Newsletter Service FAQ

  1. Who controls the content of my newsletter? controls the masthead, main body text and footer of the newsletter. You control whether an image or logo is used, the introduction to the newsletter, contact information and a newsletter "spotlight."
  2. How many people can I send the newsletter to?
    100 email contacts are included as a minimum. You can expand your list to 1000 or beyond.
  3. What if someone already has included a particular email address on their list?
    That email address will not be available to you. It is in everyone's interest that each email address only receive one copy of the newsletter. The system will automatically screen for duplicates and you will be advised if you have openings due to an email address being taken.
  4. Can I resend the newsletter to another list I privately manage?
    No. You are always welcome to fashion your own newsletter for your own use, but to preserve the value of Mediation News for the 21st Century for you and other clients, we must ensure that all recipients only receive one copy of this content. This applies to all possible methods of conveying the information contained in the newsletter, including fax and U.S. mail.
  5. What if someone does not want to receive the newsletter?
    We will provide an easy ability to unsubscribe. If someone unsubscribes, then an opening will be added to your recipient list.
  6. When does each newsletter go out?
    6 times each year - every 2 months
  7. Can I sign up for a single issue?
    No, we are asking subscribers to sign up for at least one year.
  8. What about bounces?
    If your email newsletter does not make it to the recipient's mail system, you will get a "bounce" for that address and are wise to then delete that email address from your recipient list at your list administration center.