Wondering How to Set-up a Mediation Practice?

  • CMP Resolution Blog by Lesley Allport and Katherine Graham.

    In-house mediation services are growing in number and the successful ones build on firm foundations. CMP Resolutions has developed a comprehensive Guide (Linked at the bottom of the page) to help you think through the essential questions to ensure your mediation service is set up for success. We know that Organisations that have addressed these questions in advance become those where mediation is widely used, has the highest agreement rate and a continuing impact on employee engagement and fewer grievances and discipliniaries.

    CMP Resolutions has set up over 400 workplace mediation services, and tailoring them to organisations’ unique needs, goals, practical and cultural context so you do not have to reinvent the wheel.

    We hope you find the information applicable to your organisation, but we are sure that you will find it useful!

    If you have any further questions about setting up an internal mediation service, or any Dispute Resolution questions in general then please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phone or email – 01763852225 and ben.prior@cmpresolutions.co.uk

    CMP Resolutions – Setting up mediation provision a starting guide


    Katherine Graham

    Katherine Graham has worked in the field of dispute resolution for over 15 years’ as a mediator and trainer. She has mediated on the BBC Learning Zone and has given keynote speeches on conflict management and mediation for The MOD’s Equal Opportunities Conference, Women in Business Annual conference and “Getting Beyond… MORE >

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