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Moving from Elder Frustration to Family Redemption: Book Review 11/22/2021
Nicole Lance
Provide insight about the developmental phase of elders, for the purpose of closing the communication gap and improving outcomes. Mediators can play a unique role by translating insights about elders’ developmental stage into actionable outcomes for everyone.
Online Mediation Training Task Force Family / Elder Committee Report 08/02/2021
Susan Guthrie
The Family and Elder Committee was initially tasked with Considering the Following Questions: 1) How can family and elder mediation training be improved to embrace online mediation; and 2) How can family and elder mediation training best be offered online, for basic training, advanced training, and ongoing continuing education?
[PODCAST] JAMS Neutrals on the Evolution of Trusts and Estates Disputes and Considerations for Selecting the Right Mediator 11/16/2021
Lisbeth M. Bulmash
A podcast from JAMS featuring Hon. Glen Reiser (Ret.) and Lisbeth Bulmash, Esq., on the rise of trusts and estates disputes and the role of mediation in successful resolutions.
Why is Gray Divorce Becoming Increasingly Common? 11/22/2021
Roseann Vanella
A “gray divorce” occurs when a senior couple ends their marriage after years or decades of togetherness.
Co-Parenting Online Course – How to Not Put Your Kids in the Middle of Your Divorce 06/18/2021
Jen Schimbeno
The ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) ACE’s study, is one of the largest studies about traumatic events in the lives of children ages 0-17. This study identifies three types of risk factors for trauma in children: abuse, neglect and household dysfunction.
Social Security Benefits and Divorce 11/05/2021
Mary Salisbury
Social Security benefit rules are complex and confusing, and even more so when you get a divorce.
Dispute Resolution with Collaborative Law 05/19/2021
Christen Ritchey
Collaborative law is the best way for families to navigate tough transitions and here is why.
Courts Should Make Mediation Good Samaritans not Frankensteins 05/08/2021
John Lande
Using a recent California appellate decision as a jumping off point, it identifies problems with mandatory mediation and recommends that courts use good dispute system design procedures to reduce risks of creating Frankensteins – mediation that produces injustices.
Temporary or Partial Impracticability and Frustration of Purpose and Pandemic Affected Contracts and Leases 03/19/2021
Frank Burke
When the circumstances giving rise to the impracticality or frustration cease to exist, then Section 269 affords a party a reasonable time to resume performance.
Eldercare Mediation: Setting Families up for Success 08/30/2019
Kathleen Kauth
Working with families to help an older adult identify how they want to spend their final years and communicate it to all involved parties.
Arbitration Conversation No. 29: Jonathan Eades, Senior Legal Counsel, BC Attorney General 11/02/2020
Jonathan Eades
In this episode of the Arbitration Conversation Amy interviews Jonathan Eades, Senior Legal Counsel, British Columbia Office of the Attorney General, on Canadian arbitration law.
It's Time to Talk.... 04/17/2020
Kathleen Kauth
Talking about end of life wishes is never fun, and seldom easy.
When No One Wants to Talk... 01/31/2020
Kathleen Kauth
How do you handle talking with other family members about serious issues when they don't think anything is wrong?
Dividing the Burial Plot in Divorce 01/17/2020
Mary Salisbury
This article addresses an often overlooked asset in divorce, the burial plot, and the surprising negative consequences of failing to address this asset in the divorce decree.
Divorce and Social Security 12/11/2019
I. Jay Safier
This article will discuss how benefits are distributed to two people who are now divorced.
Montana Nursing Homes and Families Receive Assistance to Resolve Disputes 11/04/2019
Kayre Chatellier
Montana Mediation Association (MtMA) received a Civil Monetary Penalty Reinvestment Grant to prevent and delay resident discharges from Montana Nursing Homes.
CMS Issues Final Rule Allowing Pre-Dispute Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements 08/09/2019
Beth Graham
Nursing homes are now able to have protection and a clear plan with arbitration agreements.
Divorcing After Long-Term Marriage Checklist of Considerations 07/18/2019
Dr. Lynne C. Halem
For couples facing divorce in their late fifties, sixties, and beyond, the questions and issues are quite distinct from those facing younger couples.
Disputing at a Panchayat Meeting 09/14/2019
Peter Adler
When I was twenty-two years old, I did a two-year stint as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Here is a brief account of a dispute resolution meeting with a local governing council called the panchayat.
Build the Toolbox 11/10/2020
Clare Fowler is launching a project with mediator-designed resources called Build the Toolbox.
Divorce Done Differently! 06/06/2019
Denise French
As soon as you begin to contemplate divorce, the nauseating, panic-attack-inducing realization of losing half of your net worth kicks in and you find yourself wondering if it’s even worth it to consider leaving if you’re just going to end up broke and starving.
Division of Assets and Debts 04/26/2019
Leyla Balakhane
Financial matters are a primary topic of discussion in divorce mediation.
Skills of Successful Mediators 04/15/2020
Linda Singer
Linda Singer talks about how senior mediators achieve success: listening skills, gaining trust, discovering peoples' interests, spending the time with people, building relationships.
Family Feud? Use Eldercaring Coordination for High Conflict in Eldercare 11/01/2018
Sarah Gross
This article distinguishes elder mediation and eldercaring coordination, and discusses the benefits of eldercaring coordination for high-conflict cases.
Mediation, Elder Abuse And Saving The Family: Mediation & Conflict Strategies To Avoid Elder Abuse 05/26/2017
Patricia Porter
As Americans are getting older, more and more issues arise relating to elder abuse in financial and health care settings. Studies show that the majority of abuse occurs within the family. What can be done to resolve these issues? Listen to a respected elder abuse mediator and author, Steve Mehta, and learn how to address these difficult issues.
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Forrest (Woody) Mosten Jim Melamed Full Video Now Posted of Forum on Online Mediation Training 05/01/2021
Forrest (Woody) Mosten, Jim Melamed
The second Forum of the Online Mediation Training Task Force centered on new and emerging issues of online mediation and the training of mediators online.
Sue Bronson Reflective Practice: In Their Voices Video Conversation Project - Interview with Sue Bronson 03/20/2020
Sue Bronson
Mediator Sue Bronson doesn't rest upon the familiar, but takes what she knows and applies it in new innovative ways. In this 44 minute video, Sue and Michael Lang discuss screening techniques.
Dane County Bar Association Elder Care and Mediation - Video 05/10/2014
Dane County Bar Association
The Dane County Bar Association's Case Mediation Program has produced videos to help the public understand and use mediation in the dispute resolution process.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Divorce Agreement Complications 04/25/2013
James Coben
In Guthrie v. Guthrie, the validity of a divorce agreement was called into question due to one party's state of mind at the signing. A complicating issue was husband's death during the proceedings.
JK Belz Elder Mediation - Video 04/18/2012
JK Belz
Video where the owners of JK Belz Mediation and Crowley Legal Solutions discuss the mediation process. The owners also discuss their focus: elder mediation.
Simulation: Elder Mediation - Video 05/03/2009
JK Belz
Elder Mediation-a Solution for Families at War (3 minutes) looks at a typical family conflict over the care of an aging parent, and shows how a mediator can help bring disputing siblings together to work out a solution. This brief video illustrates how a court battle can be avoided through using mediation. A vulnerable senior's choices and quality of life are at stake in this volatile battle for control between his adult children.
Maxine Baker-Jackson Maxine Baker-Jackson: Probate Position Helpful -Video 04/16/2009
Maxine Baker-Jackson
Maxine Baker-Jackson discusses that her position as a probation officer of young girls helped her gain a better understanding of conflict and learning how to manage it.
James Coben James Coben: Early Mentor Experience - Video 10/11/2009
James Coben
James Coben describes his early experiences dialoguing with his mentor, which he sees as a basic component to mediation.
Simulation: A Better Way - Video 05/14/2009
James Coben
This simulation discusses multiple types of mediation. It gives an example of a foreclosure, community, marital, special education, elder, and landlord/tenant dispute. It was a submission to the ABA Dispute Resolution Contest by Child and Family Services.
Kirk Emerson Stephen Erickson: Cultural Connection to How Conflicts Are Resolved - Video 03/14/2009
Kirk Emerson
Stephen Erickson discusses how the concept of mediation is counter to pop culture's way of thinking about solving disputes, which is often right-wrong and win-lose.

News Search Results

Elder News


Ways Family Mediation Can Help Resolve Elder Care Conflicts

Mediators can offer constructive, non-judgmental solutions to siblings when it comes to sharing the responsibilities of caring for parents

read more

Alzheimers Q&A: What does elder mediation mean?

Elder mediation aims to address conflicting issues in families and in institutions and provides a forum for family decision-making. Elder mediators assist with difficult conversations among family members, and they help make plans and reach acceptable outcomes to disagreements.

read more

California ‘Breslin’ Probate Decision Allows Trial Courts to Compel Trust Beneficiary Mediation

The California Breslin v. Breslin decision gives California probate courts newly expanded authority to compel beneficiaries—including charities—to mediate or potentially forfeit their interests in a disputed trust.

read more

Court May Compel Mediation of California Trust Disputes

Trust and estate litigators, and mediators, are buzzing over a recent decision from the California Court of Appeal that validates mandatory mediation of trust disputes.

read more

Fiduciary Law: Five Tips for Litigation in the Time of COVID

Over the last nine months, the lawyers in the Trust & Estate Litigation group have participated in all manner of remote litigation proceedings. We’ve been involved in multiple mediations, depositions, and court hearings. Below are a few of our takeaways and tips from this ongoing experiment in remote litigation.

read more

How to resolve legal issues within the family

If you have legal issues that are causing family conflicts, it is best to find ways to resolve it right away. Below are some ways on how you can resolve legal issues within the family.

read more

The Future of Mediation in Trusts and Estates

In this Trusts and Estates law column, C. Raymond Radigan and Lisa Fenech discuss a new mediation initiative that is helping to resolve the logjam within the courts. Practitioners should be aware of this plan, and the ways it may help their clients resolve family disputes in a more efficient manner.

read more

Mediation’s role in elder law issues

When adult children disagree on the best course of action regarding ailing parents, disputes dating back to childhood can resurface.

read more

The Real Cost Of Refusing To Mediate

Here Peter Brewer, a solicitor and partner in the national firm of Clarke Willmott LLP, based in the Commercial and Private Client Litigation team in Birmingham, looks at the recent dispute between step-sisters Deborah Cutler and Anna Winter over their parents’ estate.

read more

How Mediation Can Spare Families from Costly Litigation Over Estates.

We think the lesson is plain — when estate planning or family business attorneys detect disputes brewing between family members over an estate or family business, there is a small window of opportunity for the attorneys to suggest mediation to their clients to spare them from costly and destructive litigation.

read more

How Mediators Can Add Value to the Estate Planning Process

Mediators can add substantial value to the estate planning process by helping estate planning lawyers prevent or resolve such disputes while mitigating attendant ethical concerns and professional risks.

read more

UK: Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods to Resolve Trust Disputes

The lack of privacy in court proceedings, and the fact that they will always carry a degree of uncertainty, is prompting high net worth individuals to seek alternative ways of resolving disputes over high value trusts.

read more

Elder Mediation Can Bring Families Back Together

What must a family do when they are facing such an impasse and the breakdown of relationships with each other? At this point it may be best to call on a neutral party to come in, repair the damage and help them make the right decisions.

read more

How to fight age discrimination in the workplace

Seniors in the workplace may have to deal with age discrimination from younger co-workers. Jim Miller breaks down what seniors can do to fight age discrimination in this week's Savvy Senior.

read more

PBGC makes mediation program permanent, including fiduciary breach cases

A pilot PBGC mediation program was made permanent and expanded to include fiduciary breach cases, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. said Thursday.

read more

Mediation as an Alternative to Estate Litigation

Lawyers can educe the court workload while providing voices to the parties’ positions without jeopardizing settlement positions.

read more

Can elder mediation prevent abuse?

Mediation can help resolve family conflict before it escalates to elder abuse, a conference will hear, but only if it is part of a wider approach to early intervention and support.

read more

For Life's Family Disputes, Mediation Could Help

Family mediation can possibly help your family overcome a conflict. What mediation does differently is attempt to solve disagreements in two or three sessions, which can be cost effective -- if the situation fits.

read more

What Can Advisors Do When Family Disputes Threaten Client Wealth?

Expensive lawsuits or standoffs that damage businesses the family is arguing about can threaten the very work you’ve done over time. You’ve tried to preserve wealth and keep families on track. They can ruin your best efforts.

read more

Marin County fine tunes mediation law to encourage cities to follow

With several Marin cities and towns considering adopting a mandatory mediation law similar to the county’s, supervisors this week moved to fine-tune the ordinance.

read more

Resolving California Trust and Estate Disputes – A Mediator’s Perspective

Many California trust and estate disputes are resolved by mediation instead of a final adjudication in the Superior Court. Mediation can offer a custom-crafted resolution to a case that avoids the stress, expense and unpredictability of a trial.

read more

State grant-in-aid supports mediations, family meetings for seniors

The Ku?ikahi and West Hawaii mediation centers are receiving state grant-in-aid funds to support mediations and facilitated family meetings for seniors ages 60 and older.

read more

Can senior-run mediation sessions change attitudes towards domestic abuse in Senegal?

We tried to merge the cultural way of solving your problems with an old person in the village who is wise and the parliamentary system into what is now the MJ.

read more

Elder abuse mediation could be based on child custody model, legal group says

The family law mediation model has an 80% success rate, National Legal Aid chairman says.

read more

Conciliation, mediation help resolve parent maintenance cases

Before going to court, parents who file maintenance applications will have to attend mediation before their case is heard by the Tribunal. Last year, mediators resolved half of the maintenance applications filed, an increase from 39 per cent in 2013.

read more
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