The Wisdom Trail: A Limerick

This limerick was offered by Gail Bingham at the ‘Non-talent Show” of the “Consolidating Our Wisdom” Conference at Keystone October 8-11, 2006.

One hundred and more on a whim
Invited by Peter, Robert, and Jim
To the mountains we came
Wisdom our game
Hoping the chances weren’t slim

We talked day and night
Seeking the light
But when bored with our toys
We became those bad boys
Looking to start a good fight.

So here’s to the next generation,
May they escape this endless frustration.
Of process and practice
Political correctness
Must we really do this for the duration?

But we needn’t be glum
We really aren’t dumb
We’ll share our very best lessons
Our worries and our confessions…
For wisdom shows up crumb by crumb


Gail Bingham

Gail Bingham is President of RESOLVE, Inc. and has been a practicing mediator for over 25 years, specializing in environment, natural resources, health and other public policy issues. She has written extensively about environmental dispute resolution, and conducts negotiation skills training programs. She currently facilitates EPA’s Children’s Health Protection Advisory… MORE >

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