What Would You Ask Russ Feingold ? (an actual request for help)

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In about a week, Russ Feingold will be visiting the University of Oregon. Most in the ADR community know Feingold best for his work promoting the Arbitration Fairness Act in the Senate for many years. This is not a “yay for us” posting. This is an “I need help” posting.

As part of Senator Feingold’s visit, he has agreed to spend an hour or so with ADR-interested faculty and students. The format of the time is not a pre-planned speech. Instead, I’m to interview him (or at least ask a bunch of questions that create direction and focus for the conversation). The title of the talk is “A Candid Conversation with Russ Feingold: Arbitration Fairness and the Prospects for Reform.” (Details here.)

Here’s where the request comes in. I have a handful of obvious things I would certainly imagine asking him. But I would really, really (REALLY) value others’ suggestions or thoughts about questions that you think would be helpful or interesting. If you have any ideas, please drop them in the comments box below or shoot me an email.

Many, many thanks in advance for your help.


Michael Moffitt

Michael Moffitt is the Dean for University of Oregon School of Law, Orlando J. and Marian H. Hollis Professor of Law, and Associate Director, ADR Center.  Before joining the Oregon law faculty in 2001, Michael Moffitt served as the clinical supervisor for the mediation program at Harvard Law School and taught negotiation at… MORE >

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