This course is a series of 20 videos, recorded over a few months in 2019.

20 videos, with leading speakers in the field (bios here), tackling the ten toughest work behaviors.

Moderated by Pattie Porter.

Interviews and Tools for Ten Toughest Behaviors at Work members can save 10% and get a complete toolkit for gossip, workplace bullying, criticism and more.
This course includes over 6.5 hours of advanced content, spread over 20 modules.
Upon purchase you will have access to bonus materials! These written materials are designed to supplement your study.

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What is the Challenging Workplace Behavior Summit?

The Challenging Workplace Behavior Summit was developed by MH Mediate and Conflict Connections.  We brought together 10 top global experts, resulting in a complete toolkit for the ten toughest behaviors at work.  
Over 250 professionals participated in the online launch.  Since then, employees from a diverse array of organizations (ranging from universities to the UN) have licensed the toolkit to learn solutions for:
  • Workplace Incivility
  • Passive Aggression
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Non-Stop Criticism
  • Verbal Attacks
  • Hostile Work Environments
  • Gender-Based Violence including Sexual Harassment
  • Workplace Gossip
  • Time-Sucking Interruptions
  • Impulsive Reactions
What tools are included in the Summit Toolkit?
Each behavior includes two 15-20 minute video interview programs, the first focused on understanding it and the second focused on strategies to address it.  We also include program notes (edited transcripts), behavior summaries (one-page quick-reference guides defining each behavior, explaining its impact, summarizing solutions, and highlighting a key quote from the program), and take-away tools such as:
  • Engaging Passive Aggression Without Losing Your Cool (Tipsheet)
  • Diffusing Verbal Attacks (Checklist)
  • Preventing Hostile Work Environments (Checklist)
  • Escaping and Reframing Workplace Gossip (Talking Points)
  • Overcoming Time-Sucking Interruptions (Checklist)
  • Responding to Gender-Based Violence (Tipsheet)
  • Preventing and Overcoming Workplace Bullying (Tipsheet)
  • Stopping and Balancing Criticism (Talking Points)
  • Responding to Workplace Incivility (Checklist)
  • 5 Steps to a Deliberate, Non-Impulsive Reaction (Infographic Framework)
After accessing these resources, participants can:
  • Understand the definitions, signs, and impact of challenging behaviors at work
  • Be Equipped with tools to manage and respond to the ten toughest behaviors at work
  • Feel Empowered in the face of challenging behaviors through lessons and tools
  • Access Quick Reference to review summaries of the behaviors


Normal Price $297
Click here to PURCHASE and use code "MEDIATE" to receive a 10% Discount Code.
Entire course is $267.30
What are people saying about the Individual Behavior Programs?
  • "This provided great insight as well as tools to equip me as a manager  This was very helpful, especially with a specific stepwise process for addressing passive aggressive behavior at work."
    (Passive Aggression)
  • "I will be using the suggestion to offer "two minutes right now, or ten minutes in an hour" right away!" 
    (Time-Sucking Interruptions)
  • "Excellent discussion. Great infographic and very useful examples discussed during the presentation. Thanks."
    (Impulsive Reactions)
  • "This was excellent. Such a pervasive problem and the presenter provided great examples of strategies to address the issue."
    (Workplace Gossip)
  • "This was a great topic...had lots of good info about the differences between "illegal" hostile environment vs. toxic and/or destructive work environment, "the gateway drug."
    (Hostile Work Environments)
  • "Simple and effective technique for managing verbal attacks. Nice three step approach. Explained well."
    (Verbal Attacks)
  • "Great speaker, great topic. Essential tools provided to changing negative behaviors and providing positive feedback."
    (Non-Stop Criticism)
  • "Very affirming to hear of the need to address incivility even if it is being experienced by a 'velcro' personality. Critical to for hr/admin to understand that behaviors will escalate if not address."
    (Workplace Incivility)
  • "All three programs I tried today were really helpful. Thank you!" 
    (Workplace Incivility, Passive Aggression, and Workplace Bullying)
What are people saying about the Summit Resources as a whole?
  • "Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and learned from the summit programs.  I thought the format was great, with a sensitive moderator bringing out the nuggets of wisdom provided by the insightful and informative speakers. I also appreciated how you broke the presentations into two parts, one delineating the 'issue' and one focused on strategies to address it.  I will continue to listen and learn."
  • "I’m just reading through the materials now…they are very helpful and I’m enjoying the format of the material. Well done! "
  • "The resources are great...thanks so much!"
  • "The videos are very informative, and have already introduced quite a number of ideas and insights I had not considered previously."
Normal Price $297
Click here and use code "MEDIATE" to receive a 10% Discount Code.
Entire course is $267.30


How common are these behaviors?
Click here to see an infographic with prevalence statistics for each behavior.

Hostile Work Environments

Rodney Klein, Training Manager at the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), clarifies the legal definition of hostile work environments and shares ways to both prevent and respond to them.

Gender-Based Violence / Sexual Harassment

Sheerine Alemzadeh, co-founder of the Coalition Against Workplace Sexual Violence and co-founder of Healing to Action, explains gender-based violence and suggests ways to proactively address it.

Workplace Incivility

Sharone Bar-David, workplace incivility expert and the author of Trust Your Canary: Every Leader’s Guide to Taming Workplace Incivility, defines incivility at work and shares frameworks for managing these situations.

Passive Aggression

Signe Whitson, trainer and author of The Angry Smile: The New Psychological Study of Passive-Aggressive Behavior, introduces passive aggressive behaviors in the workplace and teaches techniques for overcoming them.

Workplace Bullying

Catherine Mattice Zundel, a founder of the National Workplace Bullying Coalition and the author of BACK OFF! Your Kick-Ass Guide to Ending Bullying at Work, explains what constitutes bullying at work and offers steps for victims, bystanders, and managers.

Non-Stop Criticism

Krister Ungerboeck, CEO Coach and former CEO of a global tech company, explains when criticism becomes a problem and shares powerful solutions.

Verbal Attacks

Luke Archer, the founder of Verbal Akido, defines verbal attacks and teaches akido-inspired tactics for diffusing them.


Workplace Gossip

Peter Vajda, writer for Management Issues and coach at True North Partnering, defines workplace gossip and offers strategies to manage it.

Time-Sucking Interruptions

Helene Segura, author of The Inefficiency Assassin, outlines different kinds of time-sucking interruptions that reduce productivity at work and shares solutions to overcome them.

Impulsive Reactions

Dan Berstein, developer of MH Mediate's Ready for Anything framework for addressing challenging behaviors, explains why we sometimes mistakenly act on gut feelings and how we can plan ahead instead.



Normal Price $297
Click here and use code "MEDIATE" to receive a 10% Discount Code.
Entire course is $267.30