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This Week in Mediation #749

October 17, 2018
Celebrating Our 23rd Year Membership information

In This Issue:
APFM: The Dream, Progress to Date, and New Goals • Weapons and Sports Agents • Mediation Power Imbalances: Weighing the Argumentse • What Do Marriage Counselors and Mediators Do? • Mediation News • Job Postings • Events Calendar • Blogs

APFM: The Dream, Progress to Date, and New Goals
by Virginia Colin
In March 2012, eleven amazing people announced the creation of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators. They had big dreams and grand expectations. Let’s look at how far we have come and where we may go.

Weapons and Sports Agents
by Peter Adler
Life imitates art, art imitates life, and both reveal deeper patterns.

Southern California Mediation Association Annual Conference -  November 2-3 - Los Angeles
"Striving for Excellence:" The Emergence of the Modern Mediator
Register here.

Mediation Power Imbalances: Weighing the Arguments
by Nigel Dunlop
It is commonly said that power imbalances in mediation render it unfair.

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What Do Marriage Counselors and Mediators Do?
by Ben Hartwig
There is a big difference between marriage counselors and mediators, and each is specific to the condition of a relationship.

OMA 32nd Annual Conference - November 9-10 in Eugene
You are invited to the Oregon Mediation Association’s 32nd Annual Conference--Navigating Conflict: Theory, Tools & Tips, November 9-10th in Eugene. This year’s conference offers a broad scope of relevant, professional-level conflict resolution presentations and workshops, as well as the opportunity to meet and engage with practitioners. Whether you are a mediator, attorney, social worker, human resources professional, student, educator, ADR practitioner, or counselor, you’ll find multiple interesting sessions. Learn more at  Registration

Featured Mediation Blogs

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Affordable and convenient online mediation training & continuing education (CLE and CEU) at: (*) and best selling (**) courses featured this month:

Foundational Courses:

Focused Practice Area Development: Advanced Courses:
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Jobs (for Premium Members) Post New Job Listings

  • ADR Advisor - DC and PR
  • Foster Mediation Specialist - NV
  • Mediator Case Manager - DC
  • Coaches - DC
  • ADR Practitioner - DC
  • Mediation Secretary - CA
  • Mediator - AL, AZ and CA
  • Assistant Professor - NY
  • Mediation Program Coordinator - DC
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Training & Conference Calendar

  • October 17-26 - Corte Madera CA - 40 hour Mediation Training with Steven Rosenberg
  • October 18-20 - San Diego - APFM / ADFP Annual Catalyst Conference
  • October 18 - Philadelphia PA - Working With Groups: Strengthening Your Ombuds Facilitation Skills
  • October 18-November 3 - Memphis TN - 46 Hour Family Mediator Training
  • October 18-22 - Kensington MD - 40-Hour Basic Divorce Mediation Training
  • October 19-22 - Ottowa ON Canada - Conflict Management Coaching Workshop
  • October 19-27 - Ventura, CA - Conflict Resolution Training
  • October 19 - Philadelphia PA - When the Conflict is Within: Motivational Interviewing Skills for Ombuds
  • October 22-26 - Baltimore MD - 40 Hour Mediation and Conflict Transformation Skills Training Focused on Sources of Conflict & A Systems Approach
  • October 22-23 - Austin Area TX - 20 Hour Child Protective Services Mediation Training
  • October 23-24 - Saratoga Springs NY - 2018 NYSDRA Conference
  • October 23-25 - Newton MA - Elder Decisions® Elder Mediation Training (Adult Family Mediation Training)
  • October 25-28 - San Antonio TX - 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training
  • October 26 - Atlanta GA - Complex Finances: The Division of Assets in Domestic Relations Cases
  • October 26-27 - Atlanta GA - The Division of Assets in Domestic Relations Cases
  • October 28-November 18 - New Brunswick NJ - 40-Hour Basic Civil Mediation Training 
  • October 29-31 - San Antonio TX - Advanced Family Mediation Training
  • October 29-November 2 - Chicago IL - Northwestern University's Mediation Skills Training Certificate Program
  • October 29-November 1 - Toronto ON Canada - Conflict Management Coaching Workshop
  • October 29-November 2 - Macon GA - Domestic & Family Mediation Training (42 Hours)
  • November 1-5 - Kensington, MD - 40-hour Basic Mediation Training
  • November 1-16 - Pittsburgh, PA - 40-hour Basic Mediation Training
  • November 2-11 - Santa Fe, NM - 40-hour Basic Mediation Training
  • November 5-8 - St. Petersburg FL - Conflict Dynamics Profile(CDP) Certification
  • November 6-8 - St. Petersburg FL - Resolving Workplace Conflict (RWC)
  • November 6-10 - Los Angeles CA - Mediating Commercial & Litigated Cases with Lee Jay Berman
  • November 7-8 - Austin Area TX - 20 Hour Elder and Adult Care Mediation Training
  • November 12-16 - New York NY - Employment Law Mediator Training
  • November 13-16 - Richmond VA - Conflict Management Coaching Workshop
  • November 16-18 - Kensington MD - 20-Hour Mediation of Economic Aspects of Divorce
  • November 21-23 - Montreal QB Canada - ADR Institute of Canada Annual National Conference & AGM
  • November 26-30 - Aurora CO - 40 hour Basic Mediation Training 

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