Build the Toolbox is excited to announce a series called Build the Toolbox.

The purpose of this series will be to create a Toolbox of interactive tools that dispute resolvers can use with your clients. The creators of these tools will be our best and most knowledgeable resource--you!  We will then be using the information that you provide to create questionnaires and resource guides that you can provide to your clients. 

This poll focuses exclusively on property disputes (real property, landlord-tenant, HOA, property management, etc). If you have experience with such property disputes, we would appreciate your input!


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How long have you been a dispute resolver?
How many years of experience do you have resolving property issues?
What are the main types of issues you see in the property field?
 Residential Landlord/Tenant Issues
 Tenant-Tenant Disputes
 Physical Condition Concerns
 HOA & Property Management
 Commercial Landlord/Tenant Issues
 Eviction Issues
Other issues
What resources do you wish your clients knew about?
What is one thing that would have made your clients more effective/successful in resolving their dispute?
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Thanks very much!