My Mediation Practice

My mediation practice includes dealing with a wide variety of family, premarital, and marital issues. The largest part of my practice involves divorce mediation. 

(I am also a Clinical Psychologist in private practice. My clinical practice focuses on adult couples and adult individuals.)

The advantage of mediation is that it can keep you out of court and significantly lower costs. It can also increase the liklihood of post-divorce cooperative behavior and reduce the potential negative effects of divorce on children. Mediation allows you, not the court, to control the outcome of divorce and is a non-confrontational process allowing you to reach an agreement.  

How likely are you to reach an agreement?

My experience indicates a vast majority (over 80%) of mediating parties reach agreement ranging from a comprehensive resolution of all issues to agreement that is sufficient enough to enable the parties to avoid litigation. This high success rate is probably because mediating parties recognize the opportunity mediation presents and are highly motivated to reach agreement (and avoid court-imposed resolutions).

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