Podcast 23: Providing Mediation as an Alternative Response to Low Emergent 911 Calls within the City of Dayton

In this episode, Veronica talks to Raven Cruz Loaiza, the Mediation Response Coordinator for the newly developed Mediation Response Unit (MRU) at the Dayton Mediation Center located in Dayton, Ohio.  Listen to this episode to learn about how this innovative program provides mediation in order to work on improving community police relations.

About the Dayton Mediation Response Unit:

“We are a City of Dayton program under the umbrella of the Dayton Mediation Center and are an alternative response team that responds to low emergent 911 calls within the City of Dayton. Our program was formulated after the police reform talks began in 2020 and the working groups identified recommendations for the community of Dayton. We are a team of five trained responders with a wealth of experience and certification in areas such as crisis response, de-escalation, conflict resolution and community development and relationship building.”

Dayton Mediation Response Unit Website


Raven Cruz Loaiza

Raven is the Mediation Response Coordinator for the newly developed Mediation Response Unit (MRU) at the Dayton Mediation Center located in Dayton, Ohio. The MRU derived from the City of Dayton’s police reform initiatives and is in place to provide the community of Dayton with on scene alternate response options… MORE >


Veronica Cravener

Veronica Cravener is a mediator and trainer for Mediate to Achieve, LLC, based in Columbus, Ohio, USA.  She has mediated more than 500 disputes across areas such as landlord-tenant, contracts, consumer-business, personal injury, neighbors, individual disputes over money, and post-employment disputes.  She is experienced at mediating by text message in… MORE >

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