Find Mediators Near You: Services FAQ

If you don’t find your question answered here, please contact us.

Log in at If you have forgotten your password or this is the first time you are logging in, enter your historic email address at to set a new password.

Log in at You will be brought to your welcome page where you will see the "Edit Profile" box. Click on that box, and then fill out your profile form! Make sure to save your changes by clicking the "Update" button.

Here's how the Featured level of membership works:

  • You choose a zip/postal code + a featured area of practice
  • Fill out your profile on
  • In addition to being in our searchable Mediator database, we will display your photograph & name on the front page (and most internal pages) to all visitors who visit within a 25 mile radius (50 mile diameter) of that location.* This will link to your profile.
  • When a visitor to searches our database of mediators, you will be among featured mediators listed first.

If you have a Dynamic Website, you will edit it using our historic management interface now located at and log in using your historic credentials. If you have a Wordpress website, you will continue to edit your site as you have been.  If you don't know which you have, its time to contact us.