Newsletter Testimonials

This is an absolutely terrific service. Thanks so much, and please keep up the great work.

Leonard Riskin

Keith, this is the best newsletter I ever have received. Thank you for putting it together. It is concise, informative and the links are great, for additional information. It is the best one I've ever received from anyone about anything!

Melanie Vaughn
Keith: I think you are doing an exemplary job in bringing current cases, commentaries, and such to the newsletter. As a former news hound, I know the difficulty in collecting information, and then making sense of it for popular consumption.

Ken Bryant

Keith, thought you should see this. I feel like I’m getting credit for your work and I am in your debt! Thanks so much . . . None of us want to risk our credibility by sending out information that we can’t trust. The fact that we all trust your judgment and work is a high compliment.

Susan Hammer

Jim and Keith:
I thought you would enjoy hearing some great feedback I already got from my newsletter.

Christine Eberhard

. . .Frankly it is a hell of a cheap way to contact all your clients every 2 months - and when you ask for business it's nice to be giving them something.

Peter J. MacKeigan, Q.C., C.Med., C.Arb.