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Fascinating Simulation of Political Mediation in Scotland 04/03/2017
John Lande
The deliberative process this mediator conducted is such a stark contrast to the sharp political polarization and poor communication in the US these days.
Figuring Out George Mitchell’s Real Contribution to the Good Friday Agreement 04/24/2018
Geoffrey Corry
On Tuesday 10th April 2018, I was in Belfast to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) with all the great and the good who took part in those negotiations.
A Pop-Up Mediation: Multi-Party Dialogue Using Mediation Brexit: A Constitutional Crisis? 04/21/2017
John Sturrock
On the evening of Tuesday March 28th 2017, a pop-up mediation event on Brexit took place at the Grassmarket Community Centre in Edinburgh.
Interview with Lisa Parkinson 03/20/2017
Lisa Parkinson
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Lisa Parkinson, family mediation leader in the UK and Europe, filmed as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Series.
Building a Golden Bridge and Other Lessons from Dr. William Ury 06/22/2018
Bruce Edwards
Dr. Ury says that in modern day conflict, where we seek to win at the expense of our adversary. In doing so, we invariably ensure mutual loss. “Instead,” he said, “The aim of modern day conflict resolution must focus on finding mutual gains.”
A Toddler's Wisdom on Conflict Resolution 06/15/2018
Jan Frankel Schau
The values we share matter more than our differences.
The Edinburgh Declaration of International Mediators 06/04/2018
John Sturrock
I write this in the aftermath of the really uplifting and wonderfully diverse conference which I had the privilege to host and chair recently in my home city, under the auspices of the International Academy of Mediators.
Optimizing the Use of Joint Sessions in Mediation 04/13/2018
John Sturrock
Much has been said and written about the demise of the joint meeting in mediation. In my experience, such a view is premature and, I fear, is potentially wasteful of the power that mediation brings for creative problem-solving.
“Justice” Report for England and Wales: A Missed Opportunity for Radical Change 06/29/2015
Charlie Irvine
"Justice," a UK think-tank committed to legal reform, launched a new report in April 2015 entitled "Delivering Justice in an Age of Austerity". It proposes significant changes to the justice system of England and Wales, including a new character, the "Registrar", who would have powers to mediate, provide early neutral evaluation, dismiss cases or refer them to a judge. The article provides a detailed critique of the proposals, concluding that despite great merit, they extend the "shadow of the law" by making early neutral evaluation the default. A more radical and empowering change would have been to make mediation the default, with ENE and adjudication the remedial alternatives.
Mediation Services Matter in Scotland 10/14/2016
John Sturrock
This blog synthesises some remarks I have made recently to policy-makers in Scotland.
UK Government has Announced £4.4m Funding to Tackle Bullying in Schools 10/03/2016
Richard Peachey
The Government has announced £4.4m funding for 10 innovative schemes to tackle bullying in schools.
Scotland’s ‘Mixed’ Feelings About Mediation - Part 2 07/01/2016
Charlie Irvine
To a hammer, everything looks like a nail; and to litigators, most cases look ripe for litigation. But my generation entered the Scottish legal profession with an additional motivation: if a case runs its full course, it is not just good for our pockets, it is good for the law and good for the country.
The Role of Intra-Group Consensus-Building in Disarming Militant Groups in Northern Ireland 03/24/2015
This study examines the internal process that led combatant groups in Northern Ireland, focusing on the Loyalist camp, to relinquish armed struggle as a viable strategy to accomplish their political goals. The study focuses on internal dynamics, i.e. intra-group negotiations and consensus- building mechanisms that Loyalist militant organisations employed to switch from violence to non-violence and from confrontation to engagement with their enemies.
Scotland’s ‘Mixed’ Feelings About Mediation - Part 1 06/27/2016
Charlie Irvine
This paper considers Scotland’s lack of receptivity towards mediation in the light of its ‘mixed’ legal heritage of both civilian and common law influences. It contrasts the approach to mediation in common law jurisdictions (such as England and Wales and those of the USA) with that of France, where litigation acts like an ‘attracting magnet’.
Making Mediation Sexy?! 10/07/2016
Sabine Walsh
It’s that time of year again! Mediation Awareness Week is about to kick off in Ireland, the UK and many other countries around the world.
Brexit and the Nash Trap 07/29/2016
Greg Rooney
The decision to leave the EU has drawn the UK into the Nash Trap.
BREXIT: A View from the Philosophy of Liquid Modernity and Ethics of Alterity 07/21/2016
Maria Eugenia Sole
Let's make an attempt to understand the recent events related to the output of the United Kingdom of the European Union from the perspective of contemporary sociology, but not before making a brief review of the paradigm shifts in the social field over the past centuries. En Espanol
Mr v Mrs: Call The Mediator 06/27/2016
Richard Peachey
Behind closed doors, in more than 500 locations across England and Wales, a network of National Family Mediation (NFM) services are meeting separated couples attempting to resolve their disputes over money, children and property – without a courtroom battle.
Trouble at the Top: Why CEOs Don't Use Mediation 06/06/2016
Katherine Graham
The C-suite, the Board, senior management – call it what you will, those at the top of an organisation are as prone to conflict as the rest of us. But even more than the staff base, senior management are reluctant to use mediation.
Are You Seeing the Benefit of Soft Skills? 08/21/2015
Katherine Graham
“Soft skills like communication and teamwork are incredibly important to our business because of the impact they can have on our customers’ experience. As integral as they are to the performance and progression of our employees, I know that we can do more to recognise their importance which is why we are launching this campaign," says the Chief People Officer of McDonalds UK.
The 2015-16 Global Pound Conference Series - Prospectus 04/15/2015
“Shaping the Future of Dispute Resolution & Improving Access to Appropriate Justice." The goal of the Global Pound Conference (“GPC”) Series is to improve access to justice around the world by generating actionable data from stakeholders in the dispute prevention and resolution fields to facilitate greater access to appropriate dispute resolution (“ADR”) processes worldwide. Please join our efforts!
To Leave or To Remain? 06/27/2016
Phyllis Pollack
Brexit: should Britain remain within the European Union or leave? The proponents on both sides have been quite strong in their respective positions accusing each other of exaggeration, if not misrepresentation.
Further Thoughts on Brexit and Caledonian Antisyzygy 08/05/2016
John Sturrock
This blog is a further reflection on the implications of Brexit, viewed from a Scottish perspective.
On Yer Bike – To the Mediation Table! 04/18/2016
Sabine Walsh
The current dispute in Ireland involves multiple parties who all have strongly held positions, based on their values, interests and needs. Does this sound familiar?
Brexit And The Tragically Flawed Mediator 08/08/2016
Greg Bond
If Brexit were an ancient Greek tragedy, David Cameron would be the tragic hero.
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