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Faith-Based Mediation: What is it and does it matter?

(6/21/14)Leslie Short, Joyce P. Dugger

This article is defining what we believe a faith based mediation is seen and practice through the lens of being inclusive of all faith and belief system. This article asks two question "What is faith" and "Does it Matter" we explore these two questions understanding the process of embracing all faith. To create a dialog that opens all faith to come to the table without being judge.

Jerry Green

Three Distinct Embodied Languages

(6/18/14)Jerry Green

As a mediator, I am often in the middle of tense situations. Through Aikido, I have learned to be aware of how that tension affects me physically and to prevent it from spilling into the mediation room.

Meditation Enhances Mediation: A Six Sigma Perspective (excerpt)

(6/13/14)Tony Belak, Pradeep Deshpande

The importance of including meditation in mediation efforts is explained. A considerable body of evidence in the scientific literature, as well as reputed media publications, are supportive of the hypothesis meditation will enhance workplace mediation programs. Together they will lead to less workplace discord and workforce conflict, as well as offer improvements in health, wellness, quality, productivity, and competitive position.

Larry Gaughan

Roles of Religious Culture in Peaceful Settlements

(5/09/14)Larry Gaughan

The area that is now occupied by the United States has always been a place of multiculturalism and religious diversity. This was the case many generations before the arrival of the first undocumented immigrants coming from Spain, England, the Netherlands, and France. Those immigrants had long been preceded by hundreds of different native tribes of somewhat diverse ethnicity, often with different languages and religious practices.

Mary Aderibigbe

5 Steps for Strengthening Your Marriage

(4/14/14)Mary Aderibigbe

You can make your marriage strong but you’ve got to acknowledge that disagreements are inevitable. Preventing conflict begins identifying what are common conflict points in your marriage. Preventing conflicts also means strengthening your marriage to withstand outside conflicts. This is a faith-based article discussing Biblical viewpoints for strengthening marriage.

Joseph Grynbaum

Roots Of Construction Project Disputes Flow From Biblical Past

(3/21/14)Joseph Grynbaum

Have you ever wondered why the construction industry is still saddled with its culture of adversity, contractual conflict and a “who’s to blame” attitude? Or what causes job disputes to quickly escalate into full-blown claims despite the well intentioned calming efforts of the site managers?

Ricardo Padilla

Understanding Faith-Based Mediation: A Multidimensional Model

(3/14/14)Ricardo Padilla

This paper reflects on the necessity and efficacy of a Faith-Based Mediation approach for Dispute Resolution, and intends to answer three leading questions: First, why is Faith-Based Mediation necessary for the religious communities and people? Second, what are the fundamental referents of a Faith-Based mediated process? And third, how can a Mediator be useful in Faith-Based Mediation?

Morghan Leia Richardson

5 Ways That Divorce Mediation Can Help Resolve the 'Get' Crisis

(2/07/14)Morghan Leia Richardson

Without the religious divorce, Leah would not be able to remarry -- or even date -- in her community. Her life was on hold, tied to her ex -- at his whim. And she is not alone. This article discusses the conflict that many in religious communities are trying to resolve.

Greg Stone

Making Peace in Mediation: Authority, Rights, and Interests - Video

(1/16/14)Greg Stone

This is one of a 40-day video reflection series about conflict resolution. It is produced by the Taming the Wolf Institute and discusses the use of power, rights, and interests in mediation.

Roxie Hollingsworth

Accusations, Mediation, and Closure

(9/19/13)Roxie Hollingsworth

This article uses a case study to examine whether mediation is a sign of guilt and what the Bible says about resolving disputes. Biblical Based Mediation can help churches prevent embarrassment, devastating notoriety, church splits, and possibly legal actions that do permanent damage to one or both parties.

Dan Simon

Tough Questions About Human Nature and the Purple House

(8/02/13)Dan Simon

Baruch Bush and Joe Folger conducted a training in May called “Responding Effectively to Workplace and Family Conflicts”. This workshop focused on how we might best manage our own conflicts, taking into consideration the transformative framework. A participant in that course posed the following questions afterward.

Jeff Thompson

Farah Pandith TEDx Boston Talk: "Dismantle" Hate With "Counter-Narratives"

(7/19/13)Jeff Thompson

Watch this TEDx Boston event featuring peace and conflict resolution promoter, Farah Pandith. She is also the first ever US Department of State Special Representative to Muslim Communities. She talks about the global Muslim youth community, perspectives, and particularly the diversity of what it means to be Muslim.

Lester L. Adams

Congregational Conflict: Why Don't We Seek Help

(5/18/13)Lester L. Adams

This article addresses two congregational issues: why we do not seek help to settle our disagreements, and the misguided reasons we use to justify it.

Laurie Israel

Reframing the Seven Deadly Sins

(3/15/13)Laurie Israel

As mediators, we learn to “reframe” issues. This mediator asks if it's possible to even reframe the seemingly unreframeable: The Seven Deadly Sins.

Joel Lee

Relooking at Sacred Cows . . .

(3/15/13)Joel Lee

I teach mediation skills at the National University of Singapore Faculty of Law and it has always been something that I have found tremendously fulfilling. Apart from influencing generations of lawyers to consider the resolution of conflict in non-adversarial, more amicable ways, there is the occasional personal transformation on the part of the student that makes a lot of the grief (yes, there is grief) worthwhile.

Susan Yates

Twelve Hours of Conflict

(12/27/12)Susan Yates

For the first hour of conflict, my neutral gave to me a round table with a great view For the second hour of conflict, my neutral gave to me two succinct summaries And a round table with a great view

Ann Begler

Beginnings, Middle, and the End

(10/19/12)Ann Begler

This articles talks about the natural, cyclical process of holidays and mediations. They all have a natural beginning, middle, and end.

Katherine Graham

Mediation Can Be a Bitter Pill to Swallow

(9/11/12)Katherine Graham

The mediation process is simply the structure of a different type of meeting. In NLP terms, it is designed to allow pacing of the parties by the workplace mediator, followed by leading by the mediator. The process allows parties to visualise what may happen. Like a doctor explaining an operation, talking through the sequencing and timing, any key events and how people typically have felt in the past going through this, we as mediators need to talk through what is going to be a new and anxiety-inducing process for the parties.

Dan Simon

It's Changed Who I Am

(9/11/12)Dan Simon

In the last few weeks, I’ve exchanged emails with transformative mediators from throughout the USA and Europe. I asked them how working as a transformative mediator has affected them personally and professionally; and I asked them what’s surprised them most about their work.

Michael A. Zeytoonian

Two Different Mediators – Moses and Jesus – and the Place of One

(8/13/12)Michael A. Zeytoonian

Where is the place where the giver of the law and the recipient of the law are joined? The place of synergy where both sides become one solution?

Stephanie West Allen

Give us a Break: Mediation Marathon or Some Conflict Calm? Another Case for Mindful Reflection

(7/02/12)Stephanie West Allen

As each day passes, the pace of life seems to accelerate – demands on productivity continue ever upward and there is hardly ever a moment when we aren’t, in some way, in touch with our family, friends, or coworkers. While moments for reflection may be hard to come by, a new article suggests that the long-lost art of introspection —even daydreaming — may be an increasingly valuable part of life.

Greg Stone

Faith-Based Diplomacy - Video

(6/18/12)Greg Stone

Faith-Based Diplomacy, an emerging discipline that seeks to integrate religion and politics in the cause of peacemaking and reconciliation, is explained by the Canon Reverend Brian Cox. Father Alexei Smith, Shakeel Syed, and Rabbi Mark Diamond share insights regarding the inter-faith dialogue that is such a vital step in peacemaking.

Dale L. Raugust

The Spiritual Aspects Of Collaborative Law

(5/01/12)Dale L. Raugust

The good news is that within the last few years there has been an explosion of new approaches to the resolution of conflict within the family. The adversary system is now regarded by most far sighted individuals as an outdated and ineffective method for resolving conflicts within the family. Most of the time the adversary system makes the problem worse, as the members of the family are forced to talk trash about the other member to “win” their case and obtain custody of the children or a better financial settlement. One new method of dispute resolution is collaborative law.

Ann Begler

Conflict, Narrow Places, and Rebirth

(4/30/12)Ann Begler

As part of the Easter story, we are taught a lesson about the possibility of redemption and deliverance. In fact, we are taught about the miracle of seeing that even one who has lost all life -- that one who has died -- can be renewed and can find life, again ... Whether we are in the midst of our own conflict, or we are someone who helps others to work out conflict, these stories, and the powerful and compatible lessons, provide us with useful guidance.

Nigel Singer

The Mediator as Healer?

(4/17/12)Nigel Singer

I have been a mediator for years, but only recently have I been toying with the idea that my role is a healer. This is a transition for me and an ongoing process. I am working through this concept and how it affects my identity. I also wonder how it changes my approach to my clients.

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