Directory Listing Tutorial

This is a quick tour to help you edit your Directory Listing.

By now, you should have have received an email with your user ID and password.  To manage your Directory Listing, go to and enter your user ID and password and click "OK."

This is an image, not the real log in box.  If you would like to log in to your account, go here


You will be directed to your Account Page, then click on the "Edit Directory Listing" link. 

Your Account Page 

You will be taken to your Directory Control Panel.  Note that each numbered section expands.  

Please be sure to click "Save Changes" at least every 20 minutes to avoid losing any entered information.

Here is what your Directory Control Panel looks like:

Directory Control Panel

Section 1.  Select Your Directories

Select Your Directories

Section 2. Control Visible Contact Information


Section 3.  Provide Descriptive Information

Summary descriptrive information

 Note Additional Sections for Text Entry Below

Additional Text Information

Section 4.  Designate "Location of Services" 

Contact if you desire additional coverage.


Section 5.  Enter substantive Areas of Practice and Number of Cases per practice area


Section 6.  indicate Your "Additional Services"


Section 7.  indicate Your Membership Organizations


Section 8.  Upload Your Photo

Ideally, upload an image 150 pixels wide. Otherwise, your image will automatically be so resized.  We are pleased to assist you to best refine, crop and upload your picture. Contact for help.

Section 9.  Upload Attachments

You can upload Word, PDF and other files as attachments to your directory listing.


Section 10.  Qualifications Disclosure

Please Self-Evaluate Your Qualification Level as "Associate," "Practitioner" or "Senior" Mediator.


Section 11.   List Your Mediation Training

Please keep this list current.

List of Tranings


Section 12.  Indicate whether or not you have professional liability insurance


Section 13.  List references or indicate available upon request

Section 14. Add Badge Graphics to Your Website

Badge Graphics Certification Badge

That's it!  Be sure to click "Save Changes" at least every 20 minutes to avoid losing information.

Please email if you need additional assistance or call 541 345 1629..