Getting Started in Mediation

Getting Started in Mediation is a 1.5 hour course that reviews the basics of mediation: Training, Experience, and Marketing.  

Getting Started in Mediation - Streaming
Getting Started in Mediation

with Clare Fowler

This video will teach you the fundamentals of Getting Started in Mediation. This focuses on the three main aspects of a successful, satisfying, and lucrative career: Training, Experience, and Marketing. 

This will give you tips on how to find the correct training for you. This might be at a local community mediation center, or you might choose to get a Masters or Doctorate degree. This course explains the benefits of multiple options so that you can make the right decision for you.

After this training session, the course focuses on how to gain experience. This is the most difficult aspect of starting as a mediator. This course provides many different suggestion from using prior contacts, to potential volunteer opportunities, to common methods others have used successfully to develop clients. 

Finally, the training ends with how to capitalize on your training and experience and market them. There are two aspects to marketing: what will appeal to clients and what will work for you. Dr. Fowler discusses both of these in detail, and then lists multiple resources that will help participants to create and refine a successful marketing campaign.

This video is 1.5 hours. 

It was recorded in Eugene, Oregon by Dr. Clare Fowler in 2017.

Getting Started Streaming: