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In Romania, there are over 4 million files waiting to be solved by courts – which implies a lot of stress, money and time. Being aware of his role of educating the public, Televiziunea Româna (Romanian Television Corporation), in partnership with the Mediation Council, made, in the spring of 2016, the show MEDIATORII (The mediators) which has an innovatory and attractive format. By combing elements of talk show and docu-drama, being based on real cases and conflicts settled by Agreement, the show “MEDIATORII” demonstrated, in its 10 episodes, that mediation represents a method of settling conflicts out of court, under neutrality, impartiality and confidentiality conditions, having the free consent of the parties.

Viewers came to understand that a participant at the mediation procedure can freely speak about his/her conflict, has the opportunity to expose his/her case without being interrupted, and the mediation can help him/her to identify valid, efficient and sustainable solutions and then to draw up an Agreement related to the understanding achieved.

“I wanted the public to understand the fact that mediation is based on the trust that parties grant to the mediator, as a person capable of facilitating dialogue between them in order to obtain a mutually convenient, efficient and sustainable solution”, declared the show producer, Adrian Banu?a. “MEDIATORII follows the dispute settlement method by mediation, and the guests comment and explain to viewers what is behind the reactions of those involved”, declares the scriptwriter, Emilia Oprea.

“Mediatorii” is the show of active persons who spend a few hours on the personal development networks. It is the show of parents that break up, but wish for a compromise for the sake of children and for their future. “Mediatorii” is the show of those that were raised in a totalitarian era, but understand the importance of dialogue.

“Mediation is the real solution for the courts discharge of burden and coming back to normality, and the mediator is a social catalyst who promotes respect, trust and maintenance of inter-human relations”, declared Bogdan Mitroi, President of the Mediation Council and the show moderator, and Zeno ?u?tac, Vice-president of the Mediation Council, declared that “Mediators and public persons, with a considerable impact on the public, participated at the show. The Mediation Council and Televiziunea Romana decided to make a new season of Mediatorii”. Starting with the autumn of 2016, the season 2 of the ”Mediatorii” show shall demonstrate Romanians that they can reach a solution without spending whole years on trials in courts.


The moderators of the show „Mediatorii”, unique in the mass-media landscape in Romania, were Mugur Bogdan Mitroi – President of the Mediation Council and Zeno Daniel ?u?tac – Vice-president of the Mediation Council.



Zeno Daniel Sustac

Zeno Daniel Sustac, PhD (born March 05, 1976)  is an arbitrator, attorney, insolvency  practitioner and mediator, Vice President of the Romanian Mediation Council, Co-President of the National Union of Mediators from Romania and Co-President of the National Union of Negotiators from Romania. He is an european expert in the field of cross-border mediation,… MORE >

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