Mediation in Today's News

May 2019

London pride as disputes week beckons

Merry is the month of May which will see over 50 leading law firms, barristers’ chambers, experts, and leading arbitration and mediation bodies join forces, alongside academics and the legal media to launch London’s answer to similar events in Hong Kong, Dubai and Paris; namely, London International Disputes Week. read


UK: Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods to Resolve Trust Disputes

The lack of privacy in court proceedings, and the fact that they will always carry a degree of uncertainty, is prompting high net worth individuals to seek alternative ways of resolving disputes over high value trusts. read


India: [Book Review] Settle For More- The Commercial Mediation Monograph By Sriram Panchu

To the world presently, Mr. Sriram Panchu is the man who has taken up the challenge of mediation of the Babri Masjid-Ram Mandir dispute along with distinguished co-mediators. To mediation aficionados of India, Mr. Panchu is one of the handful practising mediators who have contributed to the literature on mediation in India . read


Boilerplate Language - the Devil is in the Details

Boilerplate legal provisions can be critical to solid contract formation. So critical, in fact, that when I am asked to review the merits of a dispute, I almost always first turn to the boilerplate in the contract(s) or document(s) and then work backwards to the substantive issues in dispute. read


How Is This Divorce Different From All Other Divorces?

Exploring four paradigms of collaborative (and mediated) divorces. read


Justice Minister to speak in Ottawa on Divorce Act

Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, the Honourable David Lametti PC MP, is addressing Family Law professionals regarding about Bill C-78, an Act to amend the Divorce Act at the joint conference of the Ontario Collaborative Law Federation (OCLF) and the Ontario Association for Family Mediation (OAFM). read


Bayer Agrees to Mediation in Roundup Lawsuit

Bayer is facing more than 10,000 lawsuits relating to their Roundup weed killer. U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria, the judge who provided over the first two cases against Bayer, revealed in a filing that Bayer and Elaine Stevick, a plaintiff in another case, have been ordered to go into confidential mediation. read


Judge Sends Dodger Stadium Fan Rumble Case to Mediation

A judge Tuesday referred to mediation a lawsuit filed by a man who alleges he was beaten and suffered a traumatic brain injury outside Dodger Stadium after attending a playoff game between the Mets and the home team in 2015. read


Sue, Settle, Mediate, Litigate. RIMS Covers the Bases on Dispute Resolution

Sue or settle? Mediate or litigate? Attorneys and risk managers on Tuesday tapped into years of experience to suggest strategies that will lead to the right approach for resolution of claim disputes during the Risk and Insurance Management Society’s annual conference at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. read


On Major Land Use Conflicts, San Diegans Should Consider Mediation

With the number and intensity of land use and environmental conflicts escalating, we need to consider mediation as a legitimate alternative to litigation. Otherwise, we are destined to continue living out Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity — doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. read


Traffic stop lawsuit may be settled by mediation

Lawyers for the state of Vermont and the American Civil Liberties Union of Vermont are planning to enter mediation over the summer to resolve the case of a black man who said a Vermont State Police Trooper stopped him illegally in 2014 in Wallingford. read


The Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise – Lingering Questions on the Role’s Mandate and Powers

The CORE’s mandate is to review alleged human rights abuses arising from the overseas operations of Canadian companies in the extractives and garment sectors, with the possibility of further expansion of industries in the future. read


Mahatma Gandhi, Master Mediator

Gandhi brought communities and regions ignored by the nationalist movement into India’s political mainstream. read

April 2019

Fargo training firm uses transformative mediation to help couples navigate divorce

According to Viozzi and White, their work is about "empowering the individual to grow the whole." read


4th Circuit extends mediation in dispute over Md. college segregation

Mediation between Maryland and its historically black institutions, scheduled to be completed by April 30, was extended by three months. read


Students, schools recognized for success in peer mediation

Some deserving students were recognized Wednesday night for their work as peer mediators. read


Elder Mediation Can Bring Families Back Together

What must a family do when they are facing such an impasse and the breakdown of relationships with each other? At this point it may be best to call on a neutral party to come in, repair the damage and help them make the right decisions. read


Best Practices for Class Action Litigators and Why Mediation May Be in the Client’s Best Interest

Class action litigation can be very expensive, time-consuming, and risky. Mediation is attractive because it helps undercut those downsides, and instead focuses on finding solutions to the disputes at hand. read


Measure to Ensure Continuation of Mediation Program to Combat NJ’s Ongoing Foreclosure Crisis Becomes Law

Working to reduce the staggering number of foreclosures in New Jersey and help homeowners keep their homes, a measure to codify the state’s Foreclosure Mediation Program was signed into law on April 29. read


Bell customer's 5-month fight is 1 of almost 10,000 recent complaints to telco mediator

Billing issues and misleading contract terms are top issues for consumers read


Mediation underway at Alberta First Nations school after teacher walk-out

350 supporters signed a petition calling for the school’s management team to be dismantled read


The Changing face of dispute resolution in construction

Is there a change under way in relation to the management and resolution of disputes in the construction industry? read


10 Creative Ways to Handle Rude or Difficult People

These strategies will help you stay calm and avoid absorbing their negativity. read


Mediation sought in lewd conduct case

A deputy prosecutor asked for mediation Wednesday in the case of a Post Falls contractor charged with molesting children. read


Mediation a 'no go' for 'Black Farmers' and Stine Seed Co.

The Memphis-based Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association (BFAA) and the Stine Seed Company are in wait-and-see mode now that a March 15 deadline for mediation between the two entities has passed. read


Mediation ordered in theft case

SANDPOINT — Mediation is being ordered in attempt to resolve an embezzlement case against the former office manager of a midwifery clinic. read


Biggest Divorce Mediation Benefits

In this post, we focus on divorce mediation in Orlando and its benefits. read


John Sturrock: Moving to mediation makes for earlier resolution

As a mediator I look back on my years as an advocate at the Scottish Bar with great affection. Lately, however, reflecting on the cases in which I was involved, I have asked myself: could at least some of these have been mediated, had mediation been available? read


Can a Robot Mediator Really Provide a Win-Win Result?

Mediation columnists Abby Tolchinsky and Ellie Wertheim learned of a “fascinating AI application that provides a semblance of mediation” and they ask the question: How might a machine replicate the work of facilitating an autonomous, values-based, and personalized process? How might a machine augment—if not replace—the work of the mediator? read


Mediation results in improved, more timely outcomes in child protection cases

New report says participants in child protection mediation ‘Very Satisfied’ read


Bending the Truth in Mediation and Settlement Negotiations

How far can a lawyer go in “bending” the truth in settlement negotiations? read


Houston: 'We need a mediator to step in': City Council proposes new plan for Prop B

There is clearly support on the council for mediation. read


Conatser case heading to mediation

GLASGOW – The case in which a Barren County man was charged with murder after a Scottsville man was shot in the back July 8 is set to go to mediation to see whether a plea agreement is possible. read


Family dispute over historic zoning comes to Planning Commission for mediation

Five years ago, the property at 1119 East 11th St. was zoned historic in an effort to preserve both the legacy of the Thomas family and their involvement in the East Austin music scene, and an emblematic example of 20th-century East Austin bungalow architecture. Now several members of the Thomas family are asking for the historic zoning to be removed from the property. read


South Burlington school board and teachers headed for mediation

Negotiations between the South Burlington School Board and the teacher’s union appear headed for mediation after the board declared an impasse in contract talks last month. After 10 meetings since last October, the board has asked the South Burlington Education Association to call in a mediator. read


Elko Mediation Services

ELKO – Mediation is a forward-looking method of conflict resolution. The process involves problem solving with results that are agreeable to both sides of a situation or argument. read


Judge Directs Bayer to Enter Mediation with Plaintiffs in Roundup Cancer Lawsuits

A U.S. judge ordered Bayer AG to pursue mediation with plaintiffs claiming that its Roundup weedkiller causes cancer, asking the company to try to settle lawsuits that have wreaked havoc on its share price. read


Mediator tapped to resolve federal coal ash suits

A Louisiana attorney with extensive experience mediating high-profile federal cases has been appointed to try to resolve long-running litigation over exposure to coal ash by Roane County clean-up workers. read


A Closer Look: Mediation in Surrogate’s Court

Families are complex systems. Mediation allows the parties to address emotional and inter-relational matters that cannot be addressed in the courtroom. read


Graduate employees turn to mediator for contract negotiations with UO

The University of Oregon and the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation did not reach an agreement on the federation’s new contract after a tense negotiation session Friday. read


San Antonio and its firefighters union agree to mediation over contract terms

The city and San Antonio’s firefighters union have agreed to continue contract negotiations with assistance from a mediator, avoiding arbitration for now. read


Judge orders Quicken, Justice Dept. to try mediation to resolve "bad loans" lawsuit

A federal judge in Detroit has ordered Quicken Loans and the U.S. Justice Department to try one more time to reach a mediated settlement of the government's lawsuit accusing Quicken of fraud. read


EBT, Lewisburg consider mediation over police funding

The governing bodies of East Buffalo Township and Lewisburg are considering mediation to avoid litigation and resolve issues concerning municipal governance of the Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department. read


Brazil: The Role of Technology in Reducing Litigation

Data from the National Justice Council (CNJ) shows that over 100 million lawsuits are currently before Brazilian courts. New technologies have the potential to transform the country’s legal landscape. read


Ghana: Let us strengthen ADR for speedy dispute resolution - Chief Justice

The Chief Justice, Madam Sophia Akuffo, has stressed the need to strengthen the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms in the country’s judicial process to expedite dispute resolution, as a tool to enhance justice delivery. read


A Renewed Interest In Mediation In India

Two separate updates from the Supreme Court of India this month have engaged the Indian community in the discussion of giving mediation a more expansive role in the country. read


Mediator Hostility is Effective?!

What follows is confusing and disorienting . . . and a little disturbing. read


In debate over Snake River dams, give mediation a chance

May our legislators support the governors’ budget request for a stakeholder process for the Lower Snake River, on behalf of both sides of the Cascades. read


Holder to mediate Tom Lee Park talks

Retired Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Janice Holder has been appointed to mediate talks between Memphis in May International Festival and the Memphis River Parks Partnership over plans to redesign Tom Lee Park. read


Former city electrical inspector, Lowe's Feed and Grain ordered into mediation

Both sides in a longstanding legal dispute involving an electrical shutdown at Lowe’s Feed and Grain have been ordered into mediation. read


Mandatory mediation in IP disputes

The Istanbul IP Court recently dismissed a copyright infringement action involving a compensation claim on the grounds that the plaintiff had not fulfilled the procedural requirement to apply for meditation before filing the court action. read