"I was impressed with how much I learned during this process.  Before this course I didn't think I would be ready to begin my mediation practicum, but now I'm looking forward to it!"
John, Training Participant

"Just finished my online training course- just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for such an informative course. Your demeanor is very effective and despite being on line- I felt engaged and  my attention was captivated. Your examples were concise and applicable and I found the visual aids combined with your stories really helpful. (I can easily recall your vases and picture the sherpa helping you up the wall of china!).  Again- thank you very much for such an exceptional on line experience."
DaLaura, Online Training Participant

"After 30 years practicing law, I expected this course was only a requirement that I had to check off to transition into mediation.  This course helped me to understand my clients better and taught me my style as a mediator."
John, Training Participant

"The mediation process was explained very clearly. For someone who is new to the process, it is very helpful to know how to start, what is coming next, and what the finish should look like. When that is laid out early, it is much easier to "place" the additional information & details that follow." ~  Training Participant

"I always enjoy a training where the instructor is prepared, is knowledgeable, covers all the material expected, considers different learning styles, and follows a pre-set agenda with still being flexible and in-tune with the needs of the individual. I learned a lot and enjoyed the whole week!"
Online Training Participant

"I feel like there was a 'take away' that I will use from every single component of the training. Thank you."
Michelle, Training Participant

Basic 40-hr Mediation Training with Clare Fowler

This course was recorded January 17-21, 2019 with Mediate.com trainer Dr. Clare Fowler, in Eugene, OR.

Guest lecturers: Julie Gentili Armbrust, esq, Michael Lang, and Phyllis Pollack.

About Clare Fowler 

 Course Includes

1) Access to 40 hours of training, streaming, online.  Watch, pause, rewind, and rewatch at your own pace.

2) Complete Course Manual

3) Certificate of Completion 

While you are going through the program, you also have the option of being paired up with a training buddy.  This is someone else who has indicated interest in being a buddy, and the two of you would be able to practice the different techniques together on the phone or via Skype. You will set-up multiple role-plays, which can be observed and debriefed.  Participants also have access to online mediation role-plays and simulations.  Please indicate if you are interested.


40 Hour Basic Mediation Training - Streaming
Basic Mediation Training

with Dr. Clare Fowler

40 CLE Credit Hours

This is a Basic 40-hour Mediation Training. This 5-section course satisfies most state and court basic mediation requirements. The training was conducted by Dr. Clare Fowler at the University of Oregon School of Law in Eugene, OR. There was a limited audience, comprised of 3 family law attorneys, 1 commercial and workplace attorney, 1 therapist, and 1 student.

Approved for 40 hours of continuing mediation credit in Washington state and 40 hours of CLE credit in California--and reciprocally in many other states.  Upon completion of the course, the participant will receive a Certificate of Completion.

The course has been recorded and is available online for you to watch at your own pace, within 6 months. You are encouraged to connect up with a Training Buddy near you, or you can request to be paired up with another online participant.

Each order of the course is only to be used per one individual. Only one certificate will be issued per order. Group Discounts are available. Please email us at admin@mediate.com or by phone at 541-345-1629 to discuss.

*There are a few portions of the course that the live participants shared personal information that they did not want to be made public. The audio in this section has been blurred out. Thank you for your understanding.

*After ordering, if you do not promptly receive course information into your email “inbox,” please also check your “spam” folder as course email information may be there.

40 Hour Basic Mediation Training: