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Lincoln Middle School Lincoln Peer Mediation - Video 01/25/2012
Lincoln Middle School
Tobi Inlender and students discuss the Peer Mediation Program in Santa Monica. This is the original peer mediation program in Los Angeles, and is run by the Dispute Resolution program and Lincoln Middle School.
Hugh McIssac Hugh McIssac: Child Custody Mediation - Video 04/13/2009
Hugh McIssac
Hugh McIssac shares an example of a child custody mediation he had early on. He notes that the positive outcome that resulted would never have occurred if it had been a court's decision.
Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D. Joan Kelly: Conflict-Free Environment for Children During Divorce - Video 10/02/2009
Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D.
Joan Kelly describes how mediation can be a protective factor for children in the divorce process. If parents can engage in and deal with conflict without involving their children, the children will be better off.
Andrew Schepard Andrew Schepard: Aborigine Model Processes for Handling Child Neglect/Abuse - Video 03/16/2010
Andrew Schepard
Andrew Schepard describes how Aboriginal tribes have an optimal process of dealing with child neglect and/or abuse. If abuse is reported, a family group conference may be called; they have the choice of opting out of the coercive court system, which he sees as a model approach.
Terry Wheeler Wheeler, Terry: Training Children in Negotiation Skills - Video 02/07/2010
Terry Wheeler
Terry Wheeler discusses research that shows mediation training for children can be effective, though a trainer must impart a comprehensive training, not just the first stages.
Lisa Parkinson Parkinson, Lisa: Differences Between US and UK in Family Law - Video 02/13/2009
Lisa Parkinson
Lisa Parkinson discusses how the legal systems treat family law and family mediation in different states in the US whereas the UK has one legal system and set of standards for both fields.
Linda Singer Singer, Linda: Interpersonal Mediation Builds Skills - Video 05/04/2010
Linda Singer
Linda Singer describes how her interpersonal mediation experience in the past has helped her to mediate in multi-party, complex cases currently. The rapport-development skills she learned in interpersonal mediation carry over to multi-party disputes.
Chip Rose Rose, Chip: Personal Background Creates Comfort with Conflict - Video 06/15/2009
Chip Rose
Chip Rose's parents had a lot of conflict in their relationship so he was very comfortable as a divorce litigator. His family life prepared him to deal with conflict.
Diane Neumann Neumann, Diane: Marketing Directly to Consumers - Video 05/14/2009
Diane Neumann
Diane Neumann speaks about the importance of marketing your mediation practice to your targeted audience.
Lisa Parkinson Parkinson, Lisa: Standards for Competency in Family Mediation - Video 05/14/2009
Lisa Parkinson
Lisa Parkinson describes her concern with how there is no mention of children or domestic abuse in the standards of competency for a family mediator - two elements that she believes are essential to understand if one is to practice family mediation.
Marilyn McKnight McKnight, Marilyn: Pushing the Envelope as Mediator - Video 08/29/2009
Marilyn McKnight
Marilyn McKnight shares how mediators need to be pro-active about certain issues, such as pushing legislation and proving that domestic violence cases can be mediated.
Barbara McAdoo McAdoo, Barbara: Seeing Litigation as Wrong Path in Many Cases - Video 06/18/2009
Barbara McAdoo
Barbara McAdoo speaks of her experience with litigation and feeling like the clients were not addressing the problem in the right way. She felt they could have communicated more openly and directly with each other.
Michael Lang Michael Lang: Pulled into Practice by Clients - Video 06/03/2009
Michael Lang
Michael Lang speaks of his start in divorce mediation when he was a lawyer.
Lisa Parkinson Lisa Parkinson: Hopes for Family Mediation in Beginning - Video 08/20/2009
Lisa Parkinson
Lisa Parkinson shares what her hopes were as the mediation field was emerging - improving the way in which families went through divorce as well as changing the legal culture.
Clarence Cramer Clarence Cramer: Safeguards for Mediating Domestic Violence Issues - Video 04/17/2010
Clarence Cramer
Clarence Cramer talks about the basic safeguards for clients in a domestic violence dispute, emphasizing protection.
Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D. Joan Kelly: Describing the book "Surviving the Break-Up" - Video 07/04/2010
Joan B. Kelly, Ph.D.
Joan Kelly talks about the central themes of her book, "Surviving the Break-Up". These include: impacts on children of different ages, impacts on the parents, reactions to the visiting relationship post-divorce, developmental impacts and behaviors over time.
Chip Rose Chip Rose: Mediation and Collaborative Law - Video 05/29/2010
Chip Rose
Chip Rose notes that the field of collaborative law is in its adolescence and there is tension between the collaborative law people who think they are creating something new when in reality mediators have been helping divorcing couples for decades. The history and experience in the mediation field is not always fully appreciated and valued.
Hugh McIssac Hugh McIssac: Tiered Model for Divorcing Parents - Video 05/07/2009
Hugh McIssac
Hugh McIssac describes a tiered model used in the Oregon courts for divorcing parents. If one process doesn't work, parents must move through the system of tiers, or processes, until they can work together.
Simulation: Family Mediation ADR in Action - Video 04/22/2009
Hugh McIssac
This video produced by the Indiana Supreme Court gives an example of a marital and shared custody mediation. The mediator helps the parties to give their opening statement and to settle on issues to be negotiated.
Clarence Cramer Clarence Cramer: Courts and Domestic Violence - Video 04/12/2009
Clarence Cramer
Clarence Cramer discusses when a court should get involved in a case that involves domestic violence.
Constance Ahrons Constance Ahrons: Cultural Changes Influence Family Models - Video 04/10/2010
Constance Ahrons
Constance Ahrons discusses how divorce does not mean automatic crises and disaster for a family and with cultural changes, family models are ever-changing. As long as the child has support, care, love, and stability in its relationships, they will be okay.
Family Mediation Trailer - Video 04/06/2009
Constance Ahrons
Family Mediation Edition Trailer is a remarkable collection of observations and experiences of 27 of the most experienced family mediators in the world. The mediators include: Constance Ahrons Maxine Baker-Jackson Kenneth Cloke Clarence Cramer Stephen Erickson Gregory Firestone Roger Fisher Jay Folberg Larry Fong David Hoffman Joan Kelly Michael Lang Bernie Mayer Hugh McIssac Marilyn McKnight Nina Meierding Diane Neumann Lisa Parkinson Leonard Riskin Chip Rose Peter Salem Frank Sander Don Saposnek Andrew Schepard Carl Schneider Margaret Shaw Zena Zumeta
Ann Milne Ann Milne: Quality Mediation Takes Time - Video 03/07/2010
Ann Milne
Mediators have an obligation to educate future mediators and the public about mediation and this is a process that takes time; some courts put pressure on mediators to settle in a certain number of sessions and this creates muscle mediation, or forcing the parties into settlement.
Nina Meierding Meierding, Nina: Influential Experts - Video 04/06/2009
Nina Meierding
Nina Meierding describes different expert mediators that have influenced her in different fields within mediation including custody disputes, domestic violence, and who has challenged her and made her rethink ideas.
Hugh McIssac McIssac, Hugh: Family Culture Requires Change in Response - Video 11/29/2009
Hugh McIssac
Hugh McIssac examines the family in a historical context and what changes have come about recently that require more diverse responses.
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