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Collaborative Professional Featured Placement 

Click image to see Collaborative Professional Featured Placement sample

Special Offers

  • If your placement is the second Collaborative Professional Placement in an area code, you get 25% off the regular price.
  • If your placement is the first Collaborative Professional Placement in an area code, you get 50% off the regular price.
  • If you purchase more than one Collaborative Professional Featured Placement, you get 25% off your second and 30% off your third placement.
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Provides you with comprehensive statewide display.  Your banner is seen in the right margin of every page of for all visitors from your designated state(s).

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What  clients say . . .

". . . in response to our prior email exchange about expanding our office’s presence on, we decided to turn the dial way up. As a result, our Google listing has rapidly risen and we’ve received a number of inquiries through It works!"

Mediation Office of John Spiegel, J.D.

With a Collaborative Professional Placement, your name and practice information are displayed at the top of every page of for every visitor to from your area code(s). 

Please click on the image to the right to see how our new "mouseover" system adds your picture and deeper practice information to every page of for clients and referral sources. will have over four million visitor sessions during 2009!   See our monthly web site statistics here.  Our Collaborative Professionals Program displays a limited numno more than 6 Collaborative Professionals at the top of every page of for all visitors from your selected area code(s).  

How It Works

When visitors come to our site, we identify their area code (or they do not get access) and then we display a limited number of Collaborative Professionals at the top of every page of

Limited Availability

Only 6 Collaborative Professional placements are available in each area code.

Additional Benefits of Collaborative Professional Featured Placement

1.  Featured Web Site

Another valuable part of your Collaborative Professional Placement puts you in our Featured Web Site system  that displays a linked picture of your web site and your linked name on the 
home page for all visitors from your area code (on a rotating basis) and at

Click image to see sample of "Featured Today"

2.  Featured Placement in Search Resulted

Collaborative Professional Featured Placement also includes your Preferred Placement at the very top of Directory Search Results (in the yellow box). 

Click image to see sample of "Preferred Placement"

3.  Ongoing Access to Click-Through Statistics

Collaborative Professional Featured Placement participants have ongoing access to click-through statistics from your Account Page.  There is no guesswork about the amount of web site traffic your placement generates for you.

Click image to see sample of "Click-Through Statistics"


Order Collaborative Professional Featured Placement:
Appear at the top of every page on for all visitors from your selected area code(s). Only 6 placements per area code. 


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