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Mediate.com's Featured Mediator Program is your best opportunity to be seen by local clients and referral sources looking for mediation services.

With a Mediate.com Featured Mediator Placement, your name and practice information are displayed at the top of every page of Mediate.com for every visitor from your local area code(s)!

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How The Featured Mediator Program Works

When visitors come to our site, we identify their area code and display a limited number of Featured Mediators at the top of every page of Mediate.com.  Some area codes are sold out.

I want you to know that your site brings me more business than I would have ever imagined from a third party referral site. FYI, over the past 10 months, I have received 20 phones calls about my services as a result of my involvement with Mediate.com. The majority of my Mediate.com referrals have resulted in new business for my firm. You should be very proud of yourself! Mediate.com is a great service to the mediation community and to the general public who need our services. 
From Robin Graine   

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With Featured Mediator Placement, your practice information is displayed at the top of every page of Mediate.com for all visitors from your designated area code!