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This Week in Mediation #716

February 22, 2018
Celebrating Our 23rd Year Membership information
In This Issue:
4 Game-Changing Tips to Build Your Divorce Mediation Practice • A Conversation With Antonio Piazza • The Ethics of Retaliation • The Force Present in a Truly Transformative Mediation • ADR in the Spirit of the Season • Mediation News • Job Postings • Events Calendar • Blogs
4 Game-Changing Tips to Build Your Divorce Mediation Practice
by Michael Aurit
Whether you are just opening the doors of your divorce mediation practice, or you have been a professional family mediator for many years, considering these 4 Game Changing Tips can be game-changers for developing your more successful mediation practice. See the video!

A Conversation With Antonio Piazza
This is a taped interview with well-known mediator Antonio Piazza from 2011. Mr. Piazza pioneered the development of mediated negotiations as the preferred alternative to protracted conflict in complex civil disputes.

The Ethics of Retaliation
by Alia Ismail
Many people resort to retaliation to protect their own authority. Yet, conduct in such situations rarely happens within ethical means

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The Force Present in a Truly Transformative Mediation
by Charlie Young
An unforgettable experience that facilitative mediators encounter is the experience of being part of a truly transformative mediation.

ADR in the Spirit of the Season
by Nancy Shuger
This article illustrates the power of the mediation process to transform conflict into common ground. 

AFCC 55th Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. June 6-9
Compassionate Family Court Systems: The Role of Trauma-Informed Jurisprudence, will be held June 6-9, 2018, at the Washington Hilton Hotel, in Washington, D.C. The international & interdisciplinary program features leading dispute resolution, legal, & mental health practitioners, policymakers, and researchers. With more than 100 sessions to choose from, participants can earn up to 20.5 hours of continuing education. Keynote speakers include: Jaycee Dugard, Author of A Stolen Life; Bob Woodward of the Washington Post; and Judge Dan Michael of the Juvenile Court of Memphis and Dr. Shawn Marsh. Early bird registration rates end on March 12. Register here today.

Featured Mediation Blogs
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Affordable Online Mediation Education, CLE & CEU 
Affordable and convenient online mediation training and continuing education opportunities are available at:

Jobs (for Premium Members) Post New Job Listings

  • Labor Relations Specialist - OR
  • Program Coordinator - OR
  • Education Mediation Specialist - MD
  • Equal Employment Specialist - Location Varies
  • Mediation Manager - CA
  • Conflict Program Career Director - CA
  • Mediation Program Director - HI
  • Assistant Ombuds - CA
  • University Ombuds and Director - NC
  • Program Associate - CO
  • Community Coordinator w/ mediation- AZ
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Training & Conference Calendar

  • February 25-March 18 - New Brunswick, NJ - 40-Hour Basic Civil Mediation Training
  • February 26-March 2 - Macon GA - Domestic & Family Mediation Training (42 Hours)
  • February 28-March 9 - Medford, OR - Fundamentals of Mediation Training
  • March 3 - April 7 - Berkeley, CA - Ron's Mediation Training in Berkeley
  • March 7-16 - Corte Madera, CA - 40 hour Mediation Training with Steven Rosenberg
  • March 7-8 - Austin, TX - 20 Hour Child Protective Services Mediation Training
  • March 7-11 - Miami, FL - Civil Mediation Certification Training (40 hrs)
  • March 8-11 - San Diego, CA - Four Day Family Law Mediation Training
  • March 15-24 - Lexington, MA - Divorce Mediation Training with John Fiske and Diane Neumann
  • March 17 - Orlando, FL - Pro Se Divorce Mediation Workshop
  • March 19-24 - Memphis, TN - Family Mediation Traning 46 hours
  • March 21-22 - Austin, TX - 20-hour Arbitration Training
  • March 25-28 - Troutdale, OR - Capacity Building in Environmental Conflict: An Intensive 30-hour Workshop
  • March 27 - New York NY - Neuroscience in Mediation and Negotiation
  • March 31-April 16 - St. Johnsbury VT - Divorce Mediation Training, 40 hours
  • April 2-6 - Macon GA - General Civil Mediation Training & Practicum
  • April 4-7 - Washington DC - ABA Section on Dispute Resolution Annual Conference
  • April 5-6 - Corte Madera CA - Advanced Mediation Training with Steven Rosenberg
  • April 9-13 - Washington DC - Certified Workplace Mediator and Trainer Program (CMT)
  • April 10-14 - Los Angeles, CA - Mediating Commercial and Litigated Cases with Lee Jay Berman
  • April 10-28 - Santa Ana CA - 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training
  • April 12-15 - San Antonio TX - 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training
  • April 12-May 24 - Online - Conflict Management Coaching: The CINERGY Model
  • April 12-21 - Victor NY - ACR-Approved Family & Divorce Mediation Training
  • April 16-20 - Austin Area TX - Mediators & Arbitrators of America (aka Mediators of Texas)
  • April 16-20 - Chicago IL - Mediation Skills Training Certificate Program
  • April 16-18 - San Antonio TX - Advanced Family Mediation Training
  • April 16-19 - New York NY - Employment Law and Workplace Mediation Training
  • April 17-21 - Reno NV - 40-Hour Beginning Mediation and Conflict Resolution Certificate
  • April 19-23 - Kensington MD - 40-Hour Basic Divorce Mediation Training
  • April 20-21 - Richmond VA - Conflict: Theory and Applications for the Organizational Ombudsman (2 days)
  • April 20-21 - Indianapolis IN - Advanced Mediator Training
  • April 20-22 - Richmond VA - Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Practice (3 days)
  • April 21 - Orlando FL - Pro Se Divorce Mediation Training
  • April 22 - Richmond VA - Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Course (3 days)
  • April 23-25 - Richmond VA - International Ombudsman Association 13th Annual Conference
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