How to Run a Successful Mediation Business

Julie Gentili Armbrust teaches mediator how to create a mediation a career AND keep it in the black!


How to Run a Successful Mediation Business
How to be a Mediator AND Run a Business

Recorded by Dr. Clare Fowler on January 18, 2019

This course teaches skills to sustain a mediation business. It introduces practical business tips, and also provides concrete suggestions on marketing and technology. These tips have been learned through years of experience and have created a successful and lasting mediation business.

This course comes with substantial written materials.

This course is the summary of a half-day training, culled down to the best advice.

1 hour course.

by Julie Gentili Armbrust


Julie Gentili Armbrust is an attorney-mediator, president of Mediation Northwest, Julie is a full-time, attorney-mediator and is known by her fellow attorneys as a “closer.” She gets parties to settlement, even if that means she walks with them through the fiery pits of the conflict.

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