Simulations Section

Mediation Simulations

Samuel Gladding

Family Therapy: Universal and Unique Approaches - Video

Samuel Gladding

Through a series of entertaining, brief, and instructional role plays, Dr. Gladding reviews several universals of family treatment approaches, such as types of communication patterns, rules, and feedback. This role play shows an example of a mediator listening to families discuss their day, and giving honest feedback about how statements have affected them.

Mediation in Action - Video

A workplace dispute between two colleagues has created an issue which is affecting their colleagues and the business. This video shows a real example interviewing the owner, both employees, and their mediator. They reflect on the process and how mediating has changed their business.

Relationships Scotland zzzzz

Family Mediation in Action - Video

Relationships Scotland

A film showing parents who are having difficulties attending three mediation sessions. They discuss and agree a positive way forward for them as a family.

Jerry Slusky

Slusky Mediation Process - Video

Jerry Slusky

Slusky Mediation explains how the mediation process can be successful, regardless of the complexity of the issues or parties. He also explains the typical emotional state of parties during the mediation process.

University of Central Florida

UCF Sample Mediation - Video

University of Central Florida

This is a sample mediation video that walks through the mediation process. It begins with the ground rules and introductions. it then moves on to opening statements by all of the parties. They explain what brought them to the mediation and what they are hoping to get out of their time there. Then they negotiate the dispute.

Dr. Nancy Love

The PULSE Institute Mediation Simulation - Video

Dr. Nancy Love

Dr. Nancy Love of the PULSE Institute demonstrates the Prepare piece of the PULSE Mediated Conversation frame. Prepare lays the foundation for an effective structured three-way converastion. This is a simulation based on a real scenario. The participants appearing in this video are role players, and not actual mediation participants or actors.

Simulation: A Better Way - Video

This simulation discusses multiple types of mediation. It gives an example of a foreclosure, community, marital, special education, elder, and landlord/tenant dispute. It was a submission to the ABA Dispute Resolution Contest by Child and Family Services.

Simulation: A Brother's Dispute - Video

This video is a simulation submitted to the ABA DR contest. It shows a dispute between two brothers that is resolved through mediation.

Simulation: Elder Mediation - Video

Elder Mediation-a Solution for Families at War (3 minutes) looks at a typical family conflict over the care of an aging parent, and shows how a mediator can help bring disputing siblings together to work out a solution. This brief video illustrates how a court battle can be avoided through using mediation. A vulnerable senior's choices and quality of life are at stake in this volatile battle for control between his adult children.

Simulation: Consider Workplace Mediation - Video

Video showing different ways to resolve workplace conflict, ending with a mediation role play. This video also gives narrative descriptions that highlight the differences amongst the various options. The mediator also gives a good introduction that sets the parties at ease. The video ends with an illustration of finding both parties' interests and determining the overlap.

Simulation: ABA Workplace Mediation - Video

An inventive role play showing a workplace conflict. One, uh, person is considering filing a discrimination suit against her boss after she was fired for being pregnant at work. The video shows the opening statements from both parties, the negotiation phase, and ends with an agreement.

Simulation: Opening Statement - Video

A role play of an opening statement in a mediation. This video took place at the Appalachian School of Law by Professor Paula Young. It gives a very detailed and thorough opening statement, and includes a lot of suggestions that mediators might include to help their parties be comfortable.

Simulation: Roommate Co-Mediation - Video

This is a role play produced by students of a mediation in which roommates are having difficulties figuring out their problems. This is a co-mediation that illustrates well how two mediators can work together to facilitate a mediation.

Simulation: Family Mediation ADR in Action - Video

This video produced by the Indiana Supreme Court gives an example of a marital and shared custody mediation. The mediator helps the parties to give their opening statement and to settle on issues to be negotiated.

Simulation: Community Property Dispute - Video

This is a video produced by Lowell Steigler about a community property dispute. It shows a mediation about two neighbors who are arguing over a dog.

Simulation: Disrespected Coworker Mediation - Video

Role Play of a mediation that gives an example of an opening statement, as well as the considerations of making parties comfortable and relaxed. This video is an example of a co-mediation where the mediators take turns giving a length opening statement.