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The Problem With the Label "High Conflict Divorce" 05/28/2021
Carrie Gour
It’s generally true in conflict that “it takes two to tango.” In the world of divorce, the fundamental problem with being labelled “high conflict” is how rarely both parties are dancing together.
Cryptocurrency and Divorce 05/07/2021
Denise French
Naturally, as a Divorce Financial Advisor, I began thinking how these types of crypto assets were going to impact divorce settlements.
Divorce and Property Division: Am I Entitled to More Because my Spouse Ruined Our Marriage? 04/23/2021
Roseann Vanella
There are a lot of reasons why couples decide to get divorced. Financial troubles, lack of communication, continual arguing, unrealistic expectations, lack of intimacy, infidelity, and abuse are among the more common reasons why couples split up.
5 Smart Financial Tips to Plan a Divorce 04/16/2021
Denise French
It can be easy to get so wrapped up in the details of the present you forget about what is next. Do not make that mistake!
Using Text Messages and Emails in Mediation, Family, or Divorce Court 04/09/2021
Carrie Gour
A guide on best practices related to the collection and use mobile evidence and the software options available best suited to assist.
The 2020 Tax Conundrum: Questions Facing Couples Whose Divorce is Pending 04/09/2021
Dr. Lynne C. Halem
2020 has been a year of too many upsets, too many uncertainties, and too many confusions.
Helping Kids Adjust to Life When Parents Go Through Divorce 03/25/2021
Marian Grande
If you are going through a divorce, one of the most significant concerns you may have is the effect it has on your children. 
How Mediation Can Make Divorce Easier on Your Family 03/25/2021
Katie Tejada
Getting divorced can take just as big of a toll on the kids as it does the adults involved. Fortunately, divorcing parents can help to mitigate the negative impacts of divorce on the entire family in a few key ways, namely with mediation. Learn how mediation can work for your family here.
How to Manage In-Laws Post Divorce 03/25/2021
Amanda Singer
When I got married, I found that one of the strangest transitions wasn’t to being newlyweds or calling him my husband but was more related to my new in-laws. I think that often in-laws, especially mothers-in-law, have gotten a bad rap in popular culture.
How Do We Tell our Friends We’re Getting a Divorce? 02/26/2021
Amanda Singer
Recently I had a client ask me, “How do we say to our friends we’re getting a divorce?”
Keeping the Marital Home in Divorce and Pitfalls for the Unwary 02/19/2021
Mary Salisbury
In most marriages there is a marital home/the kids' childhood home and it’s often the largest asset--and the largest source of conflict.
Valentines Day and Divorce 02/09/2021
Marian Grande
Valentine’s Day; the most romantic day of the year. Some love it, some hate it, but you cannot deny that Valentine’s Day is synonymous with love, affection, adoration, chocolates, and flowers.
Tips for a Productive Divorce Mediation 02/05/2021
Asa Pitt
It’s a common mistake for divorcing spouses to confuse mediation with couple’s therapy.
Using Private Mediation for a Happier Divorce 02/05/2021
Roseann Vanella
The term “happy divorce” seems like an oxymoron, and maybe it is.
Make Yourself Aware About Divorce Mediation 01/22/2021
Asa Pitt
You might be thinking that you don’t need to make yourself aware about anything divorce related because it’s not going to happen to you.
Divorce Noise 01/15/2021
Denise French
It’s so normal for us to ask questions and want information from those who have already been through this overwhelming time in our lives.
First Holiday Season After Divorce 12/22/2020
Denise French
Your first Christmas or other major holiday after divorce can be tough, and it will no doubt be different.
Life After Divorce: Coping with Loneliness 11/06/2020
Leyla Balakhane
Many couples regard their relationship as a source of comfort, reassurance and identity.
Being Emotionally Ready for Divorce Mediation 11/06/2020
Roseann Vanella
A question I often ask clients when they come to me for a consultation for divorce mediation, “Are you each emotionally ready to mediate your divorce”?
How to Choose a Divorce Mediator 09/14/2020
Amy Robertson
Mediator fit is really important.
The Importance of Accurately Attributing Gains on Separate Property in Divorce 09/04/2020
Mary Salisbury
Let’s take a simple example to show why a back of the envelope calculation could provide a completely inaccurate picture of the value of the marital vs separate portions of a joint account.
People are Idiots; Marriage is Dumb; and You Are All Going to Get Divorced 08/14/2020
Liz Merrill
If you get married, chances are you probably also going to get divorced. If you get married more than once, those chances go up.
Divorce Mediation: Using Caucusing to Relieve Pandemic Stress 08/14/2020
Roseann Vanella
Caucusing can be an important tool during the pandemic stress.
What Happens If You are Getting a Military Divorce? 06/08/2020
Mitch Cohen
Most of those in the know agree that military marriages are burdened by stresses and strains beyond those of an ordinary marriage.
Who Gets the COVID-19 Stimulus Check in the Divorce? 05/11/2020
Kristyn Carmichael
During this challenging time, many separated spouses are experiencing unexpected confusion and conflict around the Stimulus Check, which was intended to provide financial relief, as authorized by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act).
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Roseann Vanella Divorce & Managing Anxiety during COVID-19 - Video 05/18/2020
Roseann Vanella
We decided to bring experts together who can provide some tips on how to deal with the stress of not only COVID-19 but the stress of going through a divorce or separation during these unprecedented times.
Jim Melamed Resolving Pressing Issues in Divorce Mediation (video) 04/03/2020
Jim Melamed
This video on resolving pressing issues at the beginning a divorce mediation is from Jim Melamed's 15-hour "Mediating Divorce Agreement" course available at University.
Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D. Mediating Families Are Closer Post-Divorce 05/01/2020
Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D.
Joan Kelly describes a research finding which concluded that families who mediated during the divorce had father's who were significantly more involved in their children's lives twelve years post-mediation.
Forrest (Woody) Mosten Brian Galbraith Full Video Now Posted of Forum on Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice, Coaching and Limited Scope Representation 05/18/2021
Forrest (Woody) Mosten, Brian Galbraith
What can mediators learn from the online experience of other collaborative dispute resolution professionals? How do we best integrate online mediation with conflict & life coaching, collaborative practice and limited scope representation?
The Complete Seven Keys to Unlock Mediation 07/01/2020
Forrest (Woody) Mosten, Brian Galbraith
The complete compilation of all 7 Keys to Unlock Mediation's Golden Age.
Sarah Ater Managing Conflict at Home During COVID-19 06/08/2020
Sarah Ater
This links to a free course for practitioners, or to show to their clients as a resource, for resolving home conflict during the quarantine.
Roseann Vanella Tips for Divorcing Couples - Videos 2 through 5 05/29/2020
Roseann Vanella
We decided to bring experts together who can provide some tips on how to deal with the stress of not only COVID-19 but the stress of going through a divorce or separation during these unprecedented times.
Donald T. Saposnek Interview with Don Saposnek 04/10/2020
Donald T. Saposnek
This is a new interview with Don Saposnek, long-time leader in the field of divorce mediation and best supporting the interests of children in divorce, by Robert Benjamin as part of Mediate's new "The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society" video series.
Chip Rose The Perfect Mediation (humor video) 02/10/2020
Chip Rose
The Perfect Mediation is a 4 minute video showing how easy mediation can sometimes be. Be sure to to check out all of our continuing education offerings at University.
Nina Meierding Mediators Biases 01/01/2020
Nina Meierding
Nina Meierding discusses the evolving state of bias in mediating. She emphasizes the importance of the mediator being aware of his/her own biases and gives examples of her own biases in divorce cases.
Clarence Cramer Ability to Mediate Cases Involving Domestic Violence 01/15/2020
Clarence Cramer
Clarence Cramer shares his disagreement with those who say that domestic violence cases cannot be mediated.
Jay Folberg Field Combined Law and Social Work 06/05/2020
Jay Folberg
Jay Folberg describes early on in the field when he, as a lawyer, collaborated with psychologists and social workers and they learned from each other.
Constance Ahrons Old Dissolution Model Was Damaging 04/01/2020
Constance Ahrons
Constance Ahrons discusses the pre-joint-cutody model for the relationship between Ex-spouses. The cultural norm was to have no relationship, because that meant that the ex-spouses where hanging on. The Mediators: Family Mediation Edition 05/01/2020
The Mediators: Family Edition features 27 of the most experienced family mediators in the world. Sections include: Inspiration, Techniques In The Room, Supporting Children, Styles And Models, The Future, Training & Certification
Marilyn McKnight Beginnings of Divorce Mediation 09/01/2019
Marilyn McKnight
Marilyn McKnight discusses the history and beginning of the divorce mediation field.
Susan Yates Interview with Susan Yates: The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society 06/19/2019
Susan Yates
Managing A Force of Nature: ODR and Dispute Resolution Systems Design Standards and Practice: An interview with Susan Yates by Robert Benjamin.
Peter Salem New Interview with Peter Salem - The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society 03/07/2019
Peter Salem
This is a new interview of Peter Salem, long-time Executive Director of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), by Robert Benjamin as part of Mediate's new "The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society" video series.
Andrew Schepard Andrew Schepard: Challenges Within Family Mediation 08/25/2019
Andrew Schepard
Andrew Schepard discusses challenges within family mediation: domestic violence, cultural differences and parties' expectations of the mediator, and a need to pre-screen violent parents.
High Conflict Child Custody: Mediation And Settlement 02/29/2016
In this video I discuss the dynamics and the psychology of settlement. This is one of the first challenges I faced in my child custody dispute and it really blindsided me.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Divorce Agreement Complications 04/25/2013
James Coben
In Guthrie v. Guthrie, the validity of a divorce agreement was called into question due to one party's state of mind at the signing. A complicating issue was husband's death during the proceedings.
Gabriel Cheong, Esq. Family Basics and Divorce Mediation - Video 01/14/2013
Gabriel Cheong, Esq.
Divorce and Family Mediation Basics Video. This is a question and answer video that tries to answer all of the basic divorce questions.
Dr. Ellie Izzo Collaborative Divorce Explained - Video 06/26/2012
Dr. Ellie Izzo
Dr. Ellie Izzo, an expert in the field, explains the details and benefits to a Collaborative Divorce. She discusses how Tiger Woods decides to put his children first in an amicable divorce.
Diana Mercer Peace Talks: What is Divorce Mediation - Video 01/25/2012
Diana Mercer
Diana Mercer, Esq. presents an informative and knowledgable description of mediating a divorce. She explains that clients can decide how much if at all to involve a lawyer.
Fairway Divorce Solutions Divorce Toronto: What You Need to Know about Getting a Divorce - Video 01/25/2012
Fairway Divorce Solutions
Divorce Toronto: What You Need to Know About Getting a Divorce Fairway Divorce Solutions, a Toronto-based ADR firm, helps couples to get divorced faster and cheaper than other options.
Family Mediation UK - Video 11/13/2013
Fairway Divorce Solutions
This video is produced by the Ministry of Justice in the UK . It highlights the benefits of using mediation for family cases.
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Divorce News


Mediate, Not Litigate

Your client just received a demand letter, or conversely your client wants to file a lawsuit against an adverse party. Often, the best time to resolve disputes is before the parties engage in litigation.

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England: Divorcing couples to receive £500 mediation voucher

Divorcing couples are set to receive a £500 tax-free voucher for mediation in a UK government bid to ease pressure on the courts following the Covid-19 pandemic.

read more

Blog: Benefits of Mediation When Divorcing During a Pandemic

If you are considering divorce during this time, you are clearly not alone. If the idea of dealing with the court system and the typical expenses of the traditional process does not appeal to you however, you’re also not alone. Mediation is an avenue for obtaining a divorce quickly, safely, confidentially, and cost effectively, especially during Covid-19.

read more

New pro bono mediation project resolves family law cases with less time, money

As with most things in 2020, the pandemic threw a wrench in the plan. In this case, the plan was for a new pro bono mediation project in the Marion County courts.

read more

Can a dog help manage emotions during mediation? New study says yes

A paper published by the Harvard Negotiation Law Review by Kamloops lawyer David Paul explores the idea of canine-assisted mediation, which involves having dogs in a room along with people during family law mediation proceedings.

read more

Rebuilding communication after separation

Once parents have moved beyond the realms of court proceedings, it is important to consider how they can develop healthy channels of communication for the benefit of the child(ren) involved and to support healthy coparenting.

read more

Will Mediation And Private Judges End The Uncivility Of In-Court Family Law Litigation Post COVID?

Private mediation has increased many fold since March 2020. Mediation may well be perfectly suited to the new reality we find ourselves in.

read more

Divorce cases scar children, prompt calls for mediation

Witnessing parental fights over upkeep, custody and access traumatizes children.

read more

The Key to a Happier Divorce
This is an ode to private mediation, particularly its positive impact on children. read more


'GOING COVID': Why more Okanagan couples are seeking counsellors, mediation, divorce

The pandemic may be taking a toll on relationships as some couples counsellors, divorce lawyers, and a family mediation firm all report they've seen an uptick in business since the pandemic.

read more

Russia’s Children Ombudsman urges mandatory pretrial mediation in family disputes

MOSCOW, November 23 (RAPSI) – Introduction of the procedure of mandatory pretrial mediation in civil cases relating to family law and development of territorial conciliation services are to facilitate readiness of citizens to negotiate and save families from disintegration, Russia’s Children Rights Commissioner Anna Kuznetsova believes.

read more

News India: I want to get divorced but my spouse does not want to? What can I do?

The truth this is that you don’t need your spouse’s permission to get a divorce. You have every right to hire an attorney and file a summons and complaint in court. Or you can even do the paperwork yourself, even though it is not recommended.

read more

Juvenile mediation: It’s not just for kids

Juvenile mediation was introduced to Louisiana in 1997, meant to be used principally in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes due to the high influx of children in need of care and the beginning of young delinquency cases that seemed would eventually overwhelm those court system.

read more

COVID-19 increasing complexity in family law mediation

Pandemic has given clients a sense of urgency, says Nathalie Boutet, family lawyer and mediator

read more

What if mediation does not work?

What do parties do when they cannot reach an agreement in a divorce or family law matter? The reality is that there are numerous possibilities.

read more

How To Get a Divorce Without Going Broke

Expert tips for breaking off a marriage without breaking the bank.

read more

Why mediation can be your best option in a divorce

When it comes to untying two lives after years of marriage, and especially when children are involved in the process, oftentimes mediation can be your best option in a divorce.

read more

Divorce Law During A Pandemic: The Rise Of Arbitration

The focus of this blog is on arbitration and its potential role in resolving disputes where the parties have engaged in efforts to settle (often involving considerable time, emotion, and......expense) and have been unable to get the agreement across the finish line.

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5 Signs Mediation Won’t Work for Your Divorce, According to a Mediation Expert

Divorce is a not-so-fun choose-your-own-adventure—hire a mediator? Go straight to a divorce lawyer? The circumstances of your split matter a lot, says Dr. Jann Blackstone, co-author of Co-Parenting Through Separation and Divorce: Putting Your Children First and a former child custody mediator for the California Superior Court.

read more

Difference Between Mediation & Conciliation

Conciliation shares some features of mediation in that it is a more informal, more affordable, and more efficient process than going to court.

read more

Legal News You Can Use: Does Mediation Make Sense for Your Divorce?

No matter what your feelings are toward each other, you may both be clear communicators and able to work together. If you have children, you may want to avoid a contentious process to protect them, too. In these cases, mediation may be your solution.

read more

With the family courts closed, mediation may be the only option

Delphine Eskenazi explains how the Paris Bar is deploying mediators to resolve parental access disputes during Covid-19

read more

Mediation in Family Law Cases During COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, ADR (most often mediation) is the only immediate option available for many, and that mediation now generally must take place online.

read more

Family and Dispute Resolution in Pandemic Times

In their Mediation column, Abby Tolchinsky and Ellie Wertheim write: Mediation is a tool that lends itself to these critical pandemic times—for families previously living with great levels of tension and conflict, the chance to have a facilitated conversation and ease the pressure can help spare them added anxiety and even resolve or preclude anger.

read more

State Supreme Court announces expedited parenting time mediation program in response to COVID-19 pandemic

A North Dakota Supreme Court order establishing an Expedited Parenting Time Mediation Program comes as Grand Forks' local court braces for an influx of cases involving parenting disputes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

read more
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