Thank you Gifts for Mediation Clients and Referrers

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seedlingThe day after Halloween I saw a Christmas ad on television. That scared me more than anything I saw on Fright Night.

While the ad did nothing to encourage me to go out and start spending lavishly on my loved ones, it did accomplish one thing: It reminded me that it’s time to get into gear for this year’s Thanksgiving gift to my mediation clients and people who referred clients to me.

Thanksgiving gift?

You bet.

I thank my clients and referral sources at Thanksgiving instead of in December because:

  • No one else does, so my thank you stands out.
  • I can neatly sidestep the entire Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Chrismukkah thing.
  • Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks. What better time to give thanks to those who chose me or suggested my services to someone?

Annual thank you gifts have always been part of my ADR practice-building. They offer deserved recognition of my appreciation, remind past clients of my assistance, and gently serve as a heads-up that I’m still here if they need me. They’re a healthy part of any mediation marketing plan.

Ever mindful of blatant consumerism, my gifts are usually gentle on the earth. This year I’m arranging to plant trees in the names of each person I’m thanking. I’ll be using the Arbor Day Foundation this time around because those smart people have made it easy to plant trees for multiple people or organizations.

What good idea do you have for thanking clients and others? Share by leaving a comment.
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