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Welcome to‘s ‘Great Reads’ book club, offering with authors of recently published books in popular and academic presses. Our goal is to showcase interesting works across the full spectrum of conflict resolution practice and theory.

Each gathering will feature a live interview with the author by a different host, followed by comments, questions, and discussion from an audience of experienced mediators, arbitrators, and negotiators. These book club gatherings are open to anyone, but we do ask that you pre-register in advance.

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September 22, 2023
9am-10am PST

On September 22nd we are hosting our next “Great Reads” book club event with Dr. Clare Fowler discussing her new book Rising Above Office Conflict

Gender and Workplace Conflict Book Club

How does our culture, societal expectations, and our sense of self tie into workplace conflict? 

Join these Mediator All-Stars: Susan Guthrie, Clare Fowler, Donna Silverberg, and Lucia Kanter St. Amour as they discuss concepts from Clare’s new book, Rising Above Office Conflict. This discussion will examine gender and our changing understanding of gender, and how does this tie into what we need to resolve conflicts? Why does something trigger one employee and not another? What are some magic words or interests that resolve conflict for one, and not another? 

Attendees will also receive a discount off of the newly published Rising Above Office Conflict. 

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