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This Week in Mediation #836

July 1, 2020 - OUR 25TH YEAR!
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In This Issue: Launches MediationExpress Online Mediation Service • Conflict Resolution in the Time of COVID-19--Voices from Seven Continents of the World: Australia • Seven Keys to Unlock Mediation’s Golden Age • Mediation News • Job Postings • Events Calendar • Blogs Launches MediationExpress Online Mediation Service
by Clare Fowler, Jim Melamed, Colin Rule
Confidentially resolve your property, eCommerce or workplace dispute online. You keep decision-making control. Get started for only $99.

Conflict Resolution in the Time of COVID-19--Voices from Seven Continents of the World: Australia
by Gregg Relyea and David Bogan
This article series includes viewpoints on the current state of conflict resolution from all 7 continents. This article focuses on North America.

Mediation in the Legal Culture of Italian Lawyers: Some Data from an Empirical Study 
by Vittorio Indovina
In this short article, the author outlines the main findings of a qualitative research study conducted in Italy in 2018 with the purpose of understanding how mediation is enculturated in the legal culture of local attorneys, and what role, if any, the local law regulating mandatory mediation plays in this regard.

MEDIATING ONLINE TRAINING: eCommerce, Property & Workplace Disputes - July 13 - 24, 2020
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Seven Keys to Unlock Mediation’s Golden Age
by Nadja Alexander, Michael Leathes and Lela Love is proudly publishing a series of peer reviewed articles under the collective title Seven Keys to Unlock Mediation’s Golden Age. The objective of the Seven Keys is to encourage discussion among all stakeholders on navigating mediation’s best future. Here are this week's "Third Keys:"

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  • 5 Advantages to Mediation by Video Conference
    As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, in-person mediations are not occurring in most instances. Prior to the pandemic, most lawyers disfavored mediation by video conference and believed that mediation in person was necessary to the successful resolution of litigation. However, the global pandemic has forced all of us to take a hard look at those norms and to re-evaluate mediations via video conference.
  • Mediation Perspectives: Moving Training from Room to Zoom
    In the context of COVID-19-related discussions about moving mediation training online, this blog reflects on key strategic and operational questions one should ask to make this decision. 
  • To understand each other, look through each other’s ‘windows’
    People have such different histories that it is important to try to unearth how they formed their beliefs.
  • Another healthcare mediation success
    NHS Resolution's claims mediation service was launched on 5 December 2016 and has since then proved extremely successful as a means of supporting patients, families and NHS staff in working towards the resolution of legal cases and clinical disputes.
  • University of Michigan, victims of sports doctor to enter mediation in lawsuits
    The University of Michigan and potentially hundreds of victims of former university doctor Robert Anderson will enter mediation in September, according to discussions held in federal court Tuesday.
  • Supreme Court Foreclosure Guide Touts Mediation, Tech
    The Ohio Supreme Court’s guide on home foreclosure disputes promotes mediation and technology as major avenues where local courts can forge remedies between homeowners and lenders.
  • Using Microsoft Teams for mediation
    Personal and work lives have changed drastically in 2020, and we are only halfway through the year! If nothing else, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how flexible and resilient we need to and can be. It has also reminded us of how “essential” legal services are. What do you do when you are deemed “essential” during a global pandemic? You get creative.
  • Mediation program for landlords, tenants set to run through at least October
    A free mediation program to assist landlords and tenants throughout the COVID-19 crisis has already served more than 100 clients around the Big Island.
  • Migrating Away From Traditional Models Of Mediation
    Mediation is often viewed by lawyers as a "this" or "that" on the spectrum from facilitative to evaluative. In reality, experienced neutrals view mediation as a process customized to the needs of the parties in a particular case.

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JOBS (for Premium Members) Post New Job Listings

  • Mediator - IL
  • Employee Relations Advisor - OH
  • Mediator - PR
  • Family Law/Probate Mediator - Kern County CA
  • Assistant Mediation Coordinator - NY
  • Facilitation/Mediation Specialist - NV
  • Family Law Practice - San Rafael, CA
  • Mediation Coordinator - OR
  • Fellows Program - NY
  • Human Resources Specialist - WA
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  • July 1-31 - ONLINE TX - Basic Mediation 40 Hour Online Course
  • July 7-August 1 - ONLINE FL - Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediation Training Program
  • July 10-August 1 - Portland OR - Mediation Training - ONLINE
  • July 10 - ONLINE CA - Psychology of Conflict: Topics of the Moment
  • July 12-17 - Macon GA - Civil Mediation Training & Practicum
  • July 13-24 - ONLINE Mediating Online Training from
  • July 13-17 - ONLINE TX - 40 Basic Mediation Training
  • July 14-16 - Dallas TX - Family Mediation Training (30 Hours)
  • July 16 - ONLINE - Resolving Disputes During & Post COVID-19 Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Leads the Way
  • July 17 - ONLINE CA US - Leadership, Ethics, and Decision Making in Crises
  • July 22-August 7 - ONLINE - 40-hour Online Divorce Mediation Training
  • July 23-August 7 - ONLINE CA - Mediating the Litigated Case
  • July 23-25 - ONLINE FL - Florida Supreme Court Certified County Mediation Training Program
  • July 27-29 - ONLINE TX - 30 Hour Advanced Mediation Training - Online
  • July 28-30 - ONLINE MA - Elder Decisions® Elder Mediation Training (Adult Family Mediation Training)
  • August 1-31 - ONLINE TX - Basic Mediation 40 Hour Online Course
  • August 3 - Austin Area TX - 10 Hour Arbitration Training
  • August 3-7 - Macon GA - Civil Mediation Training & Practicum
  • August 4-5 - Austin Area TX - 20 Hour Child Protective Services Mediation Training
  • August 13 - Salem VA - Become a Better Listener: Understanding, Trust, and Connection through Deep Listening
  • August 14 - ONLINE CA - Civility and Culture in the Public Sphere
  • August 18-29 - ONLINE FL - Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediation Training
  • August 18-21 - Fairfax VA - Mediation Skills and Process
  • August 27-November 12 - ONLINE CA - Conflict Management Certificate Program (Professional Development)

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