‘The Secret’ is Out

It’s absolutely no secret that mediators and other ADR professionals struggle to market and grow practices. These folks report being distracted by their ‘day’ jobs; fearful of rejection or failure and doubtful that there is enough work to go around. They feel dejected, and frankly, I concur. Just writing those words put me in an awfully negative mind state. Bet you don’t feel great now either.

Eliminating Fear

What would it be like if you could eliminate any fear of failure? What would your practice, your life, your world be like if intention could make it so? Very provocative questions yet answering them could lead you to making your dearest dreams come true. How can you live your intentions? Discover ‘The Secret’.

Rhonda Byrne’s Secret

If you haven’t heard someone talk about the Secret lately, that’s amazing because it’s been everywhere. Basically, the Secret is a discussion of the law of attractions, which states that our thoughts attract what we think about-good or bad- into our lives. Here’s a more detailed explanation.

My Confession

I think of myself as a divine combination of spiritual being and skeptical businesswoman so you know I struggled with the concepts in the Secret. I debated whether to blog about it at all. Until I realized that, in true mediator fashion, that you can decide for yourself what’s best for you. By sharing, I’m simply making space for you to consider another way of being in the world. You decide.

Driving in the Dark

I urge you to check this out. What I found most compelling is how many times I’ve invoked this gift without truly realizing it. My belief that the world is a good place filled with abundance and possibility has brought so many wonderful opportunities to me. I wish the same for you.

Feeling skeptical still? That’s ok. Consider this idea from the movie which really cemented things for me: driving in the dark.

Remember a time when you drove in the dark on an unlit road. Your headlines were the only source of light to illuminate your way and you couldn’t see further than their reach. I’m guessing you knew that the road was still there and that you’d eventually reach your destination.

Same thing with intention. We may not be able to ‘see’ how our dreams will manifest into reality but we can hold onto the knowledge that they will appear- just like the next stretch of road- and act on that belief. Thoughts do become action.

What does this mean to you? Get the audio (it’s available in bookstores and Audible.com) and give a listen. Worse that can happen is that you won’t like itl. The best- you can transform your entire life!

Try. Fail. Intend. Grow!



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