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Join in an online forum offering a unique platform for in-depth discussions on conflict resolution, mediation, and the evolving role of ombuds in various sectors. This collaborative initiative aims to foster a dynamic exchange of ideas, best practices, and insights within the ombuds community, providing a valuable resource for professionals seeking to enhance their skills and stay abreast of the latest developments.


April 25: 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern: Ombuds and Intake

Let’s look at what demographic questions ombuds are asking visitors.

  • When are they asking them?
  • What are the drawbacks?
  • Are there obstacles to rapport? 
  • Should you ask questions about gender and ethnicity if they are not relevant to the issue? 

Be part of the discussion as we decide together: What are best intake practices?

May 23: 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern: Ombuds and Trending Issues

In this session, we will look at what the data is showing us for reported concerns. What are the most common IOA categories being reported, and how is this changing?

Are we seeing trends around gender, mental health, COVID, work-life balance? 

Let’s address these issues with fellow ombuds, and discuss how we can best address and prevent these issues. 

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In this thought-provoking discussion, ODR expert Colin Rule delves into the dynamic relationship between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Ombuds, exploring the potential synergies and challenges that arise at their intersection.

The conversation begins by examining the evolving landscape of dispute resolution and how AI technologies are reshaping traditional methods. Colin Rule, a trailblazer in the field of online dispute resolution, brings his wealth of experience to the forefront, shedding light on the transformative power of AI in streamlining conflict resolution processes.

Recording here:

Slides here: Ombuds and AI and AI Background

How Ombuds can Respond to Campus Threats (not recorded for confidentiality)

Outsourced Ombuds by Geetha Ravindra – Recorded Video on Jan 9, 24

Ombuds and Reporting – Recorded Video on Feb 5, 2024

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