Newsletter Service

With the Newsletter Service, we will send, on your behalf, a personalized edition of Mediation News for the 21st Century to your designated referral sources six times each year.

Personalized and attractive, our newsletter allows you to elegantly promote your practice by providing useful information that clients and referral sources appreciate.

In customizing your newsletter, your name, photograph or logo, and contact information are displayed. You also provide the introduction to the newsletter and have a "spotlight" in the right margin.

You can choose the number of recipients that fit your practice – 100 to 1000 recipients.  Once an email address is listed, that email address is not available to others (to avoid clients and referral sources receiving more than one copy of the newsletter).

Order's Newsletter Service Now

Send a top flight customized newsletter to your referral sources! There is no better way to remind clients and referral sources of your mediation services. Let send a personalized edition of Mediation News for the 21st Century to your referral sources, with you as the sponsor, six times each year!