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Preparing for that Dreaded Conversation 01/24/2020
Cinnie Noble
“By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail,” Benjamin Franklin.
Theory of Change Symposium – Part 5 and Coming Attractions 01/24/2020
John Lande
This jumbo-size post is the last part in the Theory of Change Symposium.
Connecting With Our Values 01/17/2020
Cinnie Noble
“It is not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” Roy Disney
Dividing the Burial Plot in Divorce 01/17/2020
Mary Salisbury
This article addresses an often overlooked asset in divorce, the burial plot, and the surprising negative consequences of failing to address this asset in the divorce decree.
10 Mediation Tips for Settling Business Disputes 01/17/2020
James Dorian
For practitioners of the law, mediation is a well-known concept that became part of their lives.
The Effect of Power in Mediation 01/17/2020
Felicia Staub
Balancing power is an important part of mediation. I did a mediation recently in which the levels of power of each party played a very important role.
Dispute Resolution and the Catalyst for Change in Cyprus: A Fellow’s Journey 01/03/2020
Eleni Charalambidou
As mediators and dispute resolution promoters, we are people’s people.
New Study Evaluates the Role of Misconception in Creating Conflict 01/03/2020
Natalie Davis
This new study explores the idea that misconceptions are in fact a cause of conflicts. It is widely accepted that misconceptions are a root cause of conflicts, but it has not been thoroughly explored.
The Horror of Bullying at France Telecom 01/03/2020
Arran Heal
Between 2008 and 2009, 35 employees of France Télécom committed suicide.
Peter Kaskell, 1924-2019 01/03/2020
F. Peter Phillips
Peter Kaskell died on December 12, 2019. He was a dear friend whom I met at the CPR Institute and who taught me not just the delicate arts of demand-led commercial dispute management, but the even more delicate arts of humility, service and attention to others’ needs.
What’s in Your Wallet? (Do You Know?) 12/27/2019
Joy Rosenthal
One of the things that I’ve noticed when I mediate is that one person in a couple is often much more financially literate than the other.
My Favorite Resource: A Year in Review 12/27/2019
Nicole Wilmet
I have had such a wonderful time connecting with ADR friends across the country to learn about a wide variety of helpful and informative resources.
Recent Research Proposes Walking as Creative Conflict Resolution Practice 12/27/2019
Natalie Davis
This article examines how walking may be beneficial to not only an individual, but to multiple people involved in a conflict resolution process.
Gossip Feeds Conflict 12/27/2019
Kathleen Kauth
Gossip in the office can be very damaging, causing hidden (and sometimes not so hidden) conflicts.
It is All a Matter of Perspective 12/24/2019
Phyllis Pollack
This season is a time for reflection and to realize once again that not everyone sees the world the same way as we do.
A Fresh Approach to Advanced Training 12/24/2019
Peter Adler
This training seeks to provide: The right thing, in the right way, at the right time, in the right place, to the right person, for the right reason, with the right feeling... the first time.
Comentario de Libro de Alberto Elisavetsky 12/19/2019
Luz Bibiana Clara
Esta obra dirigida magistralmente por el Dr. Alberto Elisavetsky, ha logrado reunir de modo ágil, ameno y coordinado, a referentes del tema ODR alrededor del mundo.
Mediation in light of the New Technologies. A multi-geographic journey through the origins and present of conflict resolution and technological impact -- Book Review 12/19/2019
Luz Bibiana Clara
This articles reviews Alberto Elisavetsky's new book discussing mediation and new technologies.
A Guide To Creative Christmas Plans For Divorced Parents 12/19/2019
Michael Aurit
This article discusses six options that are successful ways of sharing time with children over the holidays.
Pressure-Cooker Mediation: Stick to basics to make a difference 12/19/2019
Jonathan Rodrigues
Set in an adversarial environment with a clicking court battle time-bomb placed over our heads, my first experience of court referred mediation in Scotland, as a co-mediator, was overwhelmingly real.
Conflicts in the 'Family' Work Environment 12/12/2019
Kathleen Kauth
What do you do when work treats you “like family”?
New Horizon for International Commercial Mediation: The Singapore Convention 12/06/2019
Stanley Santire
The fundamental concept of the Convention began in 1958 with the signing of the New York Convention. That concept is the obligation of contracting nation states to give effect to private agreements emerging from alternative dispute resolution.
Pacesetting in Mediation 12/06/2019
Sarah Ater
This article encourages mediators with different levels of experience to work together. It uses the analogy of pacesetters in a marathon to show how mediators can support and challenge each other leading to growth and improvement in the mediation profession
This I Believe 12/06/2019
Eric Anderson
I am willing to respect you even though I might not admire or look up to you for the accomplishments you are credited with.
Conflict Prevention: Utilizing the Historical Reasonable Person of Common Law 11/29/2019
Alia Ismail
Commitment to the reasonable man theory, a building block to many constitutions, is a commitment to one’s higher self, rather than to one’s instinct. Training individuals to act in a way that’s reasonable, creates internal checks and balances.
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