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Mediation Demonstration - Video
This full-length role-play mediation video, with explanations, was produced by O'Sullivan Solutions in February, 2013. This mediation role-play was demonstrated live in front of the faculty of law at Griffith College, Cork.
Tammy Lenski Conflict Resolution Video: How To Argue
The Argument Clinic is a Monty Python classic, funny because it magnifies the uncomfortably familiar habits some of us fall into. For more on how to argue effectively, check the list below the video.
Tammy Lenski On Giving Advice - Video
This one, It’s Not About the Nail, is a recent addition to my list, added after more than 15 readers and friends sent it to me over the past week!
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Does Involvement of a Mediator Help Ensure Class Action Settlement?
In Kakani v. Oracle Corp., the appellate court rejected the assertion that the involvement of a mediator helps to prove lack of collusion.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Enforcing Oral Mediation Settlement Agreement
In the case Ledbetter v Ledbetter, the appellate court considered the issue of whether parties to a divorce mediation should be bound to a settlement orally dictated by the mediator and affirmed by parties and their counsel at mediation, which was later repudiated by one of the parties.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: A Simple Mediator Mistake Leads to Big Problems
In the case Catamount Slate Products v Sheldon, the appellate court reversed the trial court and refused to enforce an alleged oral mediated settlement where the intent of the parties to be bound was not established.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Those All-Day Mediations -- Maybe We Should Reassess?
In the case In re Rains, the appellate court concluded that the bankruptcy court did not clearly err in finding a debtor mentally competent to enter into a mediated settlement, notwithstanding that immediately following the conclusion of mediation the debtor drove himself to the hospital where he was admitted and diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm and stroke.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Divorce Agreement Complications
In Guthrie v. Guthrie, the validity of a divorce agreement was called into question due to one party's state of mind at the signing. A complicating issue was husband's death during the proceedings.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Enforceable Mediation Agreement
In Chesney v. Hypertension Diagnostics, the appellate court affirmed the trial court's conclusion that a mediated memorandum agreement is binding and enforceable despite the parties' failure to complete a more comprehensive settlement document.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Enforcing Old Agreements
In Buckley v. Shealy, the appellate court decided to not to enforce a mediated divorce settlement, when the agreement is over a decade old and was never submitted to the court.
Resolve-O-Matic (humor video)
Join Chip Rose and Don Saposnek for their tongue-in-check infomercial for Resolve-O-Matic. Hear about all of the many benefits and how Resolve-O-Matic will change your life for the better.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Including Arbitration Provision
In Fair v. Bakhtiari, , the appellate course reversed the trial court's refusal to enforce a mediated settlement and compel arbitration pursuant to its terms because inclusion of the arbitration provision in the settlement was "consistent solely with an intention on the part of the parties for the settlement terms document to be enforceable or binding," thereby making the settlement admissible based on a statutory exception to inadmissibility where an "agreement provides that it is enforceable or binding or words to that effect."
Mangled Roommate Mediation (humor video)
Brittni and McKay seek help from a roommate mediator, a somewhat directive mediator that, ultimately, has a solution for all.
The EU Museum Mediators Project (video)
Eva-Kaia Vabamäe reflects on her experience as a "Museum Mediators" course participant. Afterwards, the European dimensions and challenges arise in the difficult translation of the term "Museum Mediation" to Estonian.
Mediation Training Academy (humor video)
This tongue in cheek video shows two instructors at "The Mediation Academy" discussing mediation fee arrangements and 12 steps to avoid mediator emotional co-dependency. Be sure to to check out all of our continuing education offerings at University.
Chip Rose The Perfect Mediation (humor video)
The Perfect Mediation is a 4 minute video showing how easy mediation can sometimes be. Be sure to to check out all of our continuing education offerings at University.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Authority to Settle
In Fivecoat v. Publix Super Markets, Inc., the appellate court reversed the trial court's order enforcing mediated workers' compensation settlement, where the claimant's attorney did not have clear and unequivocal authority to settle on claimant's behalf.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Handwritten Agreement
In Heaven & Earth, Inc. v. Wyman Properties Limited Partnership, the appellate court enforced a handwritten mediated settlement of lease extension by night club against challenge that parties' failure to reach full agreement on limitations and notice requirements for sound checks was a missing essential element that precluded enforcement.
Gabriel Cheong, Esq. Family Basics and Divorce Mediation - Video
Divorce and Family Mediation Basics Video. This is a question and answer video that tries to answer all of the basic divorce questions.
Workplace Conflict Training - Video
This workplace mediation training video demonstrates the mediation process and conflict resolution steps to resolve disputes in the workplace.
United Nations ZZZZZ UN Guide for Effective Mediation - Video
With armed conflicts trending upward again and proving increasingly complex, the challenges are also mounting for mediators working to resolve them through negotiations. Newly developed guidance from the United Nations can help them to succeed, providing practical advice for navigating mediation processes effectively. This video describes the 8 UN fundamental guidelines.
Leo Hura Mediation in Disability Cases - Video
This video by Leo Hura shows a parent with a disabled child. She finds herself in a dispute with her school, but through the mediation process she reaches agreement with school regarding her disabled child in a culinary program.
Guhan Subramanian PON Setting the Stage - Video
Professor Guhan Subramanian has created a video for Harvard's Program on Negotiation called Setting the Stage.
Mediation in Action - Video
A workplace dispute between two colleagues has created an issue which is affecting their colleagues and the business. This video shows a real example interviewing the owner, both employees, and their mediator. They reflect on the process and how mediating has changed their business.
Michelle LeBaron Exemplary Leadership: How Dispute Resolution Professionals Change Cultures - video and materials
In this address, Professor LeBaron explores how special education dispute resolution professionals can contribute to educational cultures of inclusion and creativity.
Bernard Mayer Staying with Conflict: The Challenge of Engagement in the Face of Enduring Disputes - video and materials
In his keynote address, Professor Mayer explores some of the characteristics and dilemmas of enduring conflict and ways that conflict resolvers can shift the narrative from one of prevention, management, and resolution to one of anticipation, support and engagement.
Michael Moffitt The Four Ways to Assure Mediator Quality (and why none of them work) - video and materials
What, if anything, reasonably provides mediation consumers with confidence about the quality of mediators’ services?
Diana Mercer 5 Sources of Conflict - Video
The 5 Sources of Conflict. This is an excerpt from a 25-hour basic family mediation training that is offered in the Los Angeles area by Diana Mercer.
Tim Hedeen Ensuring Self-Determination Throughout Mediation: Ethical and Effective Practices in Screening Cases, Preparing Clients, and Avoiding Coercion - video and materials
Disputants and mediators together determine a mediation’s success, sometimes only in retrospect. This interactive workshop explored opportunities prior to and during a session, when the mediator may support-even enhance-parties' abilities to make the most of their mediation experience.
Gregorio Billikopf Reducing Defensiveness - Video
This presentation introduces four specific steps for effectively transforming even the most provocative personal attacks into something constructive. Listeners may wish to also read Chapter 4 of Party-Directed Mediation, Interpersonal Negotiation Skills. April 2012, Duration: about 10 minutes plus homework.
Dr. Ellie Izzo Collaborative Divorce Explained - Video
Dr. Ellie Izzo, an expert in the field, explains the details and benefits to a Collaborative Divorce. She discusses how Tiger Woods decides to put his children first in an amicable divorce.
Jay Welsh The Secret World of Mediation (humor video)
The team at JAMS has finally been able to videotape a mediation to present the mediation process. This video aims to increase transparency of the process and to help clients understand how hard mediators work for them. JAMS promises that this is a real mediation and that all of the participants have agreed to allow this video to be public.
Jim McCartney What is Arbitration - Video
Jim McCartney, a Charter Arbitrator and Charter Mediator, talks about what arbitration is. He explains the process and the benefits to the clients. He says that the best way to think of arbitration is as a private court.
Greg Stone Faith-Based Diplomacy - Video
Faith-Based Diplomacy, an emerging discipline that seeks to integrate religion and politics in the cause of peacemaking and reconciliation, is explained by the Canon Reverend Brian Cox. Father Alexei Smith, Shakeel Syed, and Rabbi Mark Diamond share insights regarding the inter-faith dialogue that is such a vital step in peacemaking.
Sandi Sherr Sandi Sherr Parenting Mediation - Video
A welcoming message from Sandi Sherr, parenting mediator at Main Line Family Law Center, a law firm specializing in integrated divorce mediation practices, along Philadelphia Main Line.
Leo Hura Avoiding, Preventing, Resolving Conflict - Video
Leo Hura series and specials are media productions produced by volunteers using Olelo Community Media. This video is one in a series that shows a role play of the mediation process. Each video shows a different aspect of the process with a role play and a simulation.
JK Belz Elder Mediation - Video
Video where the owners of JK Belz Mediation and Crowley Legal Solutions discuss the mediation process. The owners also discuss their focus: elder mediation.
Virtual Mediation Lab zzzzz Online Mediation Simulations via Skype - Video
A new pilot project by the Association for Conflict Resolution Hawaii Chapter to show how new and experienced mediators can practice and improve their mediation skills by participating with other mediators in online mediation simulations via Skype.
William Ury The Walk From "No" to "Yes" - Video
William Ury, author of "Getting to Yes," offers an elegant, simple (but not easy) way to create agreement in even the most difficult situations -- from family conflict to, perhaps, the Middle East.
Kenneth Feinberg Straus Institute Conversation Series featuring Ken Feinberg (Video)
The Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution debuted a new “Conversation” series on November 14, 2011, as part of their 25th anniversary celebration. “Straus Presents: A Conversation with Ken Feinberg” featured one of the best-known figures in the field of alternative dispute resolution in a ninety-minute interview conducted by Straus Institute academic director and William H. Webster Chair Tom Stipanowich. The interview focused on Feinberg’s early involvement as special master mediating the Agent Orange cases and other mass tort claims, his role as special master of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, and his current oversight of the Gulf Oil Spill Fund.
Kessler-Eidson Advanced Negotiation - Video
Professor Paul Zwier discusses Advanced Negotiation techniques. This video is produced by the Emory School of Law.
Professional Mediation Associates zzzzz About Mediation Introduction - Video
This professional video introduces potential clients to the mediation process. It shows the voluntary and confidential nature of the dispute resolution process.
Aboriginal Child Protection Mediation - Video
An interview with an Aboriginal woman who talks about her experience with child protection mediation. She tells us how mediation helps both parents and child welfare workers who are unable to resolve a plan of care for a child, reach a decision together in a non-judgmental way.
Community Mediation Center of Kansas City zzzzz Kansas City Center - Video
Video explaining the community mediation center set-up. Highlighting the center in Kansas City, this video shows multiple people coming to the center to resolve a variety of disputes.
Relationships Scotland zzzzz Family Mediation in Action - Video
A film showing parents who are having difficulties attending three mediation sessions. They discuss and agree a positive way forward for them as a family.
Tennessee Mediation zzzzz Four Phases of the Mediation Process - Video
This video describes the four phases of the mediation process. This is an informative role-play produced by Jean Munroe and The topic of the mediation is divorce and child custody.
North Carolina Courts zzzzz Child Custody Mediation Q & A - Video
Court Q & A - Child Custody Mediation - What to do when parents enter a custody battle. Join District Court Judge Martin (Marty) McGee and Bryan Hurley as they discuss this process.
Kenneth Cloke Ken Cloke Discusses Changing a Conversation - Video
Ken Cloke of Mediators Beyond Borders is interviewed at the UNFCCC conference in Denmark about how to change the scope and feeling of a conversation to achieve understanding.
Hatch Brenner LLP zzzzz That's Mediation - Video
A comedic approach to understanding the mediation process by the Hatch Brenner law firm.
Martti Ahtisaari zzzzz Nobel Peace Prize Discusses Mediation - Video
Martti Ahtisaari, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, discusses What Makes a Good Mediator? He examines the importance of mediation in the resolution of international conflicts.
Fairway Divorce Solutions zzzzz Divorce Toronto: What You Need to Know about Getting a Divorce - Video
Divorce Toronto: What You Need to Know About Getting a Divorce Fairway Divorce Solutions, a Toronto-based ADR firm, helps couples to get divorced faster and cheaper than other options.
New Jersey courts zzzzz Foreclosure Mediation Program - Video
Court Clips, a video, informational program produced by the New Jersey Courts, explains the foreclosure mediation program. The programs facilitates mediations between lenders and homeowners.
Diana Mercer Peace Talks: What is Divorce Mediation - Video
Diana Mercer, Esq. presents an informative and knowledgable description of mediating a divorce. She explains that clients can decide how much if at all to involve a lawyer.
Lincoln Middle School zzzzz Lincoln Peer Mediation - Video
Tobi Inlender and students discuss the Peer Mediation Program in Santa Monica. This is the original peer mediation program in Los Angeles, and is run by the Dispute Resolution program and Lincoln Middle School.
Lowell Steiger zzzzz Steiger Sample Mediation - Video
Lowell Steiger gives an example of a mediation. The mediation is a role-play of a community neighbor dispute.
Jerry Slusky Slusky Mediation Process - Video
Slusky Mediation explains how the mediation process can be successful, regardless of the complexity of the issues or parties. He also explains the typical emotional state of parties during the mediation process.
Workplace Mediation Video, ABA
A mediation video that explains how a workplace dispute can be resolved in mediation, in a less distressing manner than litigation or arbitration.
Consumer Protection BC Consumer Protection Online Dispute Resolution in BC - The Basics (Video)
Find out the basics about Consumer Protection BC's Online Dispute Resolution pilot project. It's an easy and convenient way for consumers to resolve their disputes with businesses.
University of Central Florida UCF Sample Mediation - Video
This is a sample mediation video that walks through the mediation process. It begins with the ground rules and introductions. it then moves on to opening statements by all of the parties. They explain what brought them to the mediation and what they are hoping to get out of their time there. Then they negotiate the dispute.
Michael Coyne Michael Coyne: A Lawyer's View of ADR - Video
Michael Coyne, Associate Dean of the Massachusetts School of Law hosts a Question of Law, with the topic being Dispute Resolution. Guests include Judge Peter Agnes and Brian Burke, Assistant Attorney General.
Dr. Nancy Love The PULSE Institute Mediation Simulation - Video
Dr. Nancy Love of the PULSE Institute demonstrates the Prepare piece of the PULSE Mediated Conversation frame. Prepare lays the foundation for an effective structured three-way converastion. This is a simulation based on a real scenario. The participants appearing in this video are role players, and not actual mediation participants or actors.
Zena Zumeta Zumeta, Zena: Early Influential Experts - Video
Zena Zumeta talks about mediation practice early on and conferences held by specific mediators who were particularly influential and helpful.
Joseph Stulberg Stulberg, Joe: Teaching Conflict Resolution - Video
Joe Stulberg emphasizes his love of teaching and notes that the teaching methods used in conflict resolution and mediation trainings are innovative techniques within the field of pedagogy.
Diane Thompson Steps Must Be Taken for Funding Mediation and Legal Services for Foreclosure Victims
Diane Thompson of the National Consumer Law Center made a point that you can get much better compliance on loan modifications if you actually fund mediation programs and legal services attorneys. There are mandatory mediation programs up and running in Philadelphia and New York, and they have been far more successful in preventing foreclosures – by about 50%.
Ted Kheel Theodore W. Kheel, Labor Mediator, Dies at 96
For decades, mediator Ted Kheel was a dominant force in labor disputes. He developed his unique techniques mediating teacher, transit and press strikes. Mr. Kheel died recently at the age of 96.
William E. Hartgering William Hartgering: Mediation Likeness to Improvisational Theater - Video
William Hartgering explains the satisfaction he gets out of mediating and seeing parties change throughout the process.
Doug Yarn Yarn, Doug: Teaching Conflict Resolution in Universities - Video
Doug Yarn compares teaching conflict resolution systems in schools compared to universities. He found that there was more harm done than good when they tried to incorporate conflict resolution programs in schools.
Howard Gadlin Howard Gadlin: Ombudsman vs. Mediator - Video
Howard Gadlin discusses the difference between a mediator's role and an ombudsman's role. Ombudsman uses mediation as a tool, but their role is to assist a group of people within an organization to identify the organization's policies and regulations that are causing internal conflict, then make recommendations.
Stephen Erickson Stephen Erickson: How Mediation Started, How it's Different - Video
Stephen Erickson shares his view on how mediation came about and its benefits compared to the adversarial process.
Roger Fisher Roger Fisher: Negotiating with Terrorists Necessary - Video
Roger Fisher believes talks and negotiation with terrorists can produce more benefits than judging from a distance. He emphasizes the need for understanding and listening to terrorist grievances, which are often legitimate.
Jay Folberg Jay Folberg: Institutionalization Brings Loss of Vitality - Video
Jay Folberg discusses that with institutionalization, the field is becoming more focused on practicing a profession and trying to become more lucrative instead of how it was - a more creative social movement.
Terry Wheeler Wheeler, Terry: Helpful Tools in Dealing With Conflict - Video
Terry Wheeler gives three pieces of advice to those about to engage in a conflict - do an emotional check, use appropriate language, and listen.
Susan Carpenter Susan Carpenter: Mediating Public Policy Disputes - Video
Susan Carpenter talks about her approach to mediating public policy disputes and how she involved people in the process. It is a collaborative education process and involves a lot of creativity.
Gail Bingham Gail Bingham: Framing Questions to Help Parties Negotiate - Video
Gail Bingham describes an environmental case where there were concerns. Framing questions properly is important in these cases.
Juliana Birkhoff Juliana Birkhoff: Mediating with Multiple Parties - Video
Juliana Birkhoff talks about convening with political decision makers, asking them what they want from parties who will be affected by an outcome before they bring those parties to the table for a mediation.
Zena Zumeta Zumeta, Zena: How Success Happened - Video
Zena Zumeta explains two reasons why she believes her success came to her: one is effective marketing by a business partner; the other was "pure luck" - she believes people had confidence in her ability to help them solve their problems.
Joseph Stulberg Stulberg, Joe: Concern: Quality of Trainings - Video
Stulberg shares his concern about trainings that are given in too short of time or which are either over-lecturing or doing too much role-play
Zena Zumeta Zumeta, Zena: Joys and Satisfactions of Training - Video
Zena Zumeta talks about what has pleased her in terms of the field. She states that training professionals is a joy so they can in turn train and use collaborative techniques with clients and employees.
Howard Bellman Howard Bellman: Mediation Past, Present, and Future - Video
Howard Bellman speaks of how the mediation field has become more mainstream, though it's original intention was to be more radical and counter-culture. He believes the field will continue to grow.
Larry Susskind Susskind, Larry: Ethical Practices within Mediation - Video
Larry Susskind shares his strong opinion of upholding ethical principles while mediating disputes. Gives examples of his refusing to mediate for agencies/people who provide too strict of guidelines that don't involve the full participation of the parties.
Teresa Wakeen Wakeen, Terry: Passion and Commitment to Mediation - Video
Terry Wakeen describes her satisfaction from helping people to negotiate and resolve their conflicts.
Terry Wheeler Wheeler, Terry: View of Trainers as High Quality - Video
Terry Wheeler explains how his view of trainers and the trainings he's observed are generally good.
Doug Yarn Yarn, Doug: Field's Vocabulary Important - Video
Doug Yarn discusses how there was a need for common understanding of the field's vocabulary and terminology as professionals came from many different backgrounds and practiced in different areas within conflict resolution.
Joseph Stulberg Joe Stuhlberg: Love of the Third Party Role - Video
Joe Stulberg shares his enthusiasm for being the third party and seeing the multiple perspectives of the parties.
Tom Stipanowich Tom Stipanowich: Mediation vs. Arbitration - Video
Tom Stipanowich talks about the arbitration process being taken out of contracts while being replaced with mediation or litigation processes.
Peter Adler Peter Adler: The Risks of the Increase in Mediation Specializations - Video
Peter Adler speaks of the negatives that come with the increase of specializations in the mediation field; mediation will become more rigid, rule-bound, and will develop professional castes and classes.
Teresa Wakeen Wakeen, Terry: Personal Rewards from Mediating - Video
Terry Wakeen talks about how she feels like a better person as a mediator than she did as a litigator.
Terry Wheeler Wheeler, Terry: Legal Knowledge Helps in Negotiations - Video
Terry Wheeler explains that his legal knowledge helps him in his mediation and negotiation practice by knowing how to interact with attorneys, assessing different situations, and asking certain applicable questions.
Linda Singer Singer, Linda: Dissatisfaction with Litigation - Video
Linda Singer describes how she became interested in mediation: her observance of the court and litigation system led to her dissatisfaction with how problems were being solved.
Linda Singer Singer, Linda: Mediation "Catching On" - Video
Linda Singer describes the infiltration of mediation into the legal establishment, the resistance and acceptance of this phenomenon.
Linda Singer Singer, Linda: Lack of Funding - Video
Linda Singer discusses disappointments in the field: 1) mediation has become institutionalized and therefore, another bureaucratic process; 2) mediation has not been properly funded.
Frank Sander Frank Sander: Determining A Mediator's Competency - Video
Frank Sander talks about the 'hot' topic of developing a process for determining a mediator's competency. He hopes licensing will not be a form of determining that competency, but rather focusing on the amount of training a mediator has had.
Carl Schneider Carl Schneider: Training Mediators to Take Risks - Video
Carl Schneider talks about how he trains mediators to have "no resistance" and how that requires risk-taking.
S. Glenn Sigurdson Glenn Sigurdson: Helping People Change Their Perspectives - Video
Glenn Sigurdson talks about the notion of perception and how people's perceptions evolve and change over time and the role of the mediator is to create a safe environment for that to happen.
Chris Moore Chris Moore: Contexts in which the Center for Dispute Resolution Works - Video
Chris Moore talks about the focus of CDR's work: large, multi-party disputes that often involve the public, organizational and policy-level work, and work in international disputes.
Leonard Riskin Leonard Riskin: Changing Lawyers' Understanding of Resolving Disputes - Video
Leonard Riskin saw certain unahappiness in law schools that he linked to the adversarial process of settling disputes. Instead of a win-lose scenario, he attempted to help lawyers see and use mediation as a way to open their minds to a more positive process that would satisfy parties' underlying interests and needs.
Joseph P. Folger Joe Folger: Ideas for Mediation Training - Video
Joe Folger feels that an important aspect of mediation training is to impress upon the participants that as mediators they will have influence on the disputants and to make conscious choices about what kind of influence they want to have and to be clear about their ideological principles behind these choices.
Larry Fong Larry Fong: Styles and Approach Controversy - Video
Larry Fong discusses the lack of research on the effectiveness of certain styles, but emphasizes that most mediators use a hybrid, eclectic approach that may combine styles.
Doug Yarn Yarn, Doug: Goal: Creating Culture of Conflict Resolvers - Video
Doug Yarn discusses how the conflict resolution movement's goal was to change the culture itself, not create an isolated field of mediators.
Susan Carpenter Susan Carpenter: Cross Cultural Experiences - Video
Susan Carpenter shares her experiences as a mediation trainer in other cultures and how she approaches different systems.
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