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Ascending the Status of Mediation - Supporting the National Mediation Policy Act 06/17/2019
The Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM) recently became the first major organization to endorse The National Mediation Policy Act, a seminal national effort to improve the sanity of discourse in our country.
Mediation in a Changing Climate? - From Consensus to Confrontation? 06/17/2019
John Sturrock
It is a privilege to speak here at the Salzburg Global Seminar. I'd like to start with some provocation. Imagine these alternatives to the usual headlines.
Trump’s Approach to Conflict Resolution: Effect on Disputants and Neutrals 06/13/2019
Stephen Goldberg
Donald Trump’s primary approach to the resolution of conflict is to focus on what he sees as his power advantage over the party with whom he is dealing, and to rely on that presumed power advantage to force the other party to agree to his terms.
Educating the Next Generation in Resolving Social Media Disputes 06/10/2019
Gregg Relyea
Educating the next generation about conflict resolution skills--early in life--is essential on many levels.
Appearance and Reality in Mediation 06/06/2019
Arthur Rosenbloom
I argue that mediators are well advised to be mindful of the distinction between appearance and reality.
Planning for Good Quality Decision-Making in Mediation Using PETSM 05/31/2019
John Lande
The current commercial mediation model handed down over the past 30 years is working just fine for lawyers and mediators (not to mention the court system).
Harvard Shares Five Tips for an Experienced Mediator 05/30/2019
Samuel Dinnar
Harvard Negotiation Institute’s Samuel Dinnar shares his recommendations
Referring Church Conflict to Mediation 05/30/2019
Wayne Plenert
This article outlines what uninvolved church leaders could do: encourage mediation in churches.
Expanding Access to Remedies Through E-Court Initiatives 05/23/2019
Beth Graham
Amy J. Schmitz, Elwood L. Thomas Missouri Endowed Professor of Law at the University of Missouri School of Law, has published a timely article titled “Expanding Access to Remedies Through E-Court Initiatives.”
Four Tips to Navigate a Difficult Conversation at Work 05/23/2019
Meredith Richardson
Although you can’t control the outcome of a difficult conversation or meeting at work, you can take inner action to support an effective conversation and a good outcome.
Self-Determination: How Mediator's Goals Put it in Jeopardy 05/23/2019
Tessa Tompkins Byer
In this article, I discuss a recent case in Summary Process court where I prioritized settling the case; as a result, I retrospectively wonder if my reactions to the party undermined her self-determination.
Is Mediation Justice? 05/23/2019
Tony Guise
This challenges the views of some commentators that mediation is a bad thing because it is private and prevents citizens from having their day in court.
The “ABC Test” is Retroactive! 05/18/2019
Phyllis Pollack
In 2018, the California Supreme Court drastically changed the employment law landscape in California by adopting the “ABC Test” for determining whether workers are employees ( and not independent contractors) under California wage order laws.
My Favorite Resource Featuring Robyn Weinstein 05/18/2019
Nicole Wilmet
This month, Resource Center Director Nicole Wilmet spoke with Robyn Weinstein, ADR Administrator at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, to learn about her favorite resource.
Co-Mediation Can Bring Harmony to a Complex Case 05/18/2019
Andrew Nadolna
When you have a complex, multi-disciplinary problem, should you hire one expert in one aspect of the problem and then hope that that person can manage all the other aspects?
Three Common Ways Conflict Shows Up in Organizations 05/10/2019
Lorraine Segal
Conflict in businesses and organizations can show up in at least three different ways.
8 Things To Consider When Communicating With Your Ex 05/10/2019
Leyla Balakhane
Divorce taints the line of communication between couples, as the multitude of emotions circulating between them makes it toughto remain civil.
What Is Divorce Mediation and Why Might it Be Good for You? 05/10/2019
Lori Frio-Walker
Divorce and custody mediation creates a safe, cooperative setting for participants to discuss emotional and substantive issues and engage in collaborative problem-solving. Participants open lines of communication, gain clarity and a better understanding of their own and each other's interests.
The Guide to Reflective Practice in Conflict Resolution by Michael D. Lang--Book Review 05/09/2019
David Hubbard
This is a book review of "The Guide to Reflective Practice in Conflict Resolution" by Michael Lang. By exposing the reader to various models, methods, examples, and by exploring the enriching benefits of reflective practice, Lang’s guide will help any practitioner further their development and effectiveness.
The Need to Be Right 05/03/2019
Cinnie Noble
One of the many attitudes to conflict that derails interpersonal conflicts (and most conflicts, really) is a need to be right
The Linctus of Choosing a Mediator - Part 2 05/03/2019
Chinwe Egbunike-Umegbolu
Mediation is now the toast of the day in America, Canada, Australia, the UK and many parts of the European Union. The developing economies of the world are now exploring this medium of dispute resolution.
Slow Down and Be the Bedouin 04/26/2019
Tammy Lenski
It feels productive to toss out ideas for a solution and demonstrate how much we want to help. But it’s usually unproductive if we haven’t done something essential first: Make sure we understand the problem from their frame of reference.
The Linctus of Choosing a Mediator 04/26/2019
Chinwe Egbunike-Umegbolu
Mediation is now the toast of the day in America, Canada, Australia, the UK and many parts of the European Union.
Division of Assets and Debts 04/26/2019
Leyla Balakhane
Financial matters are a primary topic of discussion in divorce mediation.
Two Things About Negotiating 04/26/2019
Maria Simpson
Have you ever heard yourself say (or think) something like,“Wait. No. Actually I didn’t mean it that way. I was just throwing ideas out. I . . .” Oops.
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