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Arbitration Agreement

State of Texas County of Harris The undersigned parties in the case of __________ v. __________, and their respective counsel, agree to arbitrate this dispute before Hon. Bruce W. Wettman (Arbitrator), at his offices located at 440 Louisiana, Suite 1500, Houston,Texas, on _____________, 2003, in furtherance of this arbitration, the undersigned agree: That the only issues to be determined by said arbitrator are those, and only those, set forth in the parties' pre-conference statements of the dispute. That said arbitrator shall have full power and authority to hear and determine the issues in controversy and to make an award that will be final and binding upon all parties, without right of appeal or review, except as permitted by the arbitration laws of Texas. That this arbitration will be governed by and conducted in accordance with American Arbitration Association's existing Rules of Practice & Procedure and each and all of the terms of said Rules are expressly incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof for all purposes. That there is no known basis for disqualification of the arbitrator to conduct an arbitration of their dispute, and the parties are satisfied with the designated arbitrator. Bruce W. Wettman offers this form as a complimentary service to his clients and to stimulate innovative use of ADR processes. This form should not be used without legal guidance.

Executed on ________________, 2003, at Houston, Texas







Petitioner's/Claimant's Attorney






Respondent's Attorney

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