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Chip Rose Mediation and Collaborative Law with Chip Rose (1 hour video)
This one-hour video is of Chip Rose's one-hour plenary presentation to the Utah Council on Conflict Resolution and Utah Law School on conflict resolution, mediation and collaborative practice.
Jim Melamed Mediation Moving Forward (1 hr. video)
This one-hour video is of Jim Melamed's plenary presentation to the Utah Council on Conflict Resolution and Utah Law School on "what works in mediation and how the mediation industry can best move forward."
Hugh McIssac Hugh McIssac: Concern for the Field - Video
Hugh McIssac shares his concern of mediation being perverted into a form of evaluation. A court-connected mediator sees clients in highly stressful situations and makes recommendations to the court based on those encounters.
Barbara McAdoo Barbara McAdoo: Negotiation Skills Fundamental in Teaching - Video
Barbara McAdoo discusses why a negotiation class is the most important class a law school student can take.
Teresa Wakeen Terry Wakeen: Positive Developments in Mediation - Video
Teresa Wakeen describes the changes of mediation over time. Training is better, lawyers are being trained in mediation, there's more dialogue, brainstorming, and collaboration between mediators, and it is more successful than it was in the past.
Donald T. Saposnek Don Saposnek: Therapy With Mediation - Video
Don Saposnek talks about integrating the practices of therapy and dispute resolution. More specifically, how his mental health experience and background have given him useful tools to help people resolve their disputes.
Andrew Schepard Andrew Schepard: Training Has Improved - Video
Training for lawyers and judges has improved. Mediation in the US has only been around for 30 years and we are still working on how to best train people. Andrew Schepard helped develop model standards to improve professional standards.
Joseph Stulberg Joe Stulberg: Teaching Law Students to Mediate - Video
Joe Stulberg discusses teaching law students a different set of skills and the appropriate language to address the needs of the parties.
Tom Stipanowich Tom Stipanowich: Mother Influenced Value of Peacemaking - Video
Tom Stipanowich explains how his mother was the peacemaker in his household and how that influenced his decision to work in the conflict resolution field where he feels most comfortable.
Barbara McAdoo McAdoo, Barbara: Transparency and Clarification - Video
Barbara McAdoo emphasizes the importance of clearly defining what the party is and is not getting through mediation.
Howard Gadlin Howard Gadlin: Institutionalization of Mediation - Video
Howard Gadlin describes how the field has changed from people going into mediation from diverse academic backgrounds while covering overlapping problems, to becoming more institutionalized, lacking possibilities for, or connections to, new social movements.
Juliana Birkhoff Juliana Birkhoff: Instant Results In Field - Video
Juliana Birkhoff explains how her activism at Syracuse did not produce the rapid, peace-making results that she now gets working at Resolve.
Terry Wheeler Wheeler, Terry: Incomplete Training Can be Damaging - Video
Terry Wheeler describes a court program where attorneys receive mediation training for a week. He shares his concern that most of the attorneys having gone through the program call themselves mediators when they're really just trying to settle cases.
Chip Rose Chip Rose: Mediation and Collaborative Law - Video
Chip Rose notes that the field of collaborative law is in its adolescence and there is tension between the collaborative law people who think they are creating something new when in reality mediators have been helping divorcing couples for decades. The history and experience in the mediation field is not always fully appreciated and valued.
Marvin E. Johnson Marvin Johnson: Relative Lack of Minorities in Field - Video
Marvin Johnson speaks to why he believes there is a lack of people of color in the mediation profession. He claims much of it has to do with organizations not being welcoming.
Zena Zumeta Zumeta, Zena: From Advocacy to Negotiation - Video
Zena Zumeta reflects on a particular occasion when her work as an advocate for labor unions moved more into negotiation. She realized that one must think differently in order to settle and end up with a win-win solution.
Teresa Wakeen Wakeen, Terry: Mediation as Helping Profession; Satisfying - Video
Terry Wakeen describes why people are drawn to mediation, how it is a "helping profession", and how she feels more part of the solution than part of the problem.
Howard Gadlin Howard Gadlin: Highlights of Mediating - Video
Howard Gadlin discusses situations in mediation that have made him feel good about mediating: the craft of framing concepts, which help lead people to solve their own disputes; also, being able to help resolve a dispute that benefits more than the two parties and their own causes.
Carrie J. Menkel-Meadow Carrie Menkel-Meadow: Should Mediator Intervene? - Video
In the discussion about whether a mediator should intervene if he/she thinks the agreement is unfair, Carrie Menkel-Meadow believes that it is her responsibility to tell the parties what she thinks. Other mediators disagree.
Doug Yarn Doug Yarn: Mediators Should Find Niches - Video
Doug Yarn discusses how mediators and facilitators should be finding niches to provide a more grounded, informed, direct service.
Clarence Cramer Clarence Cramer: Importance of Mediation Assessment - Video
Clarence Cramer talks about doing dispute resolution assessments, negotiating first and then making recommendations afterward.
Doug Yarn Yarn, Doug: Biology Explains Cooperation Vs. Competition - Video
Doug Yarn discusses the genetic science behind the motivation to cooperate and to compete.
Terry Wheeler Wheeler, Terry: Discussing Licensing and Certification - Video
Terry Wheeler explains how he doesn't see the field of conflict resolution as ever developing licenses to practice, but does see more development of certifications.
Terry Wheeler Wheeler, Terry: Institutionalization Not As Helpful as Once Thought - Video
Terry Wheeler talks about his shift in thinking that institutionalization was a positive thing for the field. He shares his changed opinion.
Michael Lewis Michael Lewis: Disappointment in Field - Video
Michael Lewis says his biggest disappointment is that mediation has had a very limited reach, proven by world-influencing events like the war in Iraq.
Greg Bourne Greg Bourne: Neutrality v. Fairness - Video
Greg Bourne discusses how everyone brings biases to the table, including mediators. The mediator should discuss this with the parties, but express that their role is to be fair and attend to everyones' interests.
Carrie J. Menkel-Meadow Carrie Menkel-Meadow: Should Mediation Be A Required Course? - Video
Carrie Menkel-Meadow is an advocate for mediation and negotiation being a required course for children in schools and also as a part of every professional education.
Michael Lewis Michael Lewis: Specialization and the Negatives that Go Along with It - Video
Michael Lewis discusses the increase in specialization in mediation as coming from lawyers as well as an internal pressure within the field. He senses there is a loss of experience and understanding if mediators narrow their experience by specializing.
Teresa Wakeen Wakeen, Terry: East Ten Years Behind West in Mediation - Video
Teresa Wakeen talks about why she believes that mediation on the East Coast is ten years behind mediation on the West Coast. East Coast more aggressive with litigation, sees mediation as a compromise and therefore as a weakness, West Coast more open to alternatives.
Linda Singer Singer, Linda: Mediation is Satisfying Work - Video
Linda Singer shares and explains her passion and satisfaction with her mediation work.
S. Glenn Sigurdson Sigurdson, Glenn: Court vs. Mediation - Video
Glenn Sigurdson expresses concern about the courts using ADR in their own image and not giving parties real choice. This is drawing power away from the field.
Andrew Schepard Andrew Schepard: Challenges Within Family Mediation - Video
Andrew Schepard discusses challenges within family mediation: domestic violence, cultural differences and parties' expectations of the mediator, and a need to pre-screen violent parents.
Joseph Stulberg Joe Stuhlberg: Teaching Mediation Skills - Video
Joe Stulberg describes some teachable mediation skills - creating the physical environment and initiating discussion, identifying mediation vs. non-mediation issues, and propelling people to consider a variety of options.
David A. Hoffman David Hoffman: Positive Change Comes From Conflict - Video
David Hoffman talks about conflict being good in that it brings about change. While conflict can be scary, it can also have positive outcomes.
Linda Singer Singer, Linda: Interpersonal Mediation Builds Skills - Video
Linda Singer describes how her interpersonal mediation experience in the past has helped her to mediate in multi-party, complex cases currently. The rapport-development skills she learned in interpersonal mediation carry over to multi-party disputes.
Linda Singer Singer, Linda: Psychology of Mediating - Video
Linda Singer talks about the psychology of mediation, how it is a process of manipulation, while maintaining neutrality.
Frank Sander Frank Sander: Should Court Mediators Be Lawyers? - Video
Frank Sander discusses how ironically, there has been an ongoing battle within the court system of whether or not mediators need to be lawyers to practice within the courts. Sander voted they didn't need to be lawyers, which was the majority opinion.
Jeffrey Krivis Jeff Krivis: Success Will Be Market-Driven - Video
Jeff Krivis claims that the field does not need court annexed cases anymore and that the marketplace will continue to drive the field.
Bernard Mayer Bernie Mayer: Success in Seizing the Moment - Video
Bernie Mayer describes that he feels most successful in mediations where he has a good sense of timing which enables him to seize a moment. He uses a case as an example to demonstrate this seizing of the moment.
Peter Adler Peter Adler: Developing Intuition in Mediation - Video
Peter Adler describes the art of mediation and how it takes a development of intuition to recognize what a mediator should say and when he/she should say it in a mediation session.
Teresa Wakeen Teresa Wakeen: Successful Mediation Practice - Video
Terry Wakeen describes what makes a mediator successful or a mediaton practice a success: having a genuine interest in people, being a good communicator, and marketing techniques.
Albie Davis Albie Davis: Central Ideas of Mediation - Video
Albie Davis names some central ideas to mediation and emphasizes that just being there and giving parties' your attention, thus making them feel safe, is what is central to the mediation process.
Joseph Stulberg Stulberg, Joe: Trainers Should Be Clear About Approach - Video
Joe Stulberg emphasizes the importance of the trainer disclosing what type of training approach and mediation style they are teaching.
William E. Hartgering William Hartgering: Early Attempts to Institutionalize Mediation - Video
William Hartgering describes early talks of pushing to institutionalize mediation and the influence of Getting to Yes, by Fisher and Ury.
Teresa Wakeen Wakeen, Terry: Presence during Mediation - Video
Terry Wakeen describes her style of encouraging both parties to be present during the mediation in order to fully resolve peoples' frustrations and cases.
Homer LaRue Homer LaRue: The Importance of Integrity with Lawyer Interactions - Video
Homer LaRue discusses the importance, as an attorney, of having integrity with both your client and other lawyer's client, and how it is necessary to distance yourself a bit from your client's animosity toward the other party, especially in mediation.
Lisa Parkinson Lisa Parkinson: Postive Outlook for Future - Video
Lisa Parkinson talks about her excitement about the future of the field. She sees it expanding, becoming more multicultural, and utilizing the internet more and more.
Chris Moore Chris Moore: Equal Representation of Parties' Interests - Video
Chris Moore describes his position as a mediator to ensure that the parties are in a state to adequately represent their interests in order that the agreement be fair. Example of a woman in a financial dispute who had trouble with numbers because she was brain-damaged.
Zena Zumeta Zena Zumeta: Innovative Mediation/Evaluation Processes - Video
Zena Zumeta shares her excitement about what she sees emerging in the field - new processes and inventive approaches within mediation and evaluation that can better serve particular clients. She is also hopeful there will be more scientific assessments of techniques.
Sid Lezak Sid Lezak: The Perfect Mediator - Video
Sid Lezak talks about how the 'perfect mediator' does not have a fixed number of certain attributes or a certain style. Rather, it is someone who is flexible, who can adjust their problem-solving style to the challenges that are presented.
Barbara McAdoo Barbara McAdoo: Disappointing that Mediation is not Defined - Video
Barbara McAdoo shares her disappointment with how the field has not been defined and how mediators cannot communicate what mediation is to consumers.
James Coben James Coben: A Mediator's Complete Disclosure of Process - Video
James Coben talks about disclosing 'trickster' activity in a mediation session.
Greg Bourne Greg Bourne: Directive v. Facilitative Mediation - Video
Greg Bourne talks about being a more directive mediator in public policy and environmental disputes where the parties want to move forward as quickly as possible.
Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D. Joan Kelly: Collaborative Law vs. Mediation - Video
Joan Kelly describes a case she mediated and settled after the parents didn't get anywhere with collaborative law.
Gail Bingham Gail Bingham: Future Environmental Policy Mediators - Video
Gail Bingham shares her views on how up-and-coming mediators should start mediating from the very beginning, involving all the parties in an assessment or diagnosis of the dispute.
Clarence Cramer Clarence Cramer: Safeguards for Mediating Domestic Violence Issues - Video
Clarence Cramer talks about the basic safeguards for clients in a domestic violence dispute, emphasizing protection.
Jeffrey Krivis Jeff Krivis: Client-Centered Process of Mediation - Video
Jeff Krivis describes the benefit of mediation working alongside and with lawyers. The client feels more involved in legal process and discussion when they're allowed to put their thoughts and feelings into the negotiation.
William E. Hartgering William Hartgering: Suggestions to Future ADR Professionals - Video
William Hartgering gives his thoughts on what prospective mediators should know and the future of alternative dispute resolution,
Terry Wheeler Wheeler, Terry: Approach: Mostly Facilitative - Video
Terry Wheeler explains his approach to mediation mostly using a facilitative style with elements of other approaches that weave into his mediations.
Stephen Erickson Stephen Erickson: Self-Determination Important for Certification - Video
Stephen Erickson describes the importance of reflecting responsibility onto the parties, a skill that should be a precondition to certification.
Stephen Erickson Stephen Erickson: Teaching Parties to Negotiate - Video
Stephen Erickson shares his satisfaction with teaching mediation and peacemaking skills, especially in domestic or child custody disputes.
Barbara McAdoo Barbara McAdoo: Importance of Defining Mediation - Video
Barbara McAdoo explains reasons why the mediation profession should be clearly defined.
Doug Yarn Doug Yarn: From Conflict to Reconciliation - Video
Doug Yarn discusses the mental stages one goes through from conflict to reconciliation.
Constance Ahrons Constance Ahrons: Cultural Changes Influence Family Models - Video
Constance Ahrons discusses how divorce does not mean automatic crises and disaster for a family and with cultural changes, family models are ever-changing. As long as the child has support, care, love, and stability in its relationships, they will be okay.
Larry Fong Larry Fong: Cognitive Approach Includes Reducing High Emotions - Video
Larry Fong explains his cognitive approach of reducing high conflict or highly emotional clients in a dispute so they can be better decision makers.
James J. Alfini James Alfini: Patience is a Crucial Skill - Video
James Alfini shares an account of when he lost his patience with a party and reflects how a mediator should never lose his/her patience.
Homer LaRue Homer LaRue: Concerns: Credentialing and Bridging Gaps between Mediators of Color with Other Mediators - Video
Homer LaRue discusses his concerns of mediators not getting into the field because of the credentialing process, specifically persons of color not getting into the field, and bridging the gap between mediators of color and the "high-volume, high-quality case users".
Susan Carpenter Susan Carpenter: Concerns for the Field - Video
Susan Carpenter shares the concerns she has for the field of public policy mediation including training, use of concepts, and lack of sharing knowledge.
Kimberlee Kovach Kimberly Kovach: Hopes for the Future - Video
Kimberly Kovach shares her hopes for the future. These include having ADR taught in schools so people can build a skillset, shifting the resistance to mediation into have people collaborate more.
Donald T. Saposnek Donald Saposnek: Moments of Genius - Video
Donald Saposnek details the moments when he feels the most effective and competent while mediating. He uses the basketball analogy of being 'in the zone' by strategic maneuvering.
Chip Rose Chip Rose: Growth of Collaborative Law - Video
Chip Rose provides a comprehensive overview of how the collaborative law field developed and the tension and frustration experienced along the way between the lawyers and non-lawyers who finally came together a few years ago and agreed upon a mission statement.
Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D. Joan Kelly: Divorce Research Inspires Start in Mediation - Video
Joan Kelly describes that her research on divorce and the effects it had on families made her want to become a mediator.
Richard Salem Richard Salem: Process of an Effective Mediator - Video
Richard Salem explains how an effective mediator facilitates a mediation and the process used to bring understanding and agreement.
Michael Lewis Michael Lewis: To Admit Wrongdoing Difficult as Mediator - Video
Michael Lewis speaks of mediators' willingess (and lack of) to admitting when they're wrong or that they should have tried a different method. He underscores that it takes experience and self-confidence to admit to wrongdoing in a case.
Colin Rule Colin Rule: MegaTrends in Technology - Video
Colin Rule, directory of dispute resolution for eBay and PayPal, speaks on megatrends in dispute resolution technology at the Keystone Conference
Jay Folberg Jay Folberg: Negotiation Skillset Observed from PawnBroker Father - Video
Jay Folberg tells of observing his pawn broker father as he bargained with customers. He claims the key to his father's success was figuring out what people's needs were and how to then meet those needs.
Howard Bellman Howard Bellman: Mediating With Intuition - Video
Howard Bellman talks about mediating in stressful circumstances where politics, personality, and/or emotions are high. Gifted mediators combine talent and training to be able to handle those situations in an intuitive way.
Marilyn McKnight Marilyn McKnight: Concern About Splintering of Mediation - Eclectic Mediation - Video
Marilyn McKnight shares her concern with the ongoing argument over the different mediation approaches. She emphasizes the eclectic quality of mediation.
Howard Gadlin Howard Gadlin: Future of Mediation Profession - Video
Howard Gadlin discusses where he sees the mediation field heading in the next 25 years. It will become another reasonably established profession, credentialing standards will develop, standards and guidelines will formalize.
Marvin E. Johnson Marvin Johnson: Increasing Awareness of Unaddressed Race/Ethnic Issues in Field - Video
Marvin Johnson describes what he has tried to do to increase awareness about race and minorities in the field: hold workshops, talk about his experiences, and write about it.
Larry Susskind Susskind, Larry: Importance of Neutrality/Non-Partisanship - Video
Larry Susskind talks about the importance of non-partisanship in a dispute, comparing it to being a referee for your home-town team. Both teams are depending on the referee to be fair. This type of professional neutrality is a learned response.
Joseph P. Folger Joe Folger: Conflict in the Field - Video
The most widely used mediation model places an emphasis on helping people find common ground. His model is different. Transformative mediation is about supporting people in their differences if that is what people want. This has created an ideological clash in the field.
Zena Zumeta Zena Zumeta: Spiritual Side to Mediation - Video
Zena Zumeta speaks to the spiritual dimension of the work she does - how helping people learn how to respectfully and effectively be a part their workplace and family is a sacred task.
Bernard Mayer Bernie Mayer: Participatory Democracy is Motivation to Mediate - Video
Bernie Mayer describes his motivation as a mediator which involves promoting participatory democracy, empowering people to control the outcomes of the crises in their own lives.
L. Randolph Lowry Randy Lowry: Growing Popularity of Mediation in Court System - Video
Randy Lowry describes the growth and integration of mediation and negotiation into the court system to where judges want to be trained
David A. Hoffman David Hoffman: Concerns, Lack of Professional Diversity, and Public Funding - Video
David Hoffman emphasizes the need for more racial/ethnic diversity in the field in order to have the widest reach, broadening the movement. He also discusses the problem of community mediation programs being underfunded.
Andrew Schepard Andrew Schepard: Aborigine Model Processes for Handling Child Neglect/Abuse - Video
Andrew Schepard describes how Aboriginal tribes have an optimal process of dealing with child neglect and/or abuse. If abuse is reported, a family group conference may be called; they have the choice of opting out of the coercive court system, which he sees as a model approach. ZZZZZ Video: The Mediators - Views from the Eye of the Storm Vol. I - Trailer
This two hour-long program features 31 of the most experienced mediators in the world. This is a "highlight" film of compelling commentary from pioneers and leaders in the field of mediation. ZZZZZ Video: The Mediators: Family Mediation Edition - Trailer
The Mediators: Family Edition features 27 of the most experienced family mediators in the world. Sections include: Inspiration, Techniques In The Room, Supporting Children, Styles And Models, The Future, Training & Certification
Kenneth Cloke Ken Cloke: Simulating Sincerity - Video
Kenneth Cloke explains that if you're not able to be sincere as a mediator, simulating sincerity will lead to true sincerity and authenticity.
ABA Section of Dispute Resolution ZZZZZ ABA 2010 Mediation Video Contest Winner - Considering Mediation
The ABA Section of Dispute Resolution announced the 2010 winners of its First Annual Mediation Video Contest. The First Prize Winner was “Consider Mediation.”
ABA Section of Dispute Resolution ZZZZZ ABA 2010 Mediation Video Contest 2nd Place - Mediation: A Better Way to Resolve Disputes
The ABA Section of Dispute Resolution announced the 2010 winners of its First Annual Mediation Video Contest. The Second Prize Winner was "Mediation: A Better Way to Resolve Disputes."
ABA Section of Dispute Resolution ZZZZZ ABA 2010 Mediation Video Contest Honorable Mention Videos
The ABA Section of Dispute Resolution announced the 2010 winners of its First Annual Mediation Video Contest. Honorable Mention was awarded to the following 3 videos: "Mediation: Everyone's a Winner!", "Elder Mediation: A Solution For Families at War", and "Mediation Works."
Peter Adler Video: Eye of the Storm Leadership
This is a video introduction to "Eye of the Storm Leadership" by Peter Adler, Ph.D. - 150 Ideas, Stories, Quotes, and Excercises On The Art and Politics of Managing Human Conflicts. See the book and complete video at
Gary Dorr Mediation Video: Mediate or Litigate - You Decide
This flash video was developed by web shop director, Gary Dorr.
Ann Milne Ann Milne: Quality Mediation Takes Time - Video
Mediators have an obligation to educate future mediators and the public about mediation and this is a process that takes time; some courts put pressure on mediators to settle in a certain number of sessions and this creates muscle mediation, or forcing the parties into settlement.
Robert Mnookin Robert Mnookin: Local Politics Often Lie Behind Geopolitical Negotiations - Video
Robert Mnookin discusses how international negotiators are commonly domestic politicians with a concern about domestic stakeholders and conflicts 'behind the table."
Linda Singer Singer, Linda: Mediation Becoming Mechanized - Video
Linda Singer explains two concerns she has in the field: in certain contexts, she is afraid the process is/will become too mechanized. The other concern is lack of access and lack of mediation education in schools.
Roger Fisher Roger Fisher: Discussion of Beyond Reason - Video
Roger Fisher talks about his recent book, Beyond Reason and explains the importance of emotion. Negotiators should build rapport by expressing their appreciation of the other party/parties, expressing affiliation, autonomy, acknowledging each other's status or expertise, and choosing a fulfilling role.
Doug Yarn Yarn, Doug: Using Biological Knowledge to Mediator's Advantage - Video
Doug Yarn talks about people biologically having both a taste for cooperation and competition, and how as a mediator, one might use that knowledge to move forward with parties.
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