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Reflections of a Mediator

This poem was offered by Sharon Pickett at the ‘Non-talent Show” of the “Consolidating Our Wisdom” Conference at Keystone October 8-11, 2006.

Create an environment,

Set the right tone,

Help folks to know

That they’re not alone.

Join with your clients,

Reassure fear,

Know where you’re going,

Make the path clear.

Focus on needs,

No resistance or blame,

Hear every word,

Learn how to frame.

Make no assumptions,

Create healthy doubt,

Stay centered and calm,

Don’t use your clout.

Talk to both people,

Look for the good,

Refrain judgment,

No “have to” or “should.”

Gain a commitment,

Develop the knack

Of asking clear questions,

It’s more than the facts.

Trust in the process,

Don’t try to combine,

Keep it quite simple,

One step at a time.

Identify options,

There’s more than one way,

Know your own buttons,

Conflict is OK.

Finalize plans,

And help them to see

It’s in their own interest

If they can agree.

So at the end of the day,

When all’s said and done,

The dark clouds reveal

a glimmer of sun.


Sharon Pickett

Sharon provided communications consulting services to a wide range of progressive nonprofit organizations, including ACR. Sharon helped write the grant to the Hewlett Foundation that funded the formation of ACR and has worked on numerous ACR projects since 2000, including creating and editing ACResolution magazine. Sharon works as a family… MORE >

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