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Call for Community Mediation Surveys 10/05/2018
Brennan Frazier
This is a survey request to develop and implement a two-phase data collection process in order to determine the present state of community mediation.
Peacemakers of All Faiths Gather at Ismaili Jamatkhana Plano for Restoring Community Day 09/17/2018
Akbar Kabani
This article covers Restoring Community Day held in 2017, including plans for the upcoming Community Day to be held in October 2018.
Mini-Grant Deadline Approaching for Community Mediation 03/16/2018
Brennan Frazier
This year’s JAMS Foundation/NAFCM funding focus is Homeless, those facing eviction and public housing.
Teaching Social Justice on Campus for Self Awareness, Community Sustainability, and Systems Change 03/02/2018
Judy Rashid
This article addresses the relevance of teaching social justice on campus - in the classroom and in student affairs - and the challenge of maintaining a balanced and reasoned approach.
Conflict and the Advent of Social media in the Evolution of Society 05/12/2017
Michael Johnson
Social media is changing how society behaves at a pace that we just cannot fathom. We have embraced it with open arms, but have we taken three steps back to digest it and understand how societal social skills have been affected?
Mediation Certification: The Sparrow and the Peacock 12/07/2018
Bruce Edwards
Having taught mediation skills for over twenty-five years and, more recently, having developed an online mediation training curriculum, it’s only natural that I stand as a zealous proponent of mediation training.
Every Dispute is Two Disputes 11/30/2018
Phyllis Pollack
The theme of the session was that while being intelligent is good, it is also very important to have emotional intelligence; the ability to tap into the emotions of others, or to read people.
Interruption and Self-Determination 11/30/2018
Dan Simon
Chaos? A mediation out of control? A weak mediator? I don’t think so.
Legal Stress 11/30/2018
John Lande
This post provides excerpts from my research summarizing significant stresses affecting each of these groups and notes resources and ideas for dealing with them.
Mediation Dance-Writing 11/28/2018
Peter Adler
Sometime between 480 and 221 BC during China’s Warring States Period, a general named Wu wrote a short and now widely read treatise on how to win a big fight. The highest excellence, he said, is the “sheathed sword,” achieving your goal without fighting.
7 Traits of the Modern Sociopath and Psychopath 11/12/2018
Jeff Thompson
You hope to never negotiate or engage a subject with anti-social personality disorder but if you do, you better know about their common traits and symptoms.
Heartbroken in Pittsburgh 11/01/2018
Andrea Schneider
I thought that teaching the Kavanaugh hearings in a careful and respectful manner a few weeks ago would be the biggest teaching challenge of the semester. I was wrong.
Satisfying Our Clients’ Emotional Due Process Needs 11/01/2018
Michael A. Zeytoonian
Emotional due process. What is that, exactly?
10 Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce 10/19/2018
Diane Kramer
Are you struggling with Co-Parenting after divorce? If you are, it is no surprise.
My Favorite Resource Featuring Catherine Geyer 10/05/2018
Susan Yates
Our series, My Favorite Resource, features interviews with our court ADR friends across the country to learn about their favorite resource.
New Mediation Confidentiality Law 09/14/2018
Phyllis Pollack
On September 11, 2018, Governor Jerry Brown signed in a law which will require attorneys to inform their clients of the confidentiality restrictions related to mediation.
Stop Giving Others Insult Power 09/06/2018
Ronald S. Kraybill
Do you know people who get upset and insulted easily?
People-Pleasing 09/06/2018
Cinnie Noble
Would you call yourself a people-pleaser?
5 Common Misconceptions Surrounding Family Mediation 08/31/2018
Laura Ward
The main difference with family mediation is that, opposed to going through lawyers, you are encouraged to speak directly to each other.
Career in Conflict Resolution? 07/27/2018
Ronald S. Kraybill
Everywhere I’ve lived and worked, I’ve met people who feel a deep inner echo to the idea of making peace.
The Exceptional Power of Vision 07/24/2018
Peter Adler
There are many keys to reaching possible agreement. The list includes, among others, discovering not incompatible interests, soothing a hurt relationship, or finding a common enemy. Uncovering a transcending vision can accelerate and amplify the coming together of contending parties. Vision helps achieve agreement.
Lessons from the Iroquois 07/10/2018
Peter Adler
In our mediation efforts, once we are in the realm of “public policy,” we are inevitably poking our noses into questions of intergenerational equity and “governance” and how authentic collaboration can be achieved or improved.
Retentions and Reflections 07/06/2018
Sarah Flores
I have fallen in love with mediation in this position. I enjoy the satisfaction of making people feel heard and working through issues.
SCOTUS to Consider Delegation of “Wholly Groundless” Arbitrability Claims 07/02/2018
Beth Graham
The high court's opinion will resolve a split among the Circuit Courts of Appeal regarding whether a court may decide the issue of arbitrability in situations where the arbitration claim is groundless.
In Isolation Together 07/02/2018
Peter Adler
Ok, we’ve got a problem: Britain has announced a new Minister of Loneliness.
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Dan Berstein How to Talk About Mental Health Without Offending Everyone - TEDx 08/11/2017
Dan Berstein
Mediator Dan Berstein shares his journey to being open with his bipolar disorder, and how conflict resolution skills can help us overcome barriers to having conversations about mental health. In this profound story, learn how to get past the assumptions, paternalism, and stigma to make room for the other person's story and connect.
Elisabeth Seaman Jack Hamilton Conflict: The Unexpected Gift - Video 04/15/2017
Elisabeth Seaman, Jack Hamilton
This is an interview of my business partner, Jack Hamilton and me, about mediation, conflict resolution and our book, Conflict - The Unexpected Gift.
Nina Meierding Culture & Gender Issues in Negotiation & Mediation (video) 07/27/2016
Nina Meierding
This is a video sample from Nina Meierding's seven-hour online course on Culture & Gender Issues in Negotiation & Mediation.
Michael Lang Pioneer Series: Demonstrating Reflective Practice - Video 10/03/2015
Michael Lang
Michael Lang describes an account where he was teaching reflective practice, a practice that enables mediators to be more aware of their own methods and why they are using them.
John Paul Lederach Convincing Violent Groups to be Non-Violent - Video 07/22/2016
John Paul Lederach
John Paul Lederach describes discussing alternatives to violent conflict with groups who felt powerless and that violence was their only avenue of action. One method he uses is to ask them what violence has achieved historically.
Nina Meierding Nina Meierding: Culture and Gender Trailer - Video 05/20/2014
Nina Meierding
Internationally prominent trainer Nina Meierding shares with her class how to be culturally sensitive during mediation with non-verbal cues.
Nina Meierding Pioneer Series: Gender and Culture in Mediation - Video 06/12/2014
Nina Meierding
Nina Meierding explains putting theory to practice regarding studies of gender and culture in mediation. She describes being sensitive and respectful of diverse thought processes and communication methods.
Mangled Roommate Mediation (humor video) 03/05/2013
Nina Meierding
Brittni and McKay seek help from a roommate mediator, a somewhat directive mediator that, ultimately, has a solution for all.
Richard Salem Pioneer Series: CRS in Battle of Wounded Knee - Video 07/07/2014
Richard Salem
Richard Salem describes agency cutbacks as Community Relations Service was preventing violence in the Battle of Wounded Knee.
Frank Sander Pioneer Series: Concerns and Optimism for Future - Video 07/07/2014
Frank Sander
Frank Sander reflects on his concerns within the field, which include the tension of quality vs. quantity of the practice, the lack of studies of cost effectiveness, disappointments with the court system fees, and the difficulty of getting more young people/apprentices into the field. However, he's optimistic about the future of mediation.
Nina Meierding Pioneer Series: Cultural Sensitivity while Training - Video 06/27/2014
Nina Meierding
Nina Meierding discusses her approach to mediation training in other countries. This involves being culturally sensitive, not imposing the Western model as it may not be useful for other cultures and their ways of problem-solving.
Michelle LeBaron Exemplary Leadership: How Dispute Resolution Professionals Change Cultures - video and materials 08/21/2012
Michelle LeBaron
In this address, Professor LeBaron explores how special education dispute resolution professionals can contribute to educational cultures of inclusion and creativity.
Community Mediation Center of Kansas City Kansas City Center - Video 02/16/2012
Community Mediation Center of Kansas City
Video explaining the community mediation center set-up. Highlighting the center in Kansas City, this video shows multiple people coming to the center to resolve a variety of disputes.
Professional Mediation Associates About Mediation Introduction - Video 02/16/2012
Professional Mediation Associates
This professional video introduces potential clients to the mediation process. It shows the voluntary and confidential nature of the dispute resolution process.
Tennessee Mediation Four Phases of the Mediation Process - Video 01/26/2012
Tennessee Mediation
This video describes the four phases of the mediation process. This is an informative role-play produced by Jean Munroe and The topic of the mediation is divorce and child custody.
Lowell Steiger Steiger Sample Mediation - Video 01/25/2012
Lowell Steiger
Lowell Steiger gives an example of a mediation. The mediation is a role-play of a community neighbor dispute.
Lincoln Middle School Lincoln Peer Mediation - Video 01/25/2012
Lincoln Middle School
Tobi Inlender and students discuss the Peer Mediation Program in Santa Monica. This is the original peer mediation program in Los Angeles, and is run by the Dispute Resolution program and Lincoln Middle School.
New Jersey courts Foreclosure Mediation Program - Video 01/25/2012
New Jersey courts
Court Clips, a video, informational program produced by the New Jersey Courts, explains the foreclosure mediation program. The programs facilitates mediations between lenders and homeowners.
Workplace Mediation Video, ABA 01/24/2012
New Jersey courts
A mediation video that explains how a workplace dispute can be resolved in mediation, in a less distressing manner than litigation or arbitration.
James J. Alfini James Alfini: Creating Intrigue Within Florida's Legal Community - Video 09/13/2009
James J. Alfini
James Alfini describes the development of mediation within Florida's legal community and state bar.
Simulation: Community Property Dispute - Video 04/22/2009
James J. Alfini
This is a video produced by Lowell Steigler about a community property dispute. It shows a mediation about two neighbors who are arguing over a dog.
Doug Yarn Yarn, Doug: Goal: Creating Culture of Conflict Resolvers - Video 08/16/2010
Doug Yarn
Doug Yarn discusses how the conflict resolution movement's goal was to change the culture itself, not create an isolated field of mediators.
Carrie J. Menkel-Meadow Menkel-Meadow, Carrie: Evolution of Negotiation in Our Culture - Video 03/09/2009
Carrie J. Menkel-Meadow
Carrie Menkel-Meadow discusses her theory about the development of a cultural mindset about negotiation and how the larger culture takes its cues from political leaders.
Hugh McIssac McIssac, Hugh: Family Culture Requires Change in Response - Video 11/29/2009
Hugh McIssac
Hugh McIssac examines the family in a historical context and what changes have come about recently that require more diverse responses.
Kimberlee Kovach Kimberly Kovach: Culture of Right and Wrong - Video 01/02/2009
Kimberlee Kovach
Kimberly Kovach describes society's culture of right and wrong and how we don't have to think in those terms. We can resolve a conflict without determining who is right and who is wrong.
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Community News


Mediation valuable service in criminal justice system

Mountain Mediation Services has been providing an invaluable service to Western North Carolina’s criminal justice system for more than 20 years. read


Students say officials put off settling GW Student Bar Association conflict to avoid bad publicity

Months after students first raised concerns that the president of the Student Bar Association made an insensitive remark about a Jewish student group, students say law school administrators have done little to address the situation. read


A little help from their friends: Amesbury student group program teaches kids peer mediation

‘Kids helping other kids’ is what the peer mediation program is all about, and Amesbury Middle School (AMS) has a new batch of peer mediators trained to help other students resolve conflicts. read


Southeast High School addressing racial tension, other conflicts through peer mediation

What began as a conversation with a couple of students around race ... led to the formation of a group that really has a much broader goal of changing (school) climate by resolving issues that arise, some that may be racial in nature read


EPA To Update Public On Mediation Of Housatonic River Cleanup

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is inviting the public to weigh in on the cleanup of the Housatonic River at a meeting Monday in Lenox, Massachusetts. read


Paterson educators going to Oregon for 'restorative justice' training

PATERSON, NJ — Nine city educators will travel to Oregon in December for five days of training in the "restorative justice" approach to student discipline, an alternative method that focuses on mediation rather than punishment. read


Meaningful participation: women and peacebuilding in the Pacific

The emphasis on customary principles and practices enabled women to be recognised in state decision-making and in their efforts to build peace. read


Ayodhya issue: NCM chief to mediate for out of court settlement, asks Muslims to be ‘big-hearted’

National Commission for Minorities chairperson Ghayorul Hasan Rizvi on Sunday made a strong pitch for mediation in the Ayodhya issue, saying he will speak with all stakeholders for an out of court settlement of the matter. read


Mediation valuable service in criminal justice system

With the District Court facing an overloaded docket, judges and the DA’s Office are able to utilize mediation to keep certain legal matters from eating up valuable court time. For certain cases — property disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, family disputes, first offense shoplifting or incidents involving students — volunteer mediators resolve most issues. read


Mini-Grants available for peer mediation support at K-12 schools

BAR REPORT - State bar foundation offers peer mediation mini-grants for schools read


Nordic Women Mediators Annual Meeting in Copenhagen

Members from all five national branches of the Nordic Women Mediators (NWM) network will convene in Copenhagen, Denmark for a two-day annual meeting of the regional network on 21-22 November. read


Rifle racial harassment case goes to mediation program

A woman accused of racially motivated harassment has the chance to resolve the allegation and potentially avoid formal charges. read


Mediation valuable service in criminal justice system

Mountain Mediation Services has been providing an invaluable service to Western North Carolina’s criminal justice system for more than 20 years. read


For Life's Family Disputes, Mediation Could Help

Family mediation can possibly help your family overcome a conflict. What mediation does differently is attempt to solve disagreements in two or three sessions, which can be cost effective -- if the situation fits. read


AU to operationalise Mediation Support Unit

In a bid to consolidate its peace-making efforts, the African Union (AU) is in the process of operationalising its first ever Mediation Support Unit (MSU). read


Death threats, vandalism: Seattle hires mediator over 35th Avenue Northeast road project

The city has hired a mediator to lead a discussion about possible changes to the road redesign of 35th Avenue Northeast. Now, a disagreement over the choice of mediator joins other clashes over bike lanes, lost parking and more. read


Mueller presides over last peer mediator swearing-in ceremony

RACINE — An approximately 24-year tradition came to an end last week as Racine County Circuit Court Judge Emily Mueller presided over her last swearing-in ceremony for Racine Unified peer mediators. read


Mediators work to bring closure to conflicts, restore balance in relationships

SCOTTSBLUFF — Hundreds of cases of mediation are closed each year by Mediation West, which works with agencies throughout the Panhandle to resolve a variety of issues between interested parties. read


Mediation effort being undertaken on Riverton hospital; 300 at latest meeting

RIVERTON — “We have a problem. Not a problem of our own creation,” longtime Riverton physician Richard Sorenson of Riverton said Monday night to a gathering of approximately 300 people assembled at Central Wyoming College. read


Chair-ity Fundraiser helps Common Ground Mediation

COOS BAY — Common Ground Mediation will celebrate their 20th anniversary through the revival of the Chair-ity Fundraiser. 20 wooden school chairs donated by Eastside Elementary School have been decorated by an array of community artists and will be sold via auction. The proceeds will help meet a $10,000 match grant. read


Aspen Board of Education to hire mediator to explore issues raised by parents

The Aspen Board of Education will hire an outside party to evaluate the school district's operations and approach toward leadership in the wake of mounting criticism leveled by a group of parents. read


Neighborhood disputes turn into little wars all over the city.

The outrage people feel over these seemingly petty concerns can turn formerly cordial next-door neighbors into next-door enemy combatants. read


Subway restaurant, a sign and a little boy display mediation at its best

A resident who had a problem with a sign at a Catonsville business voiced his concern, and he and the business owner worked out the problem on the spot. read


Community Voices through mediation

As a lawyer and mediator, I’ve seen lots of conflicts. Most people don’t understand what mediation is, just how broadly it can be used, and the range of value it brings to resolving private and public conflicts. read


Neighborhood disputes turn into little wars all over the city. Give peace a chance — through mediation

The outrage people feel over these seemingly petty concerns can turn formerly cordial next-door neighbors into next-door enemy combatants. read

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