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This Week in Mediation #910

December 1, 2021 - OUR 26TH YEAR!
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Opening Offers in Negotiation • Great Reads Book Club - Susan Raines, Workplace Conflict • Personal Histories in Conflict Resolution Interview Series: Ian Macduff • Live Talk Tuesdays at • Mediation News • Job Postings • Events Calendar • Blogs
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Opening Offers in Negotiation
by Ann Marshall
Whether negotiating in a mediation or directly with an opposing party, everyone has to start somewhere—so where should you start a negotiation? Great Reads Book Club - Susan Raines, Workplace Conflict
with Susan Raines
Recording of another episode of's Great Reads Book Club with Prof. Susan Raines talking about the new edition of her book "Conflict Management for Managers: Resolving Workplace, Client and Policy Disputes," hosted by Chidera Didigu.
Personal Histories in Conflict Resolution Interview Series: Ian Macduff
interviewed by Colin Rule
Professor Ian Macduff's interview as part of the Personal Histories in Conflict Resolution interview series offered by
by Clare Fowler's first "Live Talk Tuesday" is on Tuesday, December 7 with Colin Rule, Clare Fowler and Jim Melamed. Ask questions, share ideas and get to know fellow mediators! Free Registration!

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  • Alzheimers Q&A: What does elder mediation mean?
    Elder mediation aims to address conflicting issues in families and in institutions and provides a forum for family decision-making. Elder mediators assist with difficult conversations among family members, and they help make plans and reach acceptable outcomes to disagreements.
  • Decoding India’s Draft Mediation Bill 2021
    The recently proposed Draft Mediation Bill (“draft bill”) is a step towards institutionalizing mediation as a method of resolving disputes. This article attempts to highlight the present framework governing mediation and its shortcomings therein. To overcome shortcomings, the government has proposed the draft bill. However, the draft bill has raised various concerns which need to be addressed urgently.
  • A Marin Lawyer Became the "Godfather of Conflict Mediation" - Then He Ran For Office
    In These Polarizing Times, Is Any California Community Safe from Bitter Battles? There is no mask or vaccine that can protect communities from high conflict. Even people who are highly skilled at avoidance and de-escalation can get stuck in bitter, all-consuming, no-win battles in their hometowns.
  • Workshop Held to Assess the Needs in the Field of Mediation and Arbitration in Turkey
    The Council of Europe is carrying out a detailed needs assessment analysis and expert review of the legal framework on mediation in Turkey and best practices in Europe in the field of mediation in civil and commercial disputes within the framework of the EU-CoE Joint Project on “Promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Turkey”.

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  • December 17 - ONLINE - Intro to Online Mediation
  • December 19-January 23 - ONLINE NJ - 40-Hour Civil Mediation Training
  • December 20 - ONLINE TX - 10 Hour Basic Arbitration Training
  • December 21 - ONLINE TX - 10 Hour Advanced Arbitration Training
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