Why Mediate.com?

After 18 years as CEO of Mediate.com, I know the answer to “Why Mediate.com?” Our purpose from the beginning has been to both reflect and drive the development of valuable mediation services on a global scale. Everything we do is about assisting in the growth of the global mediation industry.

Here are some of the leading reasons for your now Joining Mediate.com:

  1. The Most Mediation Information Anywhere.

    Mediate.com offers over 15,000 Searchable Articles, Selected Blog Postings, News Briefs and Videos. Note the Sections Available to Members and Subscribers Only (via your membership or subscription. Also notably, Mediate.com has over 1200 contributing authors! Be sure to subscribe (for free) to the Mediate.com Weekly Newsletter for weekly delivery of all new Mediate.com Postings.

    Also subscribe to Mediate.com on Twitter for your daily mediation news feed!

    Mediate.com Content Sections are listed here. This page shows content generally available and the premium content available by membership or subscription only.

    You can Search Mediate.com Content here.

  2. Mediate.com Has The Most Visitors (by far) and Most Used Mediator Directory

    Mediate.com is the most visited mediation and ADR website on the planet, by far. You can see our monthly visitor statistics at www.mediate.com/Visits. Your membership includes your complete listing at Mediate.com and as many as 7 additional ADR Directories (such as Arbitrate.com and CollabLaw.com). We offer valuable city lists, mediator search, mediator referral, qualifications disclosure and certification opportunities.

    Mediate.com is also, by far, the top mediator web site at Google and Bing. Give a mediation search term a whirl!

    In sum, being in the Mediate.com Directory is essential if you want to receive cases via the Internet.

  3. Focused Geographic “Push” Marketing with Featured Mediator Area Code and Statewide Placement

    A key on the Internet is to not waste your marketing dollar! There is no reason to market to people beyond your geographic service area, be that statewide or more localized. And you are wisest to focus your marketing on your home area markets.

    Along these lines, Mediate.com offers two unique opportunities, one is to be highly featured in your home area code(s) and the other is for you to be featured statewide.

    The great benefit of these programs is that your information is displayed to every visitor from your area code or state without the visitor needing to do anything except “be” from that area code or state. There is no need for the visitor to do a search or take any action. The system capably “reads” the visitor’s geographic “cookies” and makes a most effective presentation of the featured mediators (limited number) for that area.

    Full information on Featured Area Code Placement is here and statewide banner placement is here.

    See ALL Featured Mediators – Wow!

  4. Mediate.com Offers Professionals and Programs An Awesome “Mobile Friendly” Web Site System and will take care of your web site needs at a very affordable price.

    We have perfected our web site control system over 18 years! We are very proud of our having now assisted thousands of mediators to have a most capable web presence. I hope that you will let Mediate.com help you to do all the right things soon. See our sample web sites.

  5. Mediate.com Offers the World’s Best Online Mediation Case Management System

    Mediate.com has developed our secure cloud-based Caseload Manager system over the past 4 years and we now have over 2,000 mediators using our system. Get full information on Caseload Manager here. See Representative Systems and Testimonials. See our Caseload Manage Support Center. The bottom-line is that Caseload Manager is not only the future, but best practice today, in terms of your online case management and providing a secure virtual space for making mediation progress.

  6. Wait! There’s Much More!

    Mediate.com offers lots more. For example, there is our field-wide Training and Conference Calendar and our MarketPlace. Both offer free listings.

    We also offer More Than A Dozen DVD’s of instruction courses, and even more now by online video streaming at Mediate.com University.

    Further, specifically for Civil and Commercial Mediators, we offer our “Mediation News for the 21st Century” Personalized Newsletter Service.

  7. This is What You Get from 18 Years of Steady Capable Development!

    How cool! We have come a long way! Did you know that Mediate.com won the ABA Institutional Problem Solver of the Year Award? Check out the YouTube Award Acceptance Presentation. And, have you seen the Mediate.com Movie? It kind of sums everything up!

    Lest there be any doubt about the benefits of Joining Mediate.com, please see our collected Testimonials associated with our 200th, 400th and 500th Newsletters!

    I hope that you will Join Mediate.com Today!


    James Melamed, J.D.

    Jim Melamed co-founded Mediate.com in 1996 along with John Helie and served as CEO of Mediate.com through June 2020 (25 years).  Jim is currently Board Chair and General Counsel for Resourceful Internet Solutions, Inc. (RIS), home to Mediate.com, Arbitrate.com, ODR.com and other leading dispute resolution sites. During Jim's tenure, Mediate.com… MORE >

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