Thomas Reese - Mediator

Tom Reese Dispute Resolution

I have at least two assets that can make a difference:  


I am a full time neutral. That means that all of my education, time and effort focuses on the procesees of mediation and arbitration. This has been my professional life for over 20 years.


When I left the practice of law, I left after 30+ years as a civil trial attorney. I have tried many cases in the several Bay Area counties to jury and to bench verdicts. But when I started practicing in Menlo Park and San Francisco, one could be a generalist. Therefore, I was able to do estate planning such as AB marital trusts, and I probated estates. I formed and dissolved corporations. I formed general partnerships. I handled complicated real estate transactions involving, among others, Boise Cascade and Lincoln Property Company. I wrote confidentiality agreements for employers in high tech industries. This means that I understand the language of many areas of the law. I know the real estate developer's (contractor's) meaning of "surcharge" and the trusts litigator's meaning of "surcharge." It means that I am familiar with the concepts in several years of transactional law. This background gave me credibility to try trade secret cases, undue influence estate distribution cases, real estate acquisition contract cases, land use issues, and other divergent areas of the law.