The Guerrilla Negotiator Robert D. Benjamin

Effective Strategies for Reaching Agreement and the Mediation of Conflict

The Collected Writings of Robert D. Benjamin, 1990-2004, Vol. 1 2004.

The best of Robert Benjamin's articles from Mediate.Com, Mediation News and other publications, including journal articles and book contributions not previously available in digital format.

Over 30 selections, including:

  • “The Natural Mediator”
  • “The Risks of Neutrality”
  • “Dogs as Conflict Mediators”
  • “Mediation as Theatre and Negotiation as Performance Art”
  • “Gut Instinct”
  • “Negotiation and Evil”
  • “Managing the Natural Energy of Conflict: Tricksters, Mediators and the Constructive Uses of Deception”
  • “The Physics of Mediation”
  • “Strategies for Managing Impasse”
  • “Guerrilla Mediation: The Use of Warfare Strategies in the Management of Conflict”
  • “Mediation as a Subversive Activity”
  • “The Use of Mediative Strategies in Traditional (Collaborative) Legal Practice” 
  • “Mediation Strategies in the Management of Child Sexual Abuse”

The Guerrilla Negotiator