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This Week in Mediation #857

November 25, 2020 - OUR 25TH YEAR!
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In This Issue:
Humor and Negotiations in ADR • Lawyers Can Win in Mediation • Online Mediation Training at Mediate University • A Process for the Formulation of a School's Change Strategy • In Memoriam: Dr. Jerome Thomas Barrett 1932-2020 • Mediation News • Job Postings • Events Calendar • Blogs
Humor and Negotiations in ADR
by John Barkai
John Barkai has pulled together his best cartoons and captions to illustrate the mediation process. This can be a tool for visual learners to move through impasse.
Lawyers Can Win in Mediation
by Laila Ollapally
This article discusses the process of mediation, and how a survey which brought out an existing anomaly between the need/expectation of the litigants regarding the role of their lawyers and the perception of the lawyers as to what their clients want from them.
Online Mediation Training at Mediate University
by Colin Rule
One of’s most popular features over the last decade has been Mediate University.  From its launch with just a few courses in (2010), Mediate University has grown to a rich repository of courses from many of the leading mediation trainers in the world.
A Process for the Formulation of a School's Change Strategy
by John Brand, Felicity Steadman
Many South African Schools are facing demands to change and even to radically transform themselves. Some of these demands relate to the ‘isms’ such as racism, and other identity related issues.
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In Memoriam: Dr. Jerome Thomas Barrett 1932-2020
Dr. Jerome Thomas Barrett, a lifelong learner, amateur boxer, sailor, mediator, world traveler, marathon runner, author, civic activist and archivist with an enduring zest for life, an endless supply of stories and an infectious smile, died Nov. 5 of complications from lymphoma. He was 87.
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JOBS (for Premium Members) Post New Job Listings

  • Staff Ombuds Officer - MD
  • Student Trainee - NY
  • Executive Director - NV
  • Mediator (Part or Full Time) (Initially Remote) - NY, NJ, PA
  • Complaint Investigator - CA
  • Political Affairs Officer - NY
  • Mediation Coordinator - OR
  • Fellows Program - NY
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  • November 26 - ONLINE - Applying the Principle of Self Determination in Family Mediation
  • December 2-4 - ONLINE CA - Women's Negotiation Academy: Creating Skilled and Sophisticated Negotiators
  • December 2-8 - ONLINE TX - Basic Mediation Training ZOOM LIVE and INTERACTIVE
  • December 2-19 - ONLINE MA - Elder Decisions® Elder Mediation Training (Adult Family Mediation Training)
  • December 3-14 - ONLINE TX - Fast Track Online Basic Mediation Course
  • December 4 - ONLINE CA - Developing Your Collaborative Practice Signature
  • December 5 - ONLINE CA - Intermediate Conflict Coaching
  • December 6 - ONLINE CA - Belonging & Connecting Conversations for Peacebuilding
  • December 7-11 - Austin Area TX - 40 Basic Mediation Training
  • December 10 - ONLINE VA - Managing Difficult Conversations: How to Make them Less Difficult
  • December 11 - ONLINE TX - Arbitration Training ONLINE with ZOOM: live and interactive
  • December 11-13 - ONLINE OK - 24-hour Civil Mediation Training – using Zoom
  • January 11-12 - ONLINE TX - 20 Hour Child Protective Services Mediation Training
  • January 14 - ONLINE VA - Your Brain (and Body) on Conflict!
  • January 15 - ONLINE AZ - Third Annual Schiefelbein Global Dispute Resolution Conference
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