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Seven Guidelines for Parents Who Are Divorce/Separated and Sharing Custody of Children During the COVID19 Pandemic 03/18/2020
Leaders from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) and Association of Family & Conciliation Courts (AFCC) have released these guidelines for co-parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Co-parenting During Divorce: 9 coping strategies to help your children 12/19/2019
Dakota Murphey
The relationship between the two marital partners may be coming to an end, but what about the children?
Mediating Custody in Highly Contested Divorce Cases 06/27/2019
Alfred Ramos
Child custody is often the most contentious aspect of divorce proceedings.
5 Tips for Coping With Divorce And Child Custody With a High-Conflict Ex 04/08/2019
Ann Cerney
‘Child Custody’ is becoming an outdated concept.
Halloween Solutions for Divorced Parents: The Best Treat for Your Children 10/28/2019
Michael Aurit
Halloween may not be as meaningful as other seasonal holidays, but for divorced or separated parents and their children, feelings of “missing out” on fun times can be very challenging.
Benefits of Mediation Program for Recently Evicted Families with Children 08/09/2019
Wean Khing Wong
This mediator proposes a upcoming homeless mediation program, the difficulties of working with the homeless population, and the skills a mediator can bring.
Children First in Your Divorce 06/14/2019
Dr. Lynne C. Halem
How to mediate in the best interests of the children.
New Zealand Family Justice Puts Children First 04/12/2019
Keri Morris
The people of New Zealand can be confident that children and families are at the front of the minds of an independent panel on family justice based on the panel's first report released last month.
7 Tips On How To Protect Child Mental And Emotional Health During A Divorce 01/31/2020
Michael Gorman
Separation is one of the most difficult processes people can go through, but the situation is even more shocking for kids who need to adapt to such a huge change in life.
Mediation in Child Protection Cases 02/22/2019
Leonard Edwards
This article illustrates the use of mediation in child protection (juvenile dependency) cases, a practice that has increased substantially in America’s juvenile courts over the past five years.
Creating Effective Parenting Plans 01/22/2019
Leyla Balakhane
This article discusses working with your children’s developmental needs when creating a parenting plan.
Amazon Asks Federal Court to Compel Arbitration in Alexa Children’s Privacy Lawsuit 10/18/2019
Beth Graham
Retail giant Amazon has reportedly asked a Washington federal court to send a proposed class action lawsuit that was brought against the company in June to arbitration.
How to Explain Divorce to Your Children 06/06/2019
Leyla Balakhane
When creating a plan in which you will explain your divorce, it is best to keep certain guidelines in mind.
Children and Teenagers: When their right to be heard challenges us as conflict resolvers 06/06/2019
Maria Paola Felibert, Maria Eugenia Sole
One of the biggest challenges for us as conflict resolvers is to help parents recognize their children’s vital role not only in the family system, but also in society.
Parenting While Angry 06/26/2020
Georgia Daniels
This article is arranged as an open letter to my clients, who are divorcing during the pandemic.
Co-parenting and COVID-19 05/26/2020
Amanda Singer
This is an unknown and challenging time for everyone, as there are so many changes. For those who are co-parenting in separate households, it can be even more difficult to try to navigate these times.
10 Co-parenting Recommendations for the COVID-19 Crisis, A Mediator’s Perspective 05/08/2020
Anju D. Jessani
Courts look to prior events or precedents in establishing policy, and also in measuring reasonableness, when parties are in a dispute.
Co-Parenting During the Coronavirus Pandemic 04/03/2020
Roseann Vanella
As our nation deals with the COVID-19 crisis, divorced parents face many unique challenges.
Parenting by Looking Away: Sometimes the Best Help Doesn’t Look like Help 02/28/2020
Janet Mueller
As a parent, it is easy to get sucked into the hovering way of being.
How to Choose a Divorce Mediator 09/14/2020
Amy Robertson
Mediator fit is really important.
The Importance of Accurately Attributing Gains on Separate Property in Divorce 09/04/2020
Mary Salisbury
Let’s take a simple example to show why a back of the envelope calculation could provide a completely inaccurate picture of the value of the marital vs separate portions of a joint account.
When Three Becomes a Crowd 09/04/2020
Keri Morris
An example of how dispute resolution can help when the courts can’t.
Bearing Witness in Mediation 08/28/2020
Laurie Israel
Recently I’ve been pondering a certain aspect of my experience with mediating divorces. It’s about something that often comes up in my encounters with my mediation clients.
Mediator’s Thoughts for Parents During the Pandemic 08/21/2020
Dan Simon
Divorce or separation is a big challenge in itself.
The Importance of the Relationship: Using Checklists to Improve Discussions 08/20/2020
Christopher Garcia
This article looks at The Importance of the Relationship; What are the expectations; and what should be discussed?
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Sarah Ater Managing Conflict at Home During COVID-19 06/08/2020
Sarah Ater
This links to a free course for practitioners, or to show to their clients as a resource, for resolving home conflict during the quarantine.
Roseann Vanella Tips for Divorcing Couples - Videos 2 through 5 05/29/2020
Roseann Vanella
We decided to bring experts together who can provide some tips on how to deal with the stress of not only COVID-19 but the stress of going through a divorce or separation during these unprecedented times.
Roseann Vanella Divorce & Managing Anxiety during COVID-19 - Video 05/18/2020
Roseann Vanella
We decided to bring experts together who can provide some tips on how to deal with the stress of not only COVID-19 but the stress of going through a divorce or separation during these unprecedented times.
Donald T. Saposnek Interview with Don Saposnek 04/10/2020
Donald T. Saposnek
This is a new interview with Don Saposnek, long-time leader in the field of divorce mediation and best supporting the interests of children in divorce, by Robert Benjamin as part of Mediate's new "The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society" video series.
Peter Salem New Interview with Peter Salem - The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society 03/07/2019
Peter Salem
This is a new interview of Peter Salem, long-time Executive Director of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), by Robert Benjamin as part of Mediate's new "The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society" video series.
Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D. Mediating Families Are Closer Post-Divorce 05/01/2020
Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D.
Joan Kelly describes a research finding which concluded that families who mediated during the divorce had father's who were significantly more involved in their children's lives twelve years post-mediation.
Andrew Schepard Andrew Schepard: Challenges Within Family Mediation 08/25/2019
Andrew Schepard
Andrew Schepard discusses challenges within family mediation: domestic violence, cultural differences and parties' expectations of the mediator, and a need to pre-screen violent parents. The Mediators: Family Mediation Edition 05/01/2020
The Mediators: Family Edition features 27 of the most experienced family mediators in the world. Sections include: Inspiration, Techniques In The Room, Supporting Children, Styles And Models, The Future, Training & Certification
Margaret Shaw Hopes for Future of Mediation 07/27/2020
Margaret Shaw
Margaret Shaw talks about what she hopes to see in the future for mediation: that mediation in schools will make a difference; certification regulations will form slowly, so as not to lose the flexibility of the field; that there will be an increased emphasis on collaboration in society.
Susan Yates Interview with Susan Yates: The Future of Mediation and Negotiation in Our Culture, Politics and Society 06/19/2019
Susan Yates
Managing A Force of Nature: ODR and Dispute Resolution Systems Design Standards and Practice: An interview with Susan Yates by Robert Benjamin.
High Conflict Child Custody: Mediation And Settlement 02/29/2016
In this video I discuss the dynamics and the psychology of settlement. This is one of the first challenges I faced in my child custody dispute and it really blindsided me.
Family Mediation UK - Video 11/13/2013
This video is produced by the Ministry of Justice in the UK . It highlights the benefits of using mediation for family cases.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Enforcing Old Agreements 03/28/2013
James Coben
In Buckley v. Shealy, the appellate court decided to not to enforce a mediated divorce settlement, when the agreement is over a decade old and was never submitted to the court.
James Coben Mediation Case Law Video: Enforcing Oral Mediation Settlement Agreement 05/13/2013
James Coben
In the case Ledbetter v Ledbetter, the appellate court considered the issue of whether parties to a divorce mediation should be bound to a settlement orally dictated by the mediator and affirmed by parties and their counsel at mediation, which was later repudiated by one of the parties.
Gabriel Cheong, Esq. Family Basics and Divorce Mediation - Video 01/14/2013
Gabriel Cheong, Esq.
Divorce and Family Mediation Basics Video. This is a question and answer video that tries to answer all of the basic divorce questions.
North Carolina Courts Child Custody Mediation Q & A - Video 01/26/2012
North Carolina Courts
Court Q & A - Child Custody Mediation - What to do when parents enter a custody battle. Join District Court Judge Martin (Marty) McGee and Bryan Hurley as they discuss this process.
Aboriginal Child Protection Mediation - Video 02/16/2012
The Ministry of Children and Family Development British Columbia
An interview with an Aboriginal woman who talks about her experience with child protection mediation. She tells us how mediation helps both parents and child welfare workers who are unable to resolve a plan of care for a child, reach a decision together in a non-judgmental way.
Sandi Sherr Sandi Sherr Parenting Mediation - Video 05/18/2012
Sandi Sherr
A welcoming message from Sandi Sherr, parenting mediator at Main Line Family Law Center, a law firm specializing in integrated divorce mediation practices, along Philadelphia Main Line.
Diana Mercer 5 Sources of Conflict - Video 08/06/2012
Diana Mercer
The 5 Sources of Conflict. This is an excerpt from a 25-hour basic family mediation training that is offered in the Los Angeles area by Diana Mercer.
Tennessee Mediation Four Phases of the Mediation Process - Video 01/26/2012
Tennessee Mediation
This video describes the four phases of the mediation process. This is an informative role-play produced by Jean Munroe and The topic of the mediation is divorce and child custody.
Relationships Scotland Family Mediation in Action - Video 01/26/2012
Relationships Scotland
A film showing parents who are having difficulties attending three mediation sessions. They discuss and agree a positive way forward for them as a family.
Diana Mercer Peace Talks: What is Divorce Mediation - Video 01/25/2012
Diana Mercer
Diana Mercer, Esq. presents an informative and knowledgable description of mediating a divorce. She explains that clients can decide how much if at all to involve a lawyer.
Fairway Divorce Solutions Divorce Toronto: What You Need to Know about Getting a Divorce - Video 01/25/2012
Fairway Divorce Solutions
Divorce Toronto: What You Need to Know About Getting a Divorce Fairway Divorce Solutions, a Toronto-based ADR firm, helps couples to get divorced faster and cheaper than other options.
Leo Hura Mediation in Disability Cases - Video 10/08/2012
Leo Hura
This video by Leo Hura shows a parent with a disabled child. She finds herself in a dispute with her school, but through the mediation process she reaches agreement with school regarding her disabled child in a culinary program.
Community Mediation Center of Kansas City Kansas City Center - Video 02/16/2012
Community Mediation Center of Kansas City
Video explaining the community mediation center set-up. Highlighting the center in Kansas City, this video shows multiple people coming to the center to resolve a variety of disputes.
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COVID-19 increasing complexity in family law mediation

Pandemic has given clients a sense of urgency, says Nathalie Boutet, family lawyer and mediator

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What if mediation does not work?

What do parties do when they cannot reach an agreement in a divorce or family law matter? The reality is that there are numerous possibilities.

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How To Get a Divorce Without Going Broke

Expert tips for breaking off a marriage without breaking the bank.

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Why mediation can be your best option in a divorce

When it comes to untying two lives after years of marriage, and especially when children are involved in the process, oftentimes mediation can be your best option in a divorce.

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Time Is On Your Side In the Mediation Process

The longer a mediation lasts the greater the likelihood that it will be successful. This conclusion is anecdotal, but based upon long experience.

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5 Signs Mediation Won’t Work for Your Divorce, According to a Mediation Expert

Divorce is a not-so-fun choose-your-own-adventure—hire a mediator? Go straight to a divorce lawyer? The circumstances of your split matter a lot, says Dr. Jann Blackstone, co-author of Co-Parenting Through Separation and Divorce: Putting Your Children First and a former child custody mediator for the California Superior Court.

read more

Difference Between Mediation & Conciliation

Conciliation shares some features of mediation in that it is a more informal, more affordable, and more efficient process than going to court.

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Legal News You Can Use: Does Mediation Make Sense for Your Divorce?

No matter what your feelings are toward each other, you may both be clear communicators and able to work together. If you have children, you may want to avoid a contentious process to protect them, too. In these cases, mediation may be your solution.

read more

With the family courts closed, mediation may be the only option

Delphine Eskenazi explains how the Paris Bar is deploying mediators to resolve parental access disputes during Covid-19

read more

Mediation in Family Law Cases During COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, ADR (most often mediation) is the only immediate option available for many, and that mediation now generally must take place online.

read more

Family and Dispute Resolution in Pandemic Times

In their Mediation column, Abby Tolchinsky and Ellie Wertheim write: Mediation is a tool that lends itself to these critical pandemic times—for families previously living with great levels of tension and conflict, the chance to have a facilitated conversation and ease the pressure can help spare them added anxiety and even resolve or preclude anger.

read more

State Supreme Court announces expedited parenting time mediation program in response to COVID-19 pandemic

A North Dakota Supreme Court order establishing an Expedited Parenting Time Mediation Program comes as Grand Forks' local court braces for an influx of cases involving parenting disputes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Does Your Family Need a Mediator?

Sure, a legal or tax issue could be putting the brakes on your succession plan, but more often it’s a communication roadblock. Maybe your spouse or sibling refuses to even talk about the hard decision you’re facing, or a father and son are in a decision standoff.

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How to navigate coparenting during the coronavirus crisis
PHOENIX (Good Morning Arizona) -- With the entire country now practicing social distancing, it's creating an unusual and sometimes difficult situation for parents who share joint custody of their kids.

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Pandemic compounds challenges facing divorced and separating couples — mediator
Asnat Hacohen highlights issues ranging from the impact of job losses on alimony payments to worries about protecting children in the homes of ex-spouses who have new partners

read more

Choose mediation over litigation in divorce

Mitigating harm to children is one of the primary reasons Michelle Dommisse, director of Michelle Dommisse & Associates, chooses mediation over litigation in divorces.

read more

Seeking Divorce Mediation is a valid option for Divorcing Couple

Lawyer Nicholas Hicks recommends seeking divorce mediation for divorcing couples especially those couples who are on good terms and would like to avoid litigation.

read more

Getting a divorce? Consider mediation or ‘collaborative divorce’

The start of the year is a popular time for couples to meet with lawyers as they contemplate divorce. Rather than opt for costly and drawn-out litigation, many are turning to alternatives such as mediation or what’s known as collaborative divorce.

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UK: Separating couples: what is mediation and why try it first?
What is a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting and why should it be your first port of call when you separate?

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Misconceptions and Benefits of Family Law Mediation

Mediation provides divorcing spouses and separating parents with the opportunity to take control of their future by investing their time and energy in resolving these issues without the necessity of litigation.

read more

The Divorce Mediation Movement

Attorney Kelly Chang Rickert discuss the pros and cons of mediation over litigation in divorce proceedings, and the impact on the couple going forward.

read more

Girl guides parents to mediation

In a bid to unite her parents, who have been living separately, a 12-year-old girl, a class 6 student from Sivaganga district, has managed to convince them to resolve their differences through mediation.

read more

Adele's Husband Agrees To Joint Custody and Private Mediation

Adele's estranged husband, Simon Konecki has just filed a response in the couple's divorce, and it seems the split will be very amicable.

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New online tool for parenting plans avoids cost, conflict: B.C. legal services society

Putting together a parenting plan in B.C. has gotten a bit easier. The provincial Legal Services Society's (LSS) MyLawBC Family Resolution Centre is now allowing parents to craft their plan online.

read more

Undocumented immigrant detained outside mediation in South Austin

An Austin attorney is speaking out after her client was taken into custody by immigration officials following mediation. Valencia, 34, was in mediation because he and his ex-wife are in a custody battle over their 3-year-old daughter. 

read more
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