Getting Started in Mediation 

1) TRAIN Get a good training, minimum 36 hours. 

There is a basic mediation training online at
You can also check our calendar to see if there is a good one coming up soon in your area:
2) PRACTICE Get connected with a place to begin practicing your skills.  This might be a community mediation center, a courthouse with an organized volunteer program, and even many churches have organized Neighborhood Juvenile Mediation, or Restorative Justice Programs.  
3) NETWORK Get connected with a group that could some day pay you, such as the EEOC, Chamber of Commerce, etc.  These groups are your network, that can some day send workplace mediation referrals to you.  Also connect with ADR Association support groups--such as the ACR-Workplace section. 
4) WEBSITE Get a great website.  People will start being interested in you--so turn that interest into referrals and paying clients.  You can get a free one to get started and find your style, but quickly you will need to upgrade to a website with more options.  More info on websites here:
5) MARKET Get people to your website.  A few great ways to do this are by printing articles and blogs.  Info on submitting articles to is here:  Another great way is the Featured Placement ( or Membership Directory ( service, which will capture traffic from existing high traffic sites, and route appropriate traffic to your site. 
6) LAUNCH Once all these pieces are in place, develop your brand and announce it! is a great resource for helping you develop some custom art pieces, or find someone with both an art background and technical skills.