You Don’t Have to Have This Experience with Conflict Resolution

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I’ve finally found the way to describe my work with the help of an image.

Did you have drawing guides like the one above when you were a kid? I did. My brother is a gifted artist and I was his little sister, wishing I could draw and paint like he did. I got one of these drawing guides for Christmas, got out my crayons, and opened the guide with such hope and aspiration.

A short time later, I closed the guide and ignored it for a while. It had been a terrible experience. Eventually I got the guide out again. And again. And each time, I ended my drawing lesson in abject frustration and hopelessness.

Because my experience was exactly like the above cartoon. I could never quite get from those damn circles to the beautiful result in the last step.

When I saw this cartoon, it all came flooding back. I laughed so hard my husband said I started to sound a tad hysterical. Which is about right.

I still can’t draw the damn owl. But I’ve made it my life’s work for you not to have the same experience with conflict resolution.

Conflict resolution can seem hard and daunting–and a good conflict resolution professional should be able to reassure you and help the process seem approachable and transparent.

P.S. I’ve not been able to track down the original source of this drawing. If you know it, please tell me so I can give credit where credit is due.


Tammy Lenski

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