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This Week in Mediation #757

December 12, 2018
Celebrating Our 23rd Year Membership information
In This Issue:
Beyond Solutions • Even More Conflict Resolution Tips • Essential Tips on Writing an Effective Mediation Submission • Mediation News • Job Postings • Events Calendar • Blogs

Beyond Solutions (12/10/18)
by Peter Adler
Mediation, like other forums where leadership is called for, can be a hard business, not for the faint of heart. On the other hand, every once in a great while, something magical, unplanned, and unexpected happens and the room is suddenly filled with hope and light.

Even More Conflict Resolution Tips (12/06/18)
by Oran Kaufman
Following up on two previous articles, this article taps into 24 years of mediation experience and provides divorcing couples with tips that will help them navigate their divorce and mediation process in sane and healthy manner and will help them stay in control of the process.

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Essential Tips on Writing an Effective Mediation Submission (12/06/18)
by Paul Bates
Mediation and the written agreement has become integral to the litigation process and offers avenues through which disputes can be settled amicably.

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Featured Mediation Blogs

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40 Hour Basic Mediation Training with Dr. Clare Fowler in Eugene - January 17-21 is co-sponsoring an in-person 40-hour Basic Mediation Training with Dr. Clare Fowler in Eugene, January 17-21. Join Clare at the University of Oregon School of Law for 5 fantastic days of mediation training. CLE and CEU credits. Register HERE

This Week’s Mediation News (read & search All News at:

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Jobs (for Premium Members) Post New Job Listings

  • Dispute Resolution Associate Director - NY
  • Mediation Coordinator - NY
  • Conflict Resolution Officer - NY
  • Mediator - OH
  • Mediator - OR
  • Facilitation Mediation Specialist - NV
  • Mediator - Varies
  • Mediation Program Coordinator - DC
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Training & Conference Calendar

  • December 17-19 - Austin Area TX - 30 Hour Advanced Mediation Training
  • January 9-11 - Santa Ana CA - Elder Care Mediation Training
  • January 15-17 - St. Petersburg FL - 16th Annual Conflict Resolution and Mediation Conference
  • January 16-25 - Denver CO - 40 Hour Professional Mediation Training
  • January 17-21 - Eugene, OR - Basic Mediation 40-hr Training with Dr. Clare Fowle
  • January 17-20 - Amarillo/Childress TX - 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training
  • January 18-26 - Santa Fe NM - Restorative Justice Training - 40-Hours
  • January 24-27 - San Antonio TX - 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training- 4 Day Course
  • January 28-31 - Malibu CA - Leadership for Attorneys in Business
  • January 28-30 - San Antonio TX - Advanced Family Mediation Training Intensive 3 Day Course
  • January 28-30 - Albuquerque NM - Foundations of Organizational Ombudsman Practice (3 days)
  • January 28-February 1 - Los Angeles CA - Mediating Commercial & Litigated Cases with Lee Jay Berman
  • January 29-February 10 - Gatineau/Ottawa ON Canada -Conflict Management Coaching Workshop (French)
  • February 5-8 - Wichita Falls TX - Basic Mediation Training (40 Hours)
  • February 5-9 - San Diego CA - 40-Hour Basic Divorce Mediation Training 
  • February 7-23 - Malibu CA - Mediating the Litigated Case - Malibu
    6 Day Program
  • February 7-9 - Amarillo/Childress TX - Advanced Mediation 3 Day Course
  • February 15 - Topeka KS - 2019 Heartland Mediators Association Winter Training
  • March 1-2 - San Diego CA - Family Interdisciplinary Teamwork - Mosten Mediation
  • March 6-15 - Medford OR - Fundamentals of Mediation Training
  • March 7-April 18 - ONLINE - Conflict Management Coaching Workshop
  • March 12-13 - Malibu CA - Global Dispute Resolution Conference
  • March 13-22 - Corte Madera CA - 40 hour Mediation Training

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