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This Week in Mediation #731

June 13, 2018
Celebrating Our 23rd Year Membership information
In This Issue:
“Trusting” the Expert • Planners are No Long Generalists with a Specialty • Responsibility in Mediation: Who has it? • Interview with Andrew Schepard • Mediation News • Job Postings • Events Calendar • Blogs
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Interview with Andrew Schepard
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Andrew Schepard, a leading professor, editor and writer of family law and mediation, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

“Trusting” the Expert
by Phyllis Pollack
In its Smarter Living section on April 29, 2018, the New York Times posted an interesting article about how our unconscious biases can play tricks on us when it comes to experts.

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Planners are No Long Generalists with a Specialty 
by Larry Susskind
There’s recent discussion in urban planning journals about the way professional city planners should be educated today. Having a conversation about planning in advance prevents many community-conflicts down the road.

Responsibility in Mediation: Who has it?
by Paul Rajkowski
Mediation is a wonderful process and I love mediation but I do not want to see it get more complicated with “what mediators need to do” kinds of stuff.

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Jobs (for Premium Members) Post New Job Listings

  • Facilitator and Mediator Openings - OR, CA, & DC
  • Restorative Justice Specialist - OR
  • Community Mediation Research Associate
  • International Ombuds Office - Geneva, DC
  • Ombuds - NY
  • Mediation Services Coordinator - FL
  • Default Mediation Specialist - CA
  • Part-Time Research Fellow/Ofc Manager - CA
  • CPS Family Centered Mediator - NM
  • Mediation Program Coordinator - DC
  • Program Associate - CO
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Training & Conference Calendar

  • June 14 - Online - The Ombuds Role in Sexual Harassment and Violence in the Era of #MeToo
  • June 14-15 - Memphis TN - Elder Mediation
  • June 16-23 - Tuscany ITALY - Mediation Retreat
  • June 16-24 - San Francisco, CA - Ron's Mediator Certificate Training at BASF
  • June 18-22 - Baltimore MD - 40 Hour Mediation & Conflict Transformation Skills Training Focused on Workplace, Third Party Interventions and Self-Awareness
  • June 18-22 - Austin Area TX - 40 Basic Mediation Training
  • June 19 - New York, NY - Selected Ethics Issues in Mediation & Settlement Negotiations
  • June 19-21 - Colorado Springs CO - 24-Hour Advanced Mediation Training
  • June 20-24 - Miami, Broward County FL - Civil Mediation Certification Training (40 hrs)
  • June 21 - Medford OR - Toolz for Tough Conversations
  • June 21-23 - Malibu CA - 31st Annual Summer Professional Skills Program in Malibu
  • June 21-22 - Greenbelt MD - The Center for Alternative Disputes 2018 Annual Conference “Managing Conflict and Removing Barriers to Collaborative Decision Making"
  • June 25-29 - Oshkosh WI - 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training
  • June 25-30 - Memphis TN - Rule 31 Family Mediation Training (46.0 Hours of CLE)
  • June 28-July 2 - Kensington MD - 40-Hour Basic Divorce Mediation Training
  • June 28 - Roanoke VA - Assertive Communication
  • July 9 - Oak Brook, IL - Working on Teams
  • July 9-11 - Irvine CA - IOA Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Practice (3 days)
  • July 9-11 - Austin Area TX - 30 Hour Advanced Mediation Training
  • July 10-12 - Atlanta GA - Resolving Workplace Conflict (RWC) - Atlanta, GA
  • July 12-13 - Irvine CA - Mediation Theory and Skills for the Organizational Ombudsman Course (2 days)
  • July 13 - Atlanta GA - Conflict Dynamics Profile(CDP) Certification
  • July 16-20 - Macon GA - General Civil Mediation Training & Practicum
  • July 16-28 - Malibu CA - Mediating the Litigated Case - Malibu 6 Day Program
  • July 16-20 - Colorado Springs CO - 40-hour Basic Mediation Training
  • July 18-22 - Miami, Broward County - Civil Mediation Certification Training (40 hrs)
  • July 18-27 - Salem, MA - 36-Hour Basic Mediation Training
  • July 18-22 - Seattle WA - Certified Workplace Mediator and Trainer Program (CMT) - Seattle, WA
  • July 23-24 - Austin Area TX - 20 Hour Elder and Adult Care Mediation Training
  • July 23-27 - Washington DC - Certified Workplace Mediator and Trainer Program (CMT) 
  • July 30-August 3 - Chicago IL - Mediation Skills Training Certificate Program
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