basis in Law
  • May 13 - ONLINE - Mastering Virtual Presence and Communication
  • May 13-29 - ONLINE CA - The Basics of Mediation
  • May 13-14 - ONLINE CA - Summer 2021 Professional Skills Series - Six Online Courses
  • May 13 - ONLINE Canada - Winkler Institute/IAM/OsgoodePD Annual Conference on Mediation
  • May 13 - ONLINE VA - Introduction to Conflict Coaching
  • May 13-15 - ONLINE WA - Essentials of Co-Parent Coaching
  • May 14-27 - ONLINE OK - 40 Hr National Family and Divorce Mediation Training
  • May 16-June 14 - ONLINE NJ - 40-Hour Civil Mediation Training
  • May 17 - ONLINE TX - 10 Hour Arbitration Training
  • May 18-12 - ONLINE TX - Basic Mediation 40-Hr. Course
  • May 18 - ONLINE TX - 10 Hour Advanced Arbitration Training
  • May 19-22 ONLINE LIVE Mediating Online Training with Colin Rule and Clare Fowler
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