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Alec B. Wisner

Client Testimonials

Following are examples of client satisfaction with the mediation services provided by Alec Wisner: 

"Though I went kicking and screaming into this Mediation, SURE that it was a waste of time, Mr. Wisner settled this case by coming up with an angle that was THE sole reason we were able to settle the case. He has single-handedly changed my opinion regarding Mediation. I would and will enthusiastically recommend his services to anyone."

- - -Jeffrey B. Bohrer, Esq., Law Offices of Jeffrey B. Bohrer, Granada Hills, CA

“The case presented unique problems which Mr. Wisner, of course, recognized at the outset.  Wisner is a master of mediation.  The best I have seen.”

- - -Scott E. Schutzman, Esq., Law Offices of Scott E. Schutzman, Santa Ana, CA

“Alec Wisner helped me accomplish the impossible with a very difficult case.  Alec brought to my clients’ mediation the perfect mix of reason, persuasion and common sense to help bring a very difficult, emotional and entrenched case to a successful conclusion.  Thanks Alec, I look forward to working with you again!”

- - -Keith F. Elder, Esq., Law Offices of Keith Elder, Tarzana, CA

“In a case recently mediated before Mr. Wisner, we had issues that were complex and looked as if they would be problematic in settling the case.  Mr. Wisner was able to work through these issues and the case was settled with all parties pleased with the result.”

- - -Alan Lazar, Esq., Marlin & Saltzman, Agoura Hills, CA

“I will be most happy to recommend your services as a mediator.  As you know, I had no intention of settling the case which you worked on at my office.  However, your level-headed, business-minded approach did result in my compromising in order to reach an out of court settlement.  In retrospect, you turned out to be correct in most everything you said, even though I did not really want to hear that.  I am greatly appreciative of the efforts you put into this resolution, and am grateful that you extended yourself to resolve the matter.  I enthusiastically recommend you as a mediator in the toughest of cases.  I have the utmost confidence that you have the ability to settle the most difficult of cases."

- - -Robert M. Nudelman, Esq., Managing Partner, Criminal Defense Associates, Woodland Hills, CA

"The purpose of this letter is to thank Alec Wisner for his services as a mediator.  He worked for the better part of two days (the second of which lasted until 8:00 PM in order to settle a 5 sided trip and fall accident, in which 2 of the key defendants were uninsured.  He was tireless in his efforts and was instrumental in getting the case settled."

- - -Bruce Bunch, Esq., Contos & Bunch, Westlake Village, CA


“Alec went the extra mile to help reach a compromise in a nagging case that the parties had been unable resolve.  He understood the strengths and weaknesses of each side and used that knowledge to help the parties find common ground.  An all-around fine job.”

- - - Daniel S. Kippen, Esq., Voss, Cook & Thel LLP, Newport Beach, CA

“[Alec Wisner] was very skillful in assisting negotiations . . .had a firm grasp of the realities of the case.  He got the case settled in three hours, and pulled a clever ploy to get in under the three  hour limit.”

- - -Bruce D. Stuart, Esq., Cyberhotline, Los Angeles, CA

"In his very unique style of mediation, Alec Wisner was able to put all of the parties at ease, avoid placing them in posturing positions and settle a difficult case.  Most importantly, my client walked away feeling as if she had been heard and the judicial system had done its job.  Thank you.”

- - -Marina Fraigun, Esq., Law Offices of Ronald M. Katzman, Sherman Oaks, CA

"I strongly recommend Alec's services.  Mr. Wisner is conscientious thorough, and adversarial - all inducive to settlement."

- - -George B. Pacheco, Esq., The Law Offices of George B. Pacheco, Montebello, CA

“I thought you handled the mediation extremely well. You were very insightful in determining what would motivate the Plaintiff to resolve this matter. Thank you again for your assistance in this matter.”

- - -Bruce J.Quilligan, Esq., Malek & Malek, Irvine, CA

“This case involved difficult clients and Mr. Wisner was very skillful in reading their emotions and keeping the negotiations focused, which was very difficult in this case. Mr. Wisner was quick to evaluate the personalities of the Parties and geared his interaction with each accordingly.  This, in my opinion caused my client to be more comfortable throughout the process.  It also gave me an excellent preview of what to expect from the other party and my own client, if litigation continued.

“Mr. Wisner employs his skills and experience to quickly evaluate facts, parties and counsel, which is extremely valuable in keeping a level playing field.  Mr. Wisner stayed neutral while showing compassion to both sides thereby making the parties, and counsel, feel comfortable and more willing to continue to negotiate.”

- - -Ronald S. Miller, Esq., Santa Clarita, CA.

“[Alec] quickly recognized what the strengths and weaknesses of both parties were - - settled a case frankly I didn’t think would settle.”

- - -Lisa Marie Conn, Esq., Koester & Beavers, Glendale, CA


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