Strategic Negotiation

Integrating Negotiation Approaches to Achieve Best Results

5 CLE Credit Hours

Join Randy Lowry and Peter Robinson for an informative and entertaining tour through the world of strategic negotiation, including both competitive and collaborative approaches. The end goal is that of assisting you to most capably integrate both negotiation approaches to your and your clients' advantage.  If you really want to understand how to effectively negotiate, this course is for you.

Topics Include:

  • Negotiation Styles & Dynamics 
  • Decision-making in the Face of Uncertainty
  • Managing Mixed Motives: Competition & Cooperation 
  • Avoiding Exploitation
  • Predictable Characteristics of Competitive Bargaining 
  • Geometry of Distributive Bargaining
  • Strategy Regarding Opening Offers
  • Capturing the Creativity of Collaborative Bargaining
  • Identifying Underlying Interests
  • Integrative Bargaining Roadmap
  • Three Dimensions of Negotiation Success

Supportive written materials included with the 5 hour course.

Each order of the course is only to be used per one individual. Only one certificate will be issued per order. Group Discounts are available. Please email us at or by phone at 541-345-1629 to discuss.

Approved for 5 CLE Credits - Six month access.

Strategic Negotiation:

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