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Mediating Online: Family Mediation Course 08/26/2020
Jim Melamed is proud to make the first day of our 10 day Online Family Mediation course available for free! The overall 20-hour training is available both "live" September 14-25 and is also available as a recorded course on an ongoing basis. Enjoy!
People are Idiots; Marriage is Dumb; and You Are All Going to Get Divorced 08/14/2020
Liz Merrill
If you get married, chances are you probably also going to get divorced. If you get married more than once, those chances go up.
Divorce Mediation: Using Caucusing to Relieve Pandemic Stress 08/14/2020
Roseann Vanella
Caucusing can be an important tool during the pandemic stress.
Using Mediation for Family Business Disputes 06/19/2020
Roseann Vanella
Being in business with family members involves some unique dynamics that are not present with other types of business arrangements.
What Happens If You are Getting a Military Divorce? 06/08/2020
Mitch Cohen
Most of those in the know agree that military marriages are burdened by stresses and strains beyond those of an ordinary marriage.
Surviving the Pandemic - Advice from 74 Family Experts 05/17/2020
Michael Lang
In this outstanding collection of essays, there are tips for managing disagreements, guidelines for handling children’s needs, information about finances, and even a recipe for Quarantine Cookies.
Who Gets the COVID-19 Stimulus Check in the Divorce? 05/11/2020
Kristyn Carmichael
During this challenging time, many separated spouses are experiencing unexpected confusion and conflict around the Stimulus Check, which was intended to provide financial relief, as authorized by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act).
CV-19 Crisis Brings Heightened Need for Community-based Conflict Resolution 04/10/2020
Susan Raines
Crisis breeds conflict. The stress of economic uncertainty and dislocation caused by CV-19 are only outpaced by the anxiety many feel for the safety of their loved ones.
Conflict in Confined Spaces 04/03/2020
Kathleen Kauth
Stay at home orders have been issued, work and schools have closed down, everyone is home together. So now what?
Divorce Mediation: The Healthy Way to Break Up 04/03/2020
Dakota Murphey
There are all sorts of reasons why relationships break up, and when a couple is in crisis it’s easy to turn on the other person and point the finger of blame.
Four Reasons to Try Divorce Mediation 03/13/2020
Alex Derr
When we think about getting a divorce, most people immediately start looking for an attorney to represent them.
People are Idiots 02/28/2020
Liz Merrill
People are idiots, marriage is dumb, and you’re all going to end up getting divorced eventually--maybe.
How Much Does Divorce Really Cost? 02/27/2020
Dr. Lynne C. Halem
Some who are faced with the prospect of divorce, are deterred by the sheer magnitude of change that will impact their family’s lives.
Promises, Promises 02/14/2020
Joy Rosenthal
The Oscar-nominated film, Marriage Story, by Noah Baumbach, is really a divorce story. It centers on the relationships between Nicole, an actor, her husband, Charlie, a Broadway director, and their eight-year-old son, Henry.
What Is A "High Conflict Divorce," Anyway? 02/14/2020
Carrie Gour
Kathleen Wells, lead partner at Wells Family Law shares how to identify a high conflict personality, the characteristics of a typical high conflict divorce file, and suggestions on how clients can best manage both.
Do I Need to Hire a Divorce/Family Attorney Before Beginning My Divorce? 02/07/2020
Tye Bourdony
Getting divorced can be one of the most stressful and difficult life situations a person can find themselves in. When confronted with how to best move forward in a divorce, and what to do about an attorney, there is no one clear answer.
What if You Die? Divorcing and Death 01/24/2020
Dr. Lynne C. Halem
There’s an interesting dichotomy between married couples’ view of life insurance.
The Beauty and Terror of Change 01/24/2020
Keri Morris
In my role as mediator one of the questions I am asked most often by parents, community groups, and interested parties is if an agreement reached at Family Dispute Resolution is legally binding and enforceable through the family court.
Mediation versus Court in Divorce 01/03/2020
Denise French
“I’ll get my day in court!” ……. “The judge won’t like what you did!” …….. “I’m going to spread your dirt all over the courtroom!”
Somewhere Between Reasonable and Crazy 01/03/2020
John Lande
The very touching Netflix movie, Marriage Story, provides an unusually realistic depiction of divorce dynamics.
A Guide To Creative Christmas Plans For Divorced Parents 12/19/2019
Michael Aurit
This article discusses six options that are successful ways of sharing time with children over the holidays.
Holiday Gift Giving Guidelines for Divorced Parents 12/12/2019
Roseann Vanella
Recently, a divorced parent asked me my opinion on how to go about giving holiday gifts to her children.
Conflicts in the 'Family' Work Environment 12/12/2019
Kathleen Kauth
What do you do when work treats you “like family”?
Why You Should Mediate Your Divorce Instead of Litigating It 12/12/2019
Lisa Taylor
This article shows a clear timeline for mediating your divorce. The purpose of mediation is to get you talking about how to settle every issue right away, so the process is usually much faster, much less expensive, much less stressful and overall much more satisfying than litigation.
What to Do After You Get Your Divorce Judgment 11/29/2019
Joy Rosenthal
When we submit your divorce papers to the court in order to obtain a Judgment of Divorce (JOD), the terms of the Settlement Agreement become the law.
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