Ray Shonholtz: The Passing of a Community Mediation Visionary

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It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of our friend and colleague Raymond Shonholtz. Ray was a visionary within community mediation from its earliest days and a tireless advocate of our capacity to mindfully engage one another with compassion and understanding.

In 1976, Ray founded and served as President of San Francisco’s Community Boards, one of the first neighborhood and school mediation program in the United States. In 1989, he founded Partners for Democratic Change, an international organization committed to building sustainable capacity to advance civil society and a culture of change and conflict management worldwide. He continued to inspire these and other fields by championing innovative applications of peace, contributing peering scholarly articles, and selflessly sharing his time and wisdom with colleagues.

Ray Shonholtz: Visionary and Mensche

Partners for Democratic Change Announcement

Ray Guest Blogging on Occupy Wall Street

Courageous Conversations: Aligning the Occupy Wall Street and the Mediation Movements

A keynote address by Ray Shonholtz delivered at the Oregon Mediation Association Conference November 2011


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Justin Corbett is Executive Director at NAFCM: The National Association for Community Mediation. Justin also serves as Associate Professor of Negotiations and Alternative Dispute Resolution at Indiana University - Indianapolis. Justin is past Executive Director & Mediator at Indyspute Resolution & Dialogue Center, Inc. and received his education at Pepperdine… MORE >

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