The Drama of Mediation

Debra Oliver, founder of Common Ground Mediation Services, truly exemplifies what it means to be at the frontlines of mediation. She comes from a background that the rest of us read about in novels or see in the movies. Born in Hollywood, CA to her own version of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, she studied at the Julliard School of the Performing Arts, Drama Division then spent time traveling, studying Eastern philosophy and having a family. She also lead a San Francisco theater company and hosted a weekly radio show about consciousness-raising.

Debra discovered mediation in 1989 and knew she had found her calling. She handles complex and eventful cases many mediators only dream of – including situations like that portrayed in Robert Redford’s film, The Milagro Bean Field War. From mediating with gang membes and police offices to handling explosive divorce cases, her’s is an exciting and fulfilling practice.

Listen for her story about how a pecan pie restored justice to a terrorized family. This show promises to surprise and inspire you.

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Bathabile Mthombeni

Bathabile K. S. Mthombeni, J.D. is the Mediator, Negotiator, Conflict Management Facilitator, Founder & Principal of Untangled Resolutions. MORE >


Debra Oliver

Debra Oliver has been a mediator and trainer since 1989. She has mediated over one thousand cases in three states: New Mexico, Texas and Arizona, logging over 7,000 hours at the mediation table. She serves a variety of businesses and state agencies, as well as a substantial family clientele, with… MORE >

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